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This is just a little bit tricky, if you don't mind my saying so. All we have to go on is (a) a river, (B) some trees, © a post, which may be telephone or electricity, (d) what looks to my eye to be a sunset rather than a sunrise, suggesting we are facing sort of west-ish, depending on the exact time of year (or I may be wrong and it may be a sunrise, in which case sort of east-ish) and (e) the fact that nobody has named the river yet. So, we've ruled out the Yare and the Waveney and - and - well, that's it, really.

Hmmmmm - looks too wide for the Chet, doesn't look like the Thurne or the Ant, so I'm going to go for the Bure. :roll::naughty:

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Given that it's not the Bure, but is in the north, it's got to be either the Thurne or the Ant. Then we have the cryptic "saily haven" clue - Hickling? Or Barton? I'm going to plump for the Thurne, probably somewhere above Potter Bridge on the way to Hickling - say around Martham? xmas3

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It's warmer down south and I like warm. ;)

No seriously, it just looked a little wide for any of the northern rivers to me, so I really did think it would be the Yare or Waveney.

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So that's 2 of us who've voted for Martham, Danny - I think we must therefore be correct, whatever John might say ... xmas6xmas6

Apologies for the delay in responding, but work and connectivity problems at home have kept me out for a while :cry

So - between Martham and Potter is correct :clap

Can Danny (or anyone else) narrow it down from the summer daylight shot below - taken from about 20 ft upstream


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Please, Sir. Me Sir. Please Sir,me!!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

As this is only 400 yds from home, maybe I'll let others guess.

Oops. Now I've told you all the answer, "400 yds from Expilot's home,"!!

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