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  1. Seagypsy

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    With regard to this ongoing debate I used to smoke 40 JPS or half oz of Old Holburn a day and have no objection to anybody who wishes to smoke. In answer to Hylander`s post as I said in my earlier post you are not allowed to smoke in a lorry because other people will be driving it so the same would apply to a hire boat it is a public place and I don`t think Richardsons could say you are allowed. This said it my own opinion and interpretation of the law. As for the hospital incident, Goole Hospital has notices at the entrance saying there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the site.
  2. Seagypsy

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    I watched the film the other day and noticed Linz smoking, as far as I know if anyone else is going to use the boat it is a public place and therefore illegal to smoke in it. When I was working as an HGV driver we had our own lorries but agency drivers worked on night runs and used what ever vehicles were in the yard, if we smelt cigarettes in the morning and reported it the agency was told and said drivers did not come again
  3. Seagypsy

    Let's Drive: London To Norwich

    Ah Robin you`re getting into the joys of driving, I used to travel all the said routes and junctions regularly in a fourty four ton artic and my policy (no detriment to anyone else`s ability) was to think of every body else as an idiot and drive accordingly. If you haven`t come across one yet watch out for the one who cuts across from the outside lane in front of every one to get on the slip road you are half way past .After doing fifty thousand miles a year my longest run now is from Yorkshire to The Broads. Oh the joys of retirement. I hope nobody takes any offence from this as none is intended. See you in May
  4. Seagypsy

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    Any chance you will be at Spring Meet I'll teach you
  5. Seagypsy

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    Not directed at you. I'm ex M.N. and you obviously know what they are
  6. Seagypsy

    Fenders Up Or Down When Underway

    You get ropes on boats because the majority of boaters don't know what lines/halyards etc are.
  7. Seagypsy

    Old Broads Boats

    We had Caravelle 3 and my brother had Constellation not sure what number about 1977 had white hulls then
  8. Seagypsy

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    Possibly all three dates. Maz and me. San Remo 2. What time is kick off at Ranworth
  9. Seagypsy

    Syndicates, Thoughts

    We hired on the broads mid 70s to mid 80s had our own boat on canals for last 30 yrs sold it and went back to hiring never fancied sydicates. Had a week last May and 10 days in Sept. two hols booked this year 2weeks 13 to 27 May on a 34 ft sedan and 10 days 7 to 17 Sept on a 35ft centre cockpit total cost just under £1730. Going when I want to go and no worries just ring the boatyard
  10. Seagypsy

    Boats For Couples

    We had Amber Gem this year, wife disabled they gsve me two longer stern ropes that came along the deck to front cockpit it was easy to put the bow on and go ashore with both ropes. Also had San Remo which I found easier but obviously that won't go under Wroxham or PH bridges but we had a double bed each.
  11. Seagypsy

    Steering Question

    Ref. plane crashing on motorway first ones to assist were a lifeboat crew.
  12. Seagypsy

    Houseboat Sinks.

    We saw this houseboat in September looked like an abandoned junk yard certainly didn't look liveable
  13. I remember meeting the odd coaster on the Yare and seeing couple tied up in Norwich in the 70s, never had any worries with them the problem was Golden Galleon one speed FULL AHEAD no concern for anyone or anything else on the river 5-6ft waves caused by the wash.
  14. Seagypsy

    How Long ?

    Sailor not sailer
  15. Seagypsy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Prefer Norton Dom or my mates Black Prince

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