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  1. The water repelling oil absorbent mats go a long way to keeping the two apart, they usually hold a heck of a lot of oil and float on top of the water so it's ok to discharge and if theres enough water to sink a boat the whole engine full of oil ends up in the river anyway along with the contents of the fuel tanks. I've only ever had twins with bilge pumps so the middle of the engine bay is separate from where the bilge pump is anyway but always use the mats under the engines, or 'engine nappies' as I call them.
  2. The lower bure is ideal for showers, plenty of running time for the hot water, shifts on the helm, job done.
  3. Freezeban is supposed to be ok for domestic water systems but I've never fancied the idea myself. Always leave taps open so any water in the system has somewhere to go as it expands and it's not pressured to start with, I've never yet done a full drain down, if you have flexible pipes they should have enough give to be ok.
  4. It always was a requirement to either have a drip tray under engines or no bilge pump in that area, I guess the filter idea gives the bilge pump option if not possible to have a drip tray as I don't remember any filter option in the early days of bss.
  5. That has to be a better design than the original setup, much less prone damage.
  6. Do you think a mole could outrun a rocket hurtling along the confines of a tunnel?
  7. Many years ago a section of the nene was drained down through peterborough, along with all the cars/motorbikes/trolleys was a landrover and horsebox, unfortunately the horses were still inside, shame the thieving spineless oxygen thieves that dumped it were not.
  8. There's probably half the boats on the broads and most of the boats on the canals with tanks like that and they will never have any problems from it till they actually leak, it's only when it gets shaken up it's a problem.
  9. Did you change the design at all? GRP overhanging rubbing strake seems to make the rubbing strake pointless. Enjoy the water whatever the weather.
  10. Could have got close when one got down to nothing more than idle heading for the blackwater in lumpy weather earlier this year and the other was starting to lose power, shut the knackered one down and dropped to displacement speed on the one still going but still out on quite exposed lumpy water, luckily the planning was good and we still made 10knots over ground and got into sheltered water, thought about diverting to brightlingsea but carried on to bradwell as planned. Rather do it now and not worry so much next year when the weather isn't quite as expected, been towed in before with fuel problems and don't want to waste rnli time again over maintenence issues that can be avoided, not my fault last time as I'd had tanks open on my old boat and clean enough to use the house vacuum cleaner without a bo**ocking but picked up some crap diesel from a marina in the process of changing hands (but not fuel pump filters) and had no end of problems.
  11. This is the base plates from my tanks when I cut them open, no wonder I was having trouble every time I hit lumpy water.
  12. It's because the fuel tanks are full of rust and crud and some idiot put a pair of volvo's in the way. As for VP prices, the oil cooler on the port one was technically scrap (raw water leak) but is now repaired for the cost of £0.00 and pressure tested fine on both oil and water sides, cost to replace £840 + carriage! It seems it's hand crafted from swedish mermaids ovaries hence the price. It has lost over a ton so it's bum is well and truly exposed. No chance of freezing up though.
  13. What do you mean all? The rest are still at the boat.... I have 11x 20 litre and 3x 10 litre.
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