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Heater Fuel Feed

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Hello all,

I have a recently installed Ebenspacher heater in my boat and when I tried to run it a little while ago, it didn't do much. I had a look at the engine compartment and saw the new-looking pipe indicated in the photos. Is this the diesel feed for the heater? When the heater runs there's a click, click click and I can feel it vibrate on that little pipe. This combined with it's new appearance suggests to me that it is. It disapears in the right general direction anyway though it's late and I'm tired and need to get to bed so I didn't investigate further.

Anyway, the on/off valve indicated by the black arrow was at 90 degrees to the pipe and I assume this means off, so I turned it to the postion shown and now everything seems to be working. I thought I should ask you knowledgeable people if this seemed correct or was it a coincidence it started working after I turned the valve "on" (?) and have I done something incredibly stupid?

Thank you for your help with this really simple question.



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You have to wonder why all the hose to pipe connections when it could be done in all ISO7840 hose and have far less connections and probably run quieter as the rigid pipe will transmit the ticking of the pump.

Any way I think you answered your own question when it worked once the tap was turned on, I never turn my tap off.

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Hi Wooster not the best place to tap in the fuel line as that is the engine fuel filter. BUT if it worked before ! have you bleed the fuel line to do this remove the fuel pipe from heater then remove the electric cable from the pump,  then run a wire from the pos term of battery or any available live supply then flash the bare end of wire to pump terminal repeatably you should get a little spurt of fuel from end of hose every time you touch the pump terminal along with a tick the pump only pumps once every time the heater calls for fuel NOT continuously like most pumps do. when you get fuel spurting from end of hose reattach to pump and wire to pump term you my have to then switch the heater on and of a couple of times purge air in heater this will make a ticking noise from pump to indicate the pump is working. John

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