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At the risk of taking this off thread, many bacteria live on or in the body, a lot of which are good bacteria. When on a course of antibiotics these good bacteria can also be wiped out, it is thought this can lead to a lowering of the immune system, asthma, obesity, cancer, all believed to be fought of by the good bacteria, as well as problems with bloating and constipation as bacteria help in the digestion of food.

It is advised by many that after antibiotic treatment people should have a period of probiotic drinks to help replenish the good bacteria, unfortunately there are others who think the loss is permanent.

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Don't worry Martin it's not permanent.

One issue that many don't know about as it's easier to sell you something if the manufacturers don't tell you the down sides to their claims is probiotic drinks gain entry via the stomach where the acid conditions render most of them dead as a door nail. These bacteria exist in the digestive tract, gut, or upper intestine or lower intestine or whatever you wish to call it. Some can exist in the acid conditions in the duodenum H pylori for example. We can read about that particular controversy for hours.

The relationship is truly complex and to put a simple number or estimate on it there are more bacterial/fungal cells in or on your body (nominally called commensal organisms- these are deemed normal) than there are mamalian cells making up your body in the first place (there is a huge size difference which makes this possible) These organims are in what's called a dynamic equilibrium, i.e. constant back and forth of numbers in natural cycles. When this is interrupted by body conditions being off due to metabolic reasons or antibiotic treatments (and don't worry antibiotics dont kill everything only what they are designed for) then these numbers may change dramatically for a while and we get the trots or thrush C albicans (not a bacterium). The gut doesnt become a desert of bacteria just hugely reduced and it takes time for them to become re-established by the same mechanisms that put them there in the first place. 

I have attached a link to a very good article which is a bit techy but understandable and explains all this stuff in as much detail as one could possibly want. A bit of bafflegab but not too much.


OK truly derailed now...

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1 hour ago, Malanka said:

OK truly derailed now...

I have to disagree, although twenty-five degrees is the correct angle at which I grind the bevel, I find a secondary bevel at thirty degrees gives a much sharper edge! Back to me memoires...
"So I said to Charlize Theron 'quick, get in the cupboard, Amy Adams will be here any minute to wash the pots..."

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