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Current Mozzie situation ?


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Good morning all,

could I ask what the current Mozzie situation is like please ?

I am thinking of coming up for a few days next week potentially hiring and sleeping on a Martham half decker and was just wondering if I will live to regret it. I would probably stay in the Martham/ Horsey/ Hickling area. Also I seem to remember someone on here having slept on one of these before. Would love to hear any experiences. I am mid 50s so no spring chicken !!

Many thanks


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Hi Charles,


It might be an idea of taking vitamin B tablets or eating a lot of Marmite.

I started taking vitamin B being has I do not like Marmite and this has kept the majority of the biting flies off of me, prior to that I used to get bitten to death  with the midges.


I just hope the love/hate of Marmite does not apply to flies :naughty:




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Hi Charles


We hired a half decker from Martham last June and had such a great time with her that we have now bought our own. Our kids have slept on both of them and find it very comfortable. I haven't tried it yet, mainly because I sometimes get claustrophobia and the boom on our boat is much lower than on the Martham white boats, which in turn means that the canopy is very low. The Martham boat would have been fine though. Make sure that you arrange with Martham to take one of their foam mattresses to sleep on - I don't think they have many so it is worth speaking to Dianne and reserving one.


If it rains water tends to get in round the mast, so be prepared! Suggest you take a couple of dry bags to keep important stuff dry - there are plenty of lockers but as the bottom is bare hull if you get any water in the boat it is going to find your dry stuff.


I hope you have a fantastic time.



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Thanks guys.

Robert I haven't decided if I'm going to go yet . I normally go Spring/Autumn but a small window of opportunity may have arisen ! From memory I think you hired a half decker plus a Silver Jubilee didn't you ? There is a Judith available Monday to Thursday but that is a bit of a cop out !!

Best wishes


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Yes Charles, that was last June. This June we did it again but this time with our own half decker. It makes for a great holiday - somewhere comfortable to sleep and all the sailing you want! Actually, a motor cruiser is next on our shopping list.....


If you decide to give it a go I'm sure you'll enjoy it, though I'd suggest that 2 or 3 nights may be enough the first time. That said, if you overnight at Horsey you'll have almost all the facilities you need right at hand.

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