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  1. Gale

    There is a wolf missing in Berks after a fence was blown down. Can it have travelled that far?
  2. Gale

    Anyone else got a log burner? Free logs to anyone that needs them!! Car now extracted from tree thanks to neighbour with a chain saw.
  3. Gale

    One tree here is no longer upright, at the moment it is laying over my car! Need to get a man in to deal with it I guess
  4. Gale

    Pretty bad everywhere looking at the travel pages. Overturned lorry on M11 northbound, traffic stationary. QE2 bridge closed due to high winds. Hope our lady is safe in the marina!
  5. Loss Of Another Great Broadsman

    Very shocked to hear this sad news Sue, RIP Pete, met you and chatted a few times years ago , a really nice guy!
  6. Health And Safety

    Speaking as one who has worked in the UK aggregate industry for the past 37 years, I have seen some changes but always applied the "common sense" rule. Asphalt Plants, RMX and quarries are dangerous places and now we are all tasked to make sure everyone goes home safe. Yes. it has gone overboard to the point where things seem daft. Even our local infants school have door fittings to make sure children can't get their fingers trapped. We got ours trapped in my day and yes it hurt!! Never did it again though. Common Sense is so important and also knowing what hurts and injures is vital.
  7. Birthday

    Beer will be just fine! Enjoy the game!
  8. Birthday

    Yes Gracie, "hair of the dog"...Trust me, sometimes it's the only thing that will work lol
  9. Birthday

    Hope you had a good day Gracie!
  10. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    Simply said and totally right view Vanessan, if all acted in that manner, incidents would not have happened!!
  11. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    My wifes cousin (Norwich born and bred) used to own and run The Old Gatehouse tea room on the old M and GN line at Gunthorpe. A small signal box was still there in 2014 when we last visited.
  12. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    Agree, seems it was deemed inconsiderate and quite rightly so if reporting is correct.
  13. Grp Patching

    You just need the gelcoat filler to get the job done. The PP stuff is fine but be prepared for a lot of rubbing down. I used it to patch a small gelcoat chip in 2004 and I needed an electric sander to get it smooth. It dries very hard, even in winter!
  14. On Going Costs

    Ah Memories of sailing Riccardo, think I still can after a 43 year gap. Used to sail Herons with my school many years back, basics are still there in my head lol
  15. On Going Costs

    We had a budget idea but from time to time it got exceeded when we thought enough money was available, only to struggle after after a downturn in our business!! Overall, in response to the OP, our running costs for engine servicing, lift out, anti foul are not too bad for a 24 foot boat. Drive leg service including lift out and back, around £350 every two years, engine servicing is done by me and a local buddy, cost of parts and beers plus dinner, not too bad at all. As to the rest of money and time spent, well that is down to me poshing her up now and then.......thats me own fault

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