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Teak Decking


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This is probably best aimed at Antares as he has seen the problem himself.

I left our boat moored bow on for a spell this spring (was very windy and didn't want to risk her normal stern on position). Now, as we owners with swim platforms know, this is an open invite to all aquatic life to "decorate" your nice clean gelcoat with poo! I just can't get some of the stains out and back in July, David mentioned something about using teak decking panels or similar which seems a good idea.

All suggestions will be welcomed :wave

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There`s another one called "Perma teek" which is very good. They have a branch next to our hanger at Bournemouth Airport, but regularly travel round. They can also supply for self fit which can be cut to your templates The guy to speak to is Vince Coda on 01202 887519, or mobile 07764 474786.

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We went for the Permateek on our bathing platfrom Jim. We spent a bit of time weighing up the options at LIBS, and went with them as they were the only people willing to talk at length to us for a relatively small order. I don't think the finishing of the edges was quite as good as the proper Tek Dek, but I didn't care for the dismissive attitude of the Tek Dek people. Here's a couple of photos of ours mid-fit and completed.



I templated the areas with large sheets of paper using a "brass rubbing" methos, and they sent back the completed panels and glue. It was quite easy to fit (though a sausage type mastic gun would have made it less messy), but did transform the back of the boat. It's also really easy to keep clean with a good squirt of EVM and a scrubbing brush.

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cheers for that Mark and it looks very tidy. Ideally, we need to cover the entire platform and also find some kind of finishing edge unless the Permateek is only very thin.

I'm not sure if I ever took any pics of the platform so that's next on the list along with producing a decent template they can work from.

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Sorry Jim, maybe I mislead you a bit regarding the edges. This fake teak stuff is basically all the same and the panels are made up with 2" wide strips of the PVC material which is then either glued or welded together depending on manufacturer. The pieces around the edge are cut to suit the curves and then the edges are beveled off to form a rounded edge. The panels are only about 6mm thick, so you don't need any edging to finish it off with. All I meant was that the Tek Dek I saw on a friends boat had the edges radiused off much neater than the Permateek we had. No great problem.

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No worries Mark and thanks again for the pics.

Looking at some examples on their website shows that ours should come out looking quite smart for an older boat but as I said earlier, it's likely that I would get someone to do it rather than have a go myself. I'm sure I could do a good job but to be honest, I've been lucky enough to get some reasonable orders for the company lately and my time is better served doing my job at the moment.

I'd have to get someone of Ferry's approved list to do it but I'm sure that won't be too hard to do :wave

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