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If your BMC refuses to start ...

Guest Cattleya

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Check the wiring on the glow plugs.

I had my engine rebuilt at the start of the year so I knew nothing serious was up, but she flatly refused to start. After about an hour of fiddling around bleeding everything (the mechanic at the boatyard said it would be fuel related) I noticed a wire had come out of the crimp on the second glow plug. This meant that only the first one was working. Sure enough she started first time when I put the wire back and gave her 30 seconds of heat.

It seems these engines will not start in the cold without using the heaters.

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Yeah, but you can run those "antiquated" BMC 1.5s and Perkins 4108s on chip oil in an emergency, just try that with these new over complicated Nanni thingys :lol::lol::lol:

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So not only are you polluting the planet at a faster rate than any other engine ever built but everyone behind you, whilst dying from the heavy toxic gasses, will, for some reason they can't quite fathom, also feel rather hungry!

Oh god, not another bloody "eco warrior?". If you feel that strongly about the "Global warming lie" sell your boat to somebody who has a mind of their own and buy a yacht two gunstwo gunstwo gunstwo gunstwo guns .

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Neil, you should really learn to recognise the use of such devices as, puns, irony, litotes, hyperbole and the like. :naughty:;):grin:

now i know what they dint teach me when i was in school :naughty::naughty:

PAY ATTENTION (soon after his focus is looking through the window) :lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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