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Sitting down at idealic Ramsholt

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Well yes. Having a lovely relaxing evening watching the sun setting accross the Deben, filled with food from the Ramsholt Arms I would definitely recommend a visit down here south of the border

a full report of our few days away to follow along with some fantastic photos

we are planning on stopping off in southwold tomorrow and then loddon once back in the broads on Friday if anyone would like to rendezvous

happy motor boating

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Where's the green eyed monster emoticon. :grin:

It is indeed a fab place to pick up a buoy and tender ashore and on a day like today it must have been especially so because of the weather, we had one bumpy night's sleep there once but apart from that can but agree with your description of idyllic. Enjoy what's left of the evening. Safe passage home.

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The Ore and Ald is even more beautiful Gavin, there are only a few buoys but you will probably find one free as its mid week (if not the holding is good) and tender into Aldeburgh, I wish we had taken this week instead of the windy bloody lot we had last week. You must pop down to the Shipwreck one Friday evening as you’re so local.

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Very envious Gav . We stayed at the marina in Woodbridge last time we were down as the weather was not great and the batteries were getting poor, but not with 600 amps of leisure power and the genny now sorted just in case, picking up a buoy would be the preferred option when down this summer.

Jonathan :Stinky

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Well we ended back at southwold this morning. Surrounded by 'little rotterdam' at the moment. Last night was incredible. Very gentle neaps so hardly noticeable tide, beautiful sunset and a double helping if lamb chops from the pub

only thing that spoilt it ere a buch of tons around midnight racing up and down the river delibrately weaving in and out of the mores boats in a fast speed boat with a ski arch. They were whooping and hollering. Not good but what can or would anyone do at that time of night. They had obviously been up toward Woodbridge but went back toward Fel ferry. Not good

journey up this morning involved leaving quite early to ensure we got out of the seven ok and a gently plod up here. Beautifully calm and great sunrise. Good thing is that Ann now has a counting trip in her log so she can progress to her Coastal skipper course with a half decent journey on her book and a slightly harder estuary navigation too

heat fun . . Now where's the petrol station in southwold again?

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Good luck with the petrol station Gav, from memory it is about 10 miles.

Looks like you grabbed a great week to be out and about and the Deben is a lovely river top to bottom, Very Jealous.

You didn't fancy throwing out a floating line for the speed boat then? :Stinky:River Police

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