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Saudde's Law!


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Ok so we missed the LBBY party, AND last weekend on the boat with friends on account of very poorly cat, who is now back to her sort of normal.

Now we hear that there is an alarm going off on Brilliant ... Loudly. :( probably the CO alarm because we are told nothing looks amiss that would cause others to trigger.

If it's still going at 4.30 we will have to come down and sort it, meaning arranging stop gap cat care for one night. Why could this not have happened yesterday, then we could have got to the party after all? Mutter whinge complain....... :)

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Cleo had pancreatitis which is potentially curtains for cats, so a stay in vet hospital and a lot of careful treatment was needed. She looks like her normal self now.

I am sure the boat is ok but the alarm is really loud apparently and we have not left the right keys in Norfolk for the mooring owners to get into the cabin and sort it.

No I want to get to Norfolk ... Any excuse :) I just wanted to be there yesterday :)

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Smoke and CO alarms are so notorious for giving false alarms when left unattended for months (low battery etc.), that I always fit "off" switches to mine, and make a point of turning them off when leaving the boat when unattended.


I don't think there's any down side, the alarms are of no use when no-one is aboard to hear them and take remedial action.


They can be a real nuisance to anyone else sleeping nearby, beeping away for hours on end till the battery runs out.

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Yes it was the smoke alarm going feral! Many thanks to Jason for seeking it out and putting out of its misery.

You are right Strowager, although I think a smoke alarm near the electric installation is actually a good idea given that we leave her on shore power.

Oh well, it's an ill wind, because we are here for the night, which is very nice. :)

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