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someone blowing a fuse


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:wave hi all , a friend of my hubbys has a caravan, he's known at work as coco lol, he's been banned from driving THE OVERHEAD CRANE, THE FORKLIFT TRUCK, & THE LORRIES, as he managed to crumple 2 steel roll down doors,& denied all knowledge of it, do you get the picture now ? WELL " he decided to rig his caravan up with electrics so that he could have electric hook-up for it, he thought he'd done a good job, but i'm afraid he's not an eletrician lol,anyway he got to the camp sight in cornwall, hooked his caravan up to socket, his wife then decided to make some quick tea as it was getting late, she put the microwave on & .....yes you've probably guessed it, it blew up, but not just the microwave, BUT, he blew the fuse box up to the whole caravan damn park too, :roll: everybody came out of their caravans wandering what had happened,BUT being coco tried to blame someone else, he went to the office & an eletrician went to have a look at the fuse box, but could'nt work why it had blown the whole park, & he did'nt want to get found out, so next morning he made a very quick exit :o . has anything like that ever happened to any of you lot ? lori
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Forgive my ignorance, but do caravans not come with any electrical installation at all? Someone should have sent him in the direction of a well discussed travellers site...... :naughty::naughty:

:oops: forgot to say it was an oldish caravan, which did'nt have any electrics on it. sorrrry. lori :lol:

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My other half who is a qualified electrician wired up our old caravan for mains and tested it at home, all worked ok. He even deliberatly triped things to make sure all the breakers and RCD worked and tested the earth.

We then went overnight to a site in Devon and couldn't wait to try it out, arriving at 8am we booked in and got set up on our pitch.

I then plugged the electric Kettle in to make a nice cup of tea and bang the electric went off. Hubby checked the breaker in the site hook up box and it had not tripped.

We then noticed that other people were all checking their own hook up boxes. The whole site was dead.

Off we went to the office to report it and were told the guy who was maintenace for the site was on his day off and had the keys to the main power supply with him.

So the whole site was without electric for 24 hours untill he returned next day.

Because we reported it, you guessed it, we got the blame and the maintenance guy said it was our kettle that had overloades it. Hubby said that was rubbish and the main breaker was not heavy enough to take the load of everyone putting kettles etc. on first thing in the morning. If the kettle was faulty it should have blown the trip in the caravan or the box outside the caravan not the whole site.

Well things got a bit heated after that my hubby telling the guy he was only a caretaker and not a maintenance engineer, and we were then asked to leave the site.

We found another site just up the road and spent the rest of the week using the kettle with no problems. In fact that kettle lasted over 10 years of caravaning.

It was the black looks we got from other campers as we packed up that got me.

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I managed to trip out the private mooring side of Ricko's once, I hadnt disconneted the shore power hook up just isolated the circuit i was changing at its breaker. I touched the nutral and earth together as i disconnected a wire and although the trips on boat and all the shore power boxes all stayed on the main breaker in a shed went out! sorry.

I can honestly say i take no chances now and i always pull the shore power plug out. live and learn!

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