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Lights & Shapes

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can't remember 1 but from 4

4 must be something attached to the ground

5 would be a boat at anchor or a boat under 8m showing an all round light

6 is a boat under 50m trawling seen from the front

7 a boat over 50m trawling

8 a fishing vessel with nets stuck

have decided I need to swat up on my lights and shapes, could have picked up my book or cards but that would have been cheating so if anyone is going to answer try it without looking them up.

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Would be a bit worried if you couldn't Rod but it does show that even though you would think that most of the Salty bottoms have at some time learnt lights and shapes, the fact that there is no race to answer would say that if not been subjected to them on a regular basis you soon forget.

Is there not a picture of your taxi there Rod?

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I will post the answers up this evening to give a bit more time.

Item 2 (Image Quiz 14) is not easy as it would potentially not be around for long so all are forgiven for not getting this one. Rod put it this way you would not see it around the Montgomery ;)

It is an Emergency Wreck Buoy

Once located, wrecks are surveyed to determine whether they are a danger

to other vessels. If so the wreck will be marked with buoys to warn shipping

of the danger whilst arrangements are made for the wreck to be dispersed.

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OK so some of them were not easy but if it keeps you checking it keeps you up to date.

Answers by Quiz Image Number

1 - Power Vessel Under way (Bow View)

2 - Hovercraft 50mtrs or more Under way (Bow View) :naughty:

3 - Sailing Vessel Under way (Bow View)

4 - Towing Vessel less than 50mtrs with tow of more than 200mtrs Under way (Bow View)

5 - Vessel Towing (Day Shape)

6 - Fishing Vessel 50mtrs or more trawling (Bow View)

7 - Fishing Vessel under way (Day Shape)

8 - Vessel Not under command making way (Bow view)

9 - Vessel with restricted ability to manoeuvre (under 50mtrs bow view)

10 - Pilot Vessel on Pilot duty under way (Bow View)

11 - Vessel under 50mtrs at Anchor

12 - Isolated Danger Mark

13 - Safe Water Mark

14 - Emergency Wreck Buoy

Baton passed on ;)

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#11 could be several different things... Rod

Lights rarely appear from nowhere, and I usually find that the context in which you see them

make them easier to decipher.

e.g. #11 could be the stern light of a vessel moving away from you., but could be any single white light,

and if close in shore could even be even someone's gate post..

I find the worst thing about navigation lights is when they are between you and the land and that happens to be a major town...

Then it can be a case of spotting a weak flashing red light against a background of flashing brake lights.

Perry, might No 2 not be better described as a "non displacement vessel probably over 50 metres"

as vessels over 50 metres have to show two masthead lights (or whatever you want to call them)

but shorter vessels can also have two lights.

Since the demise of the SRN4's (now parked in the hovercraft museum on the Solent)

these are more likely to be hydrofoils, e.g. the Flying Dolphins that you see out in Greece.

Question though, if a planing hull is not a displacement hull,

does that mean the a Salty Bottom on the plane is a non-displacement vessel, and should display a flashing yellow?

What about to those the high speed catamaran ferries that charge around these days?

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Thanks for that Rod, it really was one I couldn't work out.

Not sure that I am brave enough to venture out at night but can see reasons for doing it, especially on the East Coast as we do seem to get a lull in the wind when it gets dark on a lot of occasions, maybe the only way to get the boat back at the end of an excursion without waiting days or even weeks.

Hopefully the speed of Clanny combined with the relatively short distances we tend to cover means we dont need to leave at 3 am to catch a tide but I do concede that you never know when things can go wrong and I could find myself out with the flappys, I will be getting the cards out again.

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