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  1. And Now For Something Really Serious

    I must admit that I used to be very dismissive about Strictly...to my shame as I hadn't really watched it (I instinctively dislike stuff that's hyped up). I am now eating my words though, as I've got hooked on it I still think it's over hyped, but it's great to see a show that takes people on a journey of discovering new skills and demands a lot of them in terms of learning. I also love the costumes and (most of) the music. At least it demands something of the contestants. Helen
  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Absolutely, but can I just add that I really don’t like this thing about judging people by how much dosh they have. Helen
  3. Ellie Smells!

    Ok, I forgive you.
  4. Granddad Timbo

    Sorry, late to the party as always. Huge congratulations!
  5. Ellie Smells!

    I didn’t put them in my eyes, or on my eyelids nor the area underneath my eyes. How daft do you think I am?
  6. Ellie Smells!

    ‘fraid I’m not too good with smelly stuff. Nearly always overpowers my senses. I get smarting eyes, so am limited to the ‘Simple’ type of beauty products. A few yeas ago I won a really good range of high end facial stuff in a raffle but after a couple of days had to stop using them because my eyes were smarting so much.
  7. Community Speed Watch

    I find it scarey that so many commenters on this thread seem to be justifying, or at least trying to argue that speeding is okay in some circumstances. The facts tell us that in unforseeable circumstances speed kills (I mean when you have to react quickly to something thing not expected). ?
  8. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    My eldest knocked his Dads glasses off as we were coming in to moor at Hunter’s Yard the first time we went sailing on one of their boats. Graham managed to borrow a rake with a mesh attachment from the yard and after a while fished up a pair of glasses...unfortunately not his. He did find his own pair later that day when he had another fish around with the rake.
  9. Taking The Mole!

    Oh, no! Not more temptation to stay up late watching Morcambe and Wise!
  10. Taking The Mole!

    In tears! By the way, do you realise that’s really mean Kev! I’ve got a more demanding day than usual at work tomorrow, and so was planning an early night. And there you go distracting me...looking for more M&W on YouTube! Doh!
  11. Taking The Mole!

    Oh Peter, I haven’t laughed so much for ages. Reminiscent of the laughs Morcambe and Wise brought on in their classic Christmas shows (the first time of watching them when you weren’t knowing what was coming next). Classic tale!
  12. Big Changes Ahead

    Really pleased to hear news of how you are getting on. Also, how Sheila is doing. It must be such a dilemma for you both on what’s best for the future and for your families here and in the Philippines. You are such lovely people. Hope all goes well for you.
  13. Big Changes Ahead

    Any news of Sheila?
  14. End For The Printed Agency Brochure.

    What’s this about people finding it difficult to book with NBD (Faircraft Loynes)? Ok, this time I did have a slight problem. I was trying to book an early March 10 day holiday, which gave us an early booking discount, and a very generous discount for the 10 days as opposed to 7 days. However the extra loyalty discount wasn’t coming off the price online. I phoned the (prominently displayed) helpline number, which was answered very promptly, and was very impressed that they were able to see the details of the booking that I was attempting to make and very quickly confirmed the extra discount, applied it to the price and confirmed the booking. Very slick and professional, even though it would have been better if the online discount would have worked. I’m feeling good though because I wasn’t kept hanging on a phone line, didn’t have to go through loads of details, and I’ve saved almost £400 though various discounts ( early booking, loyalty, 10 days), and ended up with a much cheaper deal than comparative boats from other yards. Helen
  15. Week On Broadsman

    Roy’s out of bread? How shocking! We always make a bee line for their ‘Norfolk Crunch’ loaves sliced to order. Just lovely! Loving the tale! Helen

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