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  1. Another Week On Grande Girl 1

    Lovely tale and photos. Thanks! Helen
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I'm getting worried....where's the real Gracie? Somehow I didn't think you were that coy Gracie. Wonder where I got that idea?
  3. Roast Potato's Cooking On The Corsican Part 32

    Hasn't some research found recently that the saturated fats like beef dripping and goose fat are better for you when they've been heated to a high temperature than the low saturated fats? Apparently the so called healthier fats turn into something nasty and potentially carcinogenic when heated. Can't remember where I read that though.
  4. I thought we had to hold off the like button for now?
  5. Fair Ambassador

    Yes, we didn't pay the pilot when we were with NBD, with Ferry Marina we had to pay the yard when we took the boat back.
  6. Fair Ambassador

    I haven't any experience of Fair Ambassador, but I did find NBD very helpful and Fair Regent very comfortable a few weeks back. I've started planning my holiday leave dates around the tides, to maximise opportunities to cross Breydon and get under the bridges. That's why I chose a week starting 23rd September this year, rather than one of the weeks either side of it. Helen
  7. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Yeh, sacrilege! I love getting under the bridge as I know there will be a really special place beyond it. Do we really want to destroy that? (Ignoring that we'd be also destroying part of our heritage.) Love to have the quieter places beyond low bridges. They are accessible if you choose your boat carefully, so no one is really excluded from the experience. Helen
  8. Hurricane

    Haven't watched it since it's original run, but it was my favourite series at the time. How well has it aged? Helen
  9. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    What lovely photos. I like the colour of the sky in the first, but the composition of the second with the reflection in the water is great. Helen
  10. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Oops! We must have missed that sign when we were in Horning a few weeks back. I'm sure we walked the dog across the Green. Is that the bit of grass beside the Staithe? Helen
  11. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Don't go Gracie! The forum just wouldn't be the same if you stopped posting. In fact, I think of you as just about the friendliest of a really friendly group of people. I must admit I occasionally do a bit of virtual editing when I browse the forum. Where things get a bit iffy I just try to ignore it, not respond, and continue on my way. I've mentioned before somewhere that this is the first forum that I've joined (apart from the obligatory OU course forums) and that's because it's well moderated and most members are very considerate of each other, even when they don't share the same views. Helen
  12. The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

  13. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Watch it with the talk of sixties flower power rig! What did they say about careless talk in the war? If you're not careful Timbo will start delving into his archive of terrible fashions again, as he did in the PH bridge thread. Helen
  14. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Double knit fancies...whatever next. I think I need to stop reminding people that I grew up in the 70s.

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