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  1. Seagypsy

    Boats For Couples

    We had Amber Gem this year, wife disabled they gsve me two longer stern ropes that came along the deck to front cockpit it was easy to put the bow on and go ashore with both ropes. Also had San Remo which I found easier but obviously that won't go under Wroxham or PH bridges but we had a double bed each.
  2. Seagypsy

    Steering Question

    Ref. plane crashing on motorway first ones to assist were a lifeboat crew.
  3. Seagypsy

    Houseboat Sinks.

    We saw this houseboat in September looked like an abandoned junk yard certainly didn't look liveable
  4. I remember meeting the odd coaster on the Yare and seeing couple tied up in Norwich in the 70s, never had any worries with them the problem was Golden Galleon one speed FULL AHEAD no concern for anyone or anything else on the river 5-6ft waves caused by the wash.
  5. Seagypsy

    How Long ?

    Sailor not sailer
  6. Seagypsy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Prefer Norton Dom or my mates Black Prince
  7. Seagypsy

    How Long ?

    I was a sailor now I'm just a boater
  8. Seagypsy

    Nbn Burgees

    Received my stickers today one gone into car other for boat when we go on hols. Just a thought but do they have to be sent signed for, such a pull on funds, must cost more than they are worth.
  9. Seagypsy

    Booked With Barnes 25 Years On

    Just had two holidays this year Amber Gem in May and San Remo in September after 30+ yrs away from the Broads. Can't go back to yards we originately went to they have all gone Broadsway. Hearts. Chumley and Hawke and not forgetting Denny Walklins beauties Firebronze and Firecrest. That said we are back now two booked next year San Remo 13-27 May and Ibiza 7-17 September

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