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Herbert Woods - Perfect Lady 9 - Restoration

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Hi Folks, 

For those interested,  Perfect Lady 9 is in the safe hands of myself tucked away in a shed having lots of work carried out by myself and the experts at the yard. Several planks required and nearly every ribs needs replacing. It sure is a task to get her afloat for the summer or summer autumn. Wouldn’t be surprised if she has a birthday in the shed...At least she getting lots of love and care! I am planning to show her off at the Herbert Woods 100th Year anniversary, just a silly think I am aiming for...To be honest, I don’t even know if there is an event planned?...Well there should be.

Ok, So I purchased PL9 late 2022, second sail in 2023 and snapped the mast....Great! Was told it was scrap! And a friend offered to scarf new sections in...What did I have to lose. It was all done in 3-4 weeks! Epoxy joined her and was off sailing again. She sailed so well I entered Hickling Broad regatta “Blood Bath” wind gusted up at the start and went like a rocket down the Broad and back! I only got second place :) yip hee I was well chuffed.

So with that and the fantastic time I had taken my young daughter and her friends out camping, swimming, fishing etc...She’s now part of the family. Shes a beautiful thing to sail, I mostly sail her alone or with the daughter who was 9-10...I would describe her as a gentle giant who moves effortlessly...But if the winds blows up she’s rock steady but shifting with big waves in her wake.

She’s been stripped out of all the heavy hire equipment and engine, making her very light and manoeuvrable...Just perfect for the rivers.

I will keep the post updated for progress near completion.

kind regards 


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Yes it is. He sold it to the guy who owned the Wayford Bridge boatyard (John?)

I recall we were in the reeds waiting to start the 3RR when they realised that there was no cutlery aboard ( not having been part of the sale) . Doug was skippering his old boat nonetheless and I passed him a Tesco bag with spare cutlery on the end of a boat hook. 😋

 Doug’s boats are kept well but woodies deteriorate at scary speeds if not maintained. I guess it’s a good 10 years since he sold it. 

Good luck with the restoration.😊

Are you at Whelptons? 

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