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  1. See the yobs who wrecked the Market Deeping Exhibition got a slap on the wrist. £500 ought to be made to pay for the rest of their lives said it was an accident
  2. We had it to ourselves on our last night watching a muntjac coming towards along the quay munching grass when we finished day before you on San Domingo
  3. We always go through one way when we go up to Coltishall.
  4. There will be a shortage of Brussel Sprouts after Brexit
  5. Hi Jean If you extend to a 10 or 11 day holiday by adding a 3 or 4 night break to a 7 night Richos charge half the weekly rate. 3wks on Sat 10 days on Ibiza1 Tony
  6. Might as well join in. When I worked for Babcock & Wilcox on repair jobs at power stations we used to work what were known as ghosters 8am to 8am then 8pm to 8pm
  7. Certainly is but you could have shown it before you ate the saussage and black pud LOL
  8. Thanks for that Vaughan, don't believe they were built to Admiralty contract as ships were built at different yards and captains moved around from ship to ship
  9. Interesting reading last para. of your posting Vaughan. When I was in the MN in the early 60s two ships of a local company flew the Blue Enslgn and i always understood it was because the captains were RNR so as you say registering and applying for the warrant would that make you RNR
  10. No ST it's just one of the sports haven't you seen the cricket and rugby teams
  11. See Liverpool have dropp another place whats gone wrong
  12. Does that make it 2wks in Sept we are out 7 to 17 on Richos Ibiza 1
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