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Canopy Repairs

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As storm Dudley has already split what looks like a seam ( from what I can see on my remote camera) on my canopy and with his angrier sister Eunice due tomorrow I am not expecting a very good outcome by Friday night.  Can someone recommend anyone local to Brundall who can repair a canopy or in very worst case make a new one along with rough ideas on prices please. Thx

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Snuggtopz at brammerton but don't expect anything quickly as there's usually a waiting list for good canopy makers, that said for repairs he's done me a couple of same day jobs last summer as he tends to keep weekends for repair work and do the big stuff during the week.

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Why not have a bash at it yourself? You can pick up an old Singer sewing machine on Ebay for around £80 in good working order and do it yourself. 

I have one which was given to me by my parents years ago as I was always patching up my motorbike cover with it and mum wanted a new machine. She taught me all I needed to know about machining as she used to make all her own dresses from patterns bought from magazines. My machine was made in 1884!

A few years ago when my old canopy was a complete wreck I looked around for a quote for a new one and was astounded at the price they wanted and disappointed at some who just did not want my business.

The main price I was quoted was not far short of £1000.

 So basically, stuff it! I bought the materials and made one myself for a quarter of the price and even if I say it myself, it aint a bad job.

What I would advise that if you are re sewing seams is to get the proper thread to do it as threads such as button thread will "wick" and drip water into your cockpit when it rains. 

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7 minutes ago, fishfoxey said:

Hi did think about DIY as my other half is pretty decent on a sewing machine, good advice on the thread as hadn't thought of that thx

Yes, the thread I used was a Teryleyne thread coated with silicone, it is available if you search on the net. Unfortunately the Company I dealt with have now gone. 

[edit] Make sure the needle size is correct for the fabric and thread size.

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