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  1. Can't put newer than new in and I use duracell, supposed to be the best and since the three bites I've had they just get splattered
  2. Got one, useless, not enough power
  3. See Anyone Afloat This Weekend 26/5/19
  4. Tomato sauce, salad cream, mayo??? what about tartare sauce
  5. Just make sure the spiders are not the type I meet
  6. Nice to read TT and NN's opinion on Bridgecraft we have booked Conway Bridge for 2wks next May first time at Acle
  7. Daughter lives near Sutton Bridge says suppliers haven't delivered materials not sure when work will start
  8. Took San Remo 7ft 8ins air draft through Ludham 8ft on the board loads of room
  9. Airdraft for Swan Ranger is 7ft 9ins according to Richos brochure
  10. Don't know about proper jobs, when I listen to the accents I think a lot of them became MPs
  11. Just enjoyed reading through your holiday postings, as I said earlier we have booked Coway Bridge which has a bow thruster for May next year. Thought you might like to see Bentley our 12yr old version of Rollie
  12. In 1977 we went through with Caravelle2 and one of the Constellations if anyone knows what air draft they had. Pilot said they were biggest boats to go through
  13. Still be some who wouldn't get under the new bridge
  14. Quite agree Neil, when I take the dog round our local nature reserve I usually have a pair of secatures in my pocket
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