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Fire Extinguisher Servicing


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I have found that my fire extinguisher should have been serviced about two and a half years ago! Is it worth having serviced or is buying a new one an easier option?

If servicing is best do you have any recommendations for someone that could do it please? My boat is at Potter Heigham.. but I have a car too :)

As the boat is new to me and with a BSS due soon I've been going over everything both for the certificate and to learn as much as I can at the same time.

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Unless you can arrange for a group of you to get together with a few extinguishers to be serviced at the same time, then servicing is unlikely to be viable compared to new ones. Are you moored in Herbert Woods at Potter? because they probably have an annual service of the extinguishers on the hire craft and might let you add them to their lot for a small fee of course.

It's worth adding that a lack of service is not a BSS failure as such. If the gauge is in the green, there is no obvious signs of rust or damage and the safety pin isn't missing then it should pass. If there is a manufacturers express expiry date, or replace by date, (this is not the service date) then it will fail if beyond that. That is the main time when evidence of a recent service will give you a pass, even if the express expiry date has been passed.

Guidance from BSS,

NOTE – portable fire extinguishers having passed the manufacturer’s express ‘expiry’ or ‘replace by’ dates are acceptable if supported by evidence of servicing in accordance with BS 5306 by a service technician within the last 12 months.  Evidence must be in the form of a service label on the extinguisher and an associated invoice or  service report on headed paper from a company recognisable as an extinguisher servicing company.

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I have a couple of new ones sitting in my hall with no manufacture dates and with pressure gauges, all they need is a check of the gauge and a good shake up every so often, I bought too many thinking more of mine needed replacing at my last bss.

You can have them for what they cost me (will have to check what that was, I think the receipt is still with them) should be at surlingham ferry house this weekend if it's any use to you.

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These are the ones I have spare Linky they do have a manufacture date of 07/16 ( I got that bit wrong) but no expiry or service date, the main thing is at least once a season turn them over and give them a good shake as the powder tends to set solid in the bottom with the constant vibrations of a diesel engine at the same rpm for long periods.

I'll leave these in the hall then.


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