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  1. Just watched one of Robin's videos touring round the Broads in the Merc. on Easter Sunday.Was that an Ocean 30 I saw moored in the corner when he called in at Ranworth
  2. Should I put my hat on and stand beside you, whole heartedly agree with you. I don't remember seeing any plastic packaging when I was young, sugar was taken from a sack and put in apaper bag, butter and cheese were taken from a tub or cut from a block and wrapped in greaseproof paper the local fish.mongers slab was open to the street and we are still here. In the present situation of mind changing, lies and indesition could we ever believe anything we are told again
  3. We had Cambria and Giselle from Broadsway, Tropical Heart from Hearts, Caravelle from Chumley and Hawke Firegem, Firecrest and Firebronze from Walklins
  4. You got there before me, but also there is something about a persons attitude but I can't remember what it is. Old age creeping on lol
  5. As I said earlier it works for cars also which I didn't mention it works on the canals. As I hire it doesn't affect me I am just looking at it from the private owners point of view
  6. It looked like it was going down when we were there in September
  7. Seagypsy


    I agree it would be a fairer system, it works well with road vehicles
  8. Don't forget the Lorne sausage and do you want original or white haggis
  9. Starting to get confusing are we going N to S or S to N topic titled Crossing North to South
  10. I've got a 2000 Blakes brochure whats that worth
  11. It was nice when it was like a wild mooring, you moored at the other side the lock gates were all over grown with bramble etc. and you had to walk across the field through the cows into Coltishall
  12. Co-op are now bringing out a gingerbread person!!!
  13. Seagypsy


    Think we know a bit more now
  14. Seagypsy


    3 rivers race. You know as much as me now
  15. I miss the old style entertainment we used to get, Love Thy Neighbour, Jim Davidsons Chalky etc. I wonder what the ones who start this nitpicking would say if in this case Waitrose could sue them for the cost of removing from the shelves, re--labelling and replacing
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