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Unusual Enforcement Notices


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Hi forumites.

I went down the boat today optimistically hoping for a trip out which ended up being a cuppa t aboard and a tidy up. I noticed a few of the nearby boats had enforcement noticed stuck to the windscreens including my old boat which is now owned by my brother in law. I phoned him and he said to pull it off and have a read. The notice was for not having a valid up to date toll yet his boat is fully tolled and insured and all displayed correctly which i found strange. The next thing i noticed is that the notice was dated as issued on the 15th july at 10:30am, yet it wasnt on the boat last weekend when i went down there and non of the other boats had them either.

 I went around some of the other boats and they had in date tolls and enforcement notices aswell??? It seems very odd to me. Some of you may remember the area i moor, i dont know if its a scare tactic to do with the recent issues surround the moorings.

Any thoughts or knowledge on this would be appreciated.


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Branden, I suspect that the issue date was when the notice was raised at Packman Towers rather than the date that it was stuck on the boat. 

Does seem to be some inconsistency though with what appear to be untolled boats at several other locations, at least on the Southern Broads.

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I hope Wildfuzz is reading this, it occurs to me that there could be something rather more sinister behind this.

Possibility 1. That there is an address to send a payment (or phone number) which has no relationship to the BA.

Possibility 2. That it's a way of monitoring which boats are regulaly being used.

Possibility 3. That there is an equally nasty possibility that I hadn't thought of!

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I would suggest Branden that you show the BA these first as it's for them to investigate.. I suspect they are genuine, as MM mentions.. perhaps not quite as intended.

If the BA believe they aren't genuine then it's something for them to deal with alongside the local police. I'd do that before contacting the police as we don't want to waste their time, I'd think that the BA should though be able to advise if you should let the police know yourself...

I for one would ignore the numbers/addresses on there and contact the BA first before sending any payment.

The rangers do apparently go out about this time and I noticed some boats next to us had these but they had been correct and the ranger confirmed he had posted them. 

But Thanks for raising. cheers 

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