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  1. Hi there, Happy New Year! just to let you know when An Evening With Bob are playing on the Broads. The Dog Inn, Ludham - Friday 26th January - 8.30pm The Ferry House, Surlingham - Sunday 18th February - 4.00pm The Rushcutters Arms - Friday 23rd February - 8.30pmThe Dog Inn, Ludham - Friday 16th March - 8.30pm The Ferry House, Surlingham - Good Friday - 30th March - 8.30pm Thanks, regards Richard
  2. Please let me know if you, or anyone you know has lost a quant pole. Thanks Richard
  3. The Friendly Music Cafe - Absolutely everyone welcome! ... tea, coffee, (amazing) cake, music and company. On Monday, in Horning at St Benets Hall near the river - 11am - 2pm. Acoustic music from Johnnie Walker, Sandra and Malcolm and Lucy (might be Linda ?) fiddle player. A fun and relaxing opportunity to get out and be with people. Come along, on your own or bring a friend. The one that happened last month went really well... regards Richard
  4. Hi, Myself and some friends have come up with the idea of 'The Friendly Music Cafe' - in some respects it's a crazy idea, but I'll do my best to explain. The idea was to form some kind of daytime 'drop-in' place where people could meet up, have a cup of tea and generally engage with real people, rather than the TV, Facebook etc. Whether people are retired, widowed, unemployed, new to the area etc - it can be very easy to find themselves isolated in this day and age. With the help of some very kind people - we will be launching the Friendly Music Cafe, at St Benet's Hall, Horning on Tuesday 7th April, 11am - 2pm. Everyone is welcome. There will be some live acoustic music from myself and Sally, Johnnie Walker and Hayley Hogarth - but also, plenty of time to chat, drink tea, eat cake and enjoy other peoples company. Please help spread the word, especially if you know someone who would benefit from getting out and being with people. Thanks, Richard

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