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  1. YnysMon

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Brilliant! So many wonderful people! We’ve just arrived back from our hols, but (ever so slightly) wishing we hadn’t booked this week. Sounds hard work, but I’m sure there was a lot of camaraderie over the weekend. Once people have recovered we want to hear more! Kudos to all involved! Helen
  2. YnysMon

    Go Western Light...

    Lovely vid, thanks Robin. The banter between you and Sheila cracks me up (in the sense of laughing along with you, I hasten to add). The affection you have for each other really shines through. Helen
  3. YnysMon

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    I think I must be about the same age as Griff as the No. 1 for my birthday is also ‘Please don’t tease’ by Cliff and the Shadows. Anyway, at least it wasn’t ‘Shakin’ all over’, the following week’s No.1, or even worse, ‘My old man’s a dustman’ from March that year!
  4. YnysMon

    Boating And Drinking

    Jay is lucky that I won’t be at home whilst he slogs his way past it on the MK marathon after that comment!Tripping up springs to mind! Still, to run a marathon...respect! Hope it won’t be as hot as the London one Jay!
  5. YnysMon

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Wish we could join you. (Though Graham would be far more useful that me!) I do love the way so many people here want to help out. Friends indeed! Helen
  6. YnysMon

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    Don’t worry about me...lots of us just love and respect our Timbo!
  7. YnysMon

    Basset Lowke

    Ooh, thanks Polly! How come I’ve not heard of Basset Lowke before given we’re fairly local to Northampton? Graham and I had a lovely time in Glasgow a while back exploring various Mackintosh linked places including House for an Art Lover, Hill House, Kelvingrove Galleries etc. The best was a Mackintosh tour around Glasgow School of Art led by students. I also have a cousin who is absolutely steam train and train model mad...so sounds a good place to visit. Helen p.s. Another visit to the wonderful shoe museum in Northampton is long overdue too!
  8. YnysMon

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    The bit about Adam Ant (adamant) made me chuckle...nails those of us of a certain generation down firmly to the late 70’s!
  9. YnysMon

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    Stream of consciousness...brill!
  10. YnysMon

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    Timbo, you have surpassed yourself!
  11. YnysMon

    Malanka Tales

    What a lovely blog. It has sharpened my appetite for this evening’s dinner. Shame we’re just having salad as the taste of roast beef is lingering just beyond my tastebuds after reading it. Mind you, it’s definitely salad weather today here!
  12. YnysMon

    Fair Regent - Easter 2018

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions, I’ll certainly try the beef tomato recipe. Graham is on Emozul now as Lansaprazole didn’t help him. Helen
  13. YnysMon

    Where's Timbo?

    Well, I like using products made of wood...it’s the technical detail that loses me on the way!
  14. YnysMon

    Fair Regent - Easter 2018

    Thanks Neil. Mine was similar, but I cut a few corners and ingredients. E.g I normally use cheapo canned chopped tomatoes and add basil, oregano and a pinch of chilli flakes but I bought the type of tomatoes that already have herbs and garlic added. I still added chilli flakes though. I don’t think I’ll be making it much in future. Graham has decided that tomatoes are aggravating his gastric problems. Hi hum. I love pasta but with tomatoey sauces out and me trying to avoid dairy products that rather cuts down the options.
  15. YnysMon

    Where's Timbo?

    Glad to hear the project is still in your thoughts Timbo, and I'm honoured to be mentioned along with Vaughan! Thursday is a long time to wait for some coffee! Helen

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