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Cg66 security

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Although not really a broads related issue this could effect anyone who is CG66 registered.

I have been out of the country for a week and due to the cost of data while abroad have had notifications turned off.

Turned them on today to get 2 emails from HMCG

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Sorry phone just submitted post before i had finished.

The first email was a standard 2 year reminder to update details.

The second wad very worrying as it was all my password and account information that I had apparently requested.

This means either a simple mistake by HMCG, or there is a security breech.

If my gmail account had been hacked I would have expected them to request bank passwords as all of this goes through the same account and there is nothing else to suggest this is the case, that leaves a possible security issue with the CG66 system.

It means that someone now has details of my boat, where it is, what is onboard and how far from it I am.

With boat jumble season on us anyone who was gaining this info would have a shopping list, where to get it and how likely they were to be quickly discovered.

Has anyone else received unsolicited password information? I have emailed HMCG but am not expecting a reply before Monday and am at a loss as to what to do about the situation.

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Very worrying indeed, but this is a classic example of why WE (Karen and I) flatly REFUSE to be virtually blackmailed into living in the "electronic age". It`s staggering the amount of times our bank try to get us to do "internt bankning", but we simply refuse. There is NO law that says you have to do anything via the internet, so until that law comes, i`m more than happy to be what was once called "a ludite".

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I really wouldn’t worry Ian, I recall getting a similar message at renewal time a while ago reminding me of the log in too, I expect they assume, probably quite rightly in many cases that people have forgotten log in details as they only use them every couple of years or so.

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Found a copy on my archived mails.

"You have been sent this email as a result of a request for confirmation of your password.


Your username is: ????????????????????????????

Your password is: £££££££££££

The data you enter on our register will only be used for search and rescue or safety purposes.

If you have any queries, please do not reply to this email. Please submit a support request via the online forms.

Regards, CG66 Customer Services

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Yep that is the one David, has put my mind at rest.

I did think it was possible that they sent it out automatically but it does seem a strange policy.

You are right though my next move would have been to click on the forgotten password link but at least I would have known it was me asking for it.

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