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Hakuna Matata Broads Adventures

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Hi Folks,

Now we are in a working network and hopefully being more up to date.

The first trip brought us to Wroxham on the way to Wroxham we did some boat handling training

Which was really helpful as we found no mooring available. So turned around, at this stage we decided

Not to pass the bridge, as it is nicer owning a boat instead of owning a wreck. 

The way back we trained some more, because the mooring at herbert woods is for a beginner some kind of a challenge.

Long boat, not much room and mooring stern on , the only way to do it, is going backwards, obviously and make a 90 degree turn.

The boat is perfectly equipped, Google size fridge, homestandard oven, grill and cooker. My wife loves the heating, for me it's too much

A big bed and also a big shower/ bath makes living really comfortable. 

After a good sleep and a walk with the dog we headed down to Brundall to see Brand Wards, nice little shop and well prepared for boating 

Newcomer. Days later I got aware that I haven't seen some boaters. Sorry for that, but I am old can't see good and as long nobody throws 

Some whisky bottles after me I need a biiiig shout.

After misbehaving in Brundall we went down to Norwich, to pay the river toll. In Norwich we did some shopping and had a nice mooting

Oposit the park. The NBA was also really nice and helpful and after 548,36 £ I went shopping spending more money.

But my full mental strength was needed when I bought a 50gr package of tobacco   ..... 19 £ something.wow this I call expensive

Btw in Germany I pay 5,60 €. 

Next day we wanted to go back to Brundall to buy the forgotten things but the fate had different plans.

After 10 minit's driving e got to learn the dog over board maneuver, one of our dogs slipped and followed the gravity. We managed to get him back on board and planned than a nice walk with the dogs.

We found a suitable mooring place, moored, stopped the engine as I heard a dripping sound.

After a short search I found a welding of the calorific has a crack, bad news.

So checking the cruising time table and the tide table, great Yarmouth bridge clearance we need to know, lower the windscreen and roof or not.

Adjusting according the tables we managed to arrive potter heigham at about 5,30 pm.

What a busy day.

More coming when again on the water and connected to the internet.


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