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Bowthruster fitting

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JPC are agents for Sidepower, also Goodchilds have fitted loads, they have been churning out a German hire boat a month with one fitted for quite some time alongside other fittings so I imagine they'll have had the most recent large scale experience.

Cost? depends on the model of thruster and other things like would you want a dedicated battery (recommended), best thing is get a couple of quotes.

There are also some new labour saving models now which work on smaller holes and a water pump, but reports so far are not encouraging.

Anyway, you shouldn't fit one, you'll upset Jonny :naughty::naughty::naughty::wave :-D

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I was speaking to Andy on Saturday, Informing me that you can get Remote control Bow / Aft Thrusters.

JPC installed Bow and Aft on a remote control, the owner stood on the bank and the boat came to him, he jumped on and off he went.

Remote control Boats hey !

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What they havent figured out on boats is how to control the engine.

They have with IPS and the new Mercruiser job for stern drives, means you can drive the boat in joystick mode without being anywhere near the helm.

Don't know what the range is but wouldn't like to see the results if you sent it a bit to far :cry

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have finally got my BT fitted by Broom Boats of Brundall,simon there engineer has done a fantastic job the neatness of the wiring is exceptional,he also found some 12 volt wiring near the batteries which were dodgy which had some glass 1970's fuses fitted and could have caused a meltdown in certain situations. The bilge pump was on the same wiring as the fridge can you believe that.The thruster engine is from Volvo and is fitted within about 5/6 foot from the bows due to a fairly new design whereas instead of it being vertical it is horizontal.It has its own dedicated battery situated only about 4 feet from the engine. When they started they had to cut a large portion away of the hull (which alarmed me at the time,bit like chopping your arm off) then fitting a long tunnel to get better effect then getting a specialist local company in to finish fibreglassing it all in a neat aerodynamic shape.looks good,apparently its the first time they have done it on a bounty 37 due no doubt to the very little room that they have to fit it but with the new engine it became easier you only need a clearance of less than a foot under the floorboards. all in all a very profesional job done and cost me in total £2,850 can't wait to use it.Would recommend them.also me thinks they will have a few more to do before long as there are a lot of Bountys out there.

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Bowthrusters ....... Now what do you need them for then ??? :naughty::naughty::twisted:

Mark,if you saw me coming out of my berth you would know why it was getting very difficult to turn into the wind when strong as i have only limited room behind me then straight away i am in trouble with the wind blowing me sideways down the Marina towards some anchors sticking out on the bigger boats how i missed hitting one of them and taking the top off the roof must have been sheer luck.

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Took the boat back to the mooring after being on land for a few months and i must say the new Bowthruster surprised me at its power and ability to move the bows so quickly it is the Volvo CT600 version which is a 4KW motor and very powerful to will have some fun using it i am sure.

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