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Pacific Grayling


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I don't know exactly Carol but I've got a feeling it's low enough to squeeze under Wroxham Bridge if conditions were right.

I'm guessing the Bounty 27 sedan was a kind of limited edition version of the much more common aft cockpit (a la Pacific Swift). There used to be more of them on hire at one time (I recall Swan Craft having one) but I think Sandersons have the only other one now.

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I remember seeing "May Time" stuck under Wroxham once, so they definately will go under with the right clearance, though I think having seen that it might have put me off!

They were adapted/designed from the 27ft aft cockpit model and had the same hull. Blue Line had quite a lot of them in France and a reasonable number were made but a much smaller percentage than than the aft cockpit model which I guess were much cheaper for a similar size of accommodation. The Sedan was the elite version I suppose :grin:


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The only reason you like them Jimbo is because they look like "Inca`s had a baby", am i right or am i right, go on Jimbo, admit it, i bet i am? :lol::lol: .

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Hi all, i`ve just found out (maybe Dan already knew and was keeping it a secret :naughty: ) that as well as Grayling, Pacific cruisers have another "new to the fleet" boat in Pacific Star. She`s a Bounty 40, and looks rather like one of the old "Rexmore" class that was in Norfolk boatsales brokerage. It`s always good news to hear the smaller "independant" yards are able to invest in the industry in these trying times. Good news all round i think?. Regards ..................... Neil.

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