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removal of lettering...

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cheers Here you go Danny! full instructions, just a note though, when they mention chisel it's a little hard plastic gizmo made for the job, be very careful if you use a scraper or stanley blade one slip and you can do a lot of damage to your Gel-coat, if the vinyl has been on there a year or two the chances are it will be brittle and come off in small bits, personaly i'd spend an hour or two with a finger nail getting it off, if you do it very slowly once you get a corner up it may come off in whole letters,, :wave


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Thanks David, a useful suggestion... I had thought that an application of a cutting compound might help to restore it?

It may well Danny, but it will take off some gel coat too, Oxalic does not remove any coat at all, but you may find after you have done an area that you need to do a bit more as it can show even the best kept boat is not as "deep down" clean as you might think. We had to do our entire topsides after cleaning the waterline with it once but boy did she look white when finished. If you do go down the Oxalic acid route don’t waste money on weak solution Y10 or other proprietary gels, make your own good strong stuff with crystals and wallpaper paste to make it cling. Usual caveats as to use, read instructions yada yada yada. And BTW it works much better in warm weather

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Just read up on it... sounds pretty toxic stuff!! I'lll chat to my local hardware man, (who knows everything worth knowing about most things...) and see what he can suggest. I may need to do at least the side edges of the topsides...

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Hi ,what a lot of great info this site throws up and where do these usefull webbsites come from as I never come across them .We found getting the old licence sticker off was a pain I found a light rubbing of the surface with wet and dry paper to take off the top surfaceand then treated the adhesive with a remover.Also fond scaping with a blunt chislele can do the job Best of luck with it. :Stinkycheersbar

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Guest BernardBarnett

I too had trouble with a stuck-on licence plate. Got the paper off but a sticky residue remained. Tried all the usual suggestions - soap and water, hairdrier etc. None of them worked. I had some Meguiars Bug and Tar Remover in the garage - applied that and it worked immediately. As it's formulated to be safe with car finishes it won't damage the paint.

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