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  1. Thanks, Jim and to make it easier to understand what I'm after here's a couple of pics of the bars in question: The front ones may even be 1.5ins dia.
  2. Can anyone help, please? We need two burgee jack-staffs/jack-poles/flagpoles to fit our 1.25ins diameter front rails or two that will fit 45degs angled grab-handles aft which are 1ins dia. (The ones at Norfolk Marine will only go up to 1ins max dia and will only fit horizontal rails).They need to be 18ins or so in length. I spent over an hour yesterday on the web trying to source some to no avail.
  3. Mark, Hi I've downloaded it but when I click on the desktop icon it comes up with "Message" and below that "This is a non-activated version" ... sorry but my computer skills are pretty basic! John
  4. Pete, Hi I downloaded this but is there anyway I can get out of paying the $$$'s to use it just once? John
  5. I must have had a memory loss, Paul... didn't know it that was that late when we fell on-board! I wondered why there was some discussion as to whether you were both coming out at Oulton Broad! Sorreeeeeeee
  6. John (HA) was getting them in but the much loved HD had ran out and was in the process of being replaced. I was dithering a bit on what else to have when John (who has lost none of his military bearing despite it being a while now since he was in the RAF) Stuck his pint of Brains SA Gold in front of me and said "Just get that down you". Now anyone who has been in any form of quasi military type organisation will well know one does not refuse a direct order immediatley obeyed albeit with great trepadation. Rod, Hi It's actually 30 years ago since I departed Her Majesty's Flying Cub! And for the next 22 I was in the Merchant Aeronautical Branch tramping around the world in search of cargo! Great story, I've done mine all at once and must try to do better next time! Many thanks for the lift to Burgh castle and return; I didn't know you had trained as a rally-driver as well as your other talents! You'll remember this?
  7. Our October holiday on the Broads started on Wednesday the 14th when we drove over to Burgh Castle in the afternoon to be able to motor to Reedham on Thursday morning to meet up with Barry on Tot Thyme. Unfortunately the strong N to NW'ly winds overnight were to put paid to that idea and Barry called to say he'd hurt his back and wouldn't make it on his own. Two hours before HW on Thursday morning and the pontoons were as high as we'd seen them. When I spoke to Sue Goodchild she assured me the water would be over the quay-headings at Reedham. A call later to the Ranger confirmed this and with Friday Girl's hull shape we reluctantly decided to stay at Burgh castle for another night. (Despite having two side- boards to fend off rough pilings when moored). At this time we didn't have weighted fenders but will rectify that over the winter. The River Ranger at Burgh Castle said that the bridge heights at GH were down to 5ft 9ins... Friday dawned with virtually unabated winds and the HW at BC even higher than yesterday! I called Rod on Sally-B just after 10.30 to ask their whereabouts and he told me that they were just entering the River Chet and the water was again over the quay-headings in Reedham. Not to worry; we drove around to do some shopping and topped up on the library books. On return to BC we called into the Queen's Head and found out that it was their Curry Night; £7.95 for three types of curry; onion bahjis etc. etc. and only £6.95 if you booked before... we booked then! (and an excellent meal it was!). Saturday morning dawned bright and (relatively) calm. The pontoons at Goodchilds were not too much above their normal heights at HW and we set off in mid-afternoon. En-route we noticed Lady Fair aground an hoped for another high tide to float her off! We moored up at Reedham behind Sally-B and next to the electricity post and the Lord Nelson beckoned... who am I (or, indeed, we) to ignore such a welcome! What an excellent selection of real ales they have and we sampled quite a few. The evening was quiet with Rod, Boycee and families at the RSSCC “do†in the Ship. Sunday lunchtime was a convivial gathering of the RSSCC in the Lord Nelson and we were introduced to several members and wives. Really nice people, unpretentious and happy to just enjoy a drink and a yarn! Rod and Shirley were away but returned late in the afternoon from a visit home. Rod was then kind enough to drive me back to Burgh Castle as we earlier discovered that we'd left Mary-Jane's bag and the library books in our car. We went outbound via Reedham Chain Ferry, where I persuaded the skipper to let Rod conn it across! Is there anything these Harwich Pilots can't cope with? Sunday evening was the jam-session in the 'Nelson and Boycee and friends put on a splendid show. More beers, really good music and we were invited to join the RSSCC! Monday 19th and we were off at 07.45 to take the tide into Norwich. Passing Coldham Hall we were pleased to see the sign below: We tied up at NYS at 10.50 and were soon snugged down for our planned three night stay. The winds weren't as strong as forecast and it stayed dry for us. Tuesday morning and who should arrive but Paul and Lorna on-board Peters Joy. They had family with them but Paul agreed to a trip ashore at 19.00 that evening... At which time Paul and I set off (the ladies opting for a quiet evening afloat). Our first pint was in the Compleat Angler which was dead (the pub). So off we walked up the hill to the Coach and Horses which was jam-packed! (It was the Norwich City- Leeds United match on the big screen). We squeezed a couple of pints in here before finally tracking down to the Queen of the Iceni on Riverside where I was really taken with the Wolf Coyote and persuaded Paul to try a couple more! On Wednesday Paul and Lorna departed for to take their guests back to Loddon before resuming their holiday and we spent most of the day browsing around Norwich. I did later take Mary-Jane back to the Queen for more Coyote and we tried the steak menu very successfully! Thursday morning and we left at 07.20 heading for the WRC. It was dark and misty but flat calm and at 08.20 we passed by Peters Joy and Broads Ambition at Brammerton Wood's End. Someone on board BA waved but I didn't know who it was; PJ was all quiet and peaceful! As we passed Cantley there was a dark sky with smoke billowing from the chimney. On to the WRC at 11.45 where we moored port side on just inside the entrance; oh dear... I duly parted with a £1 coin, connected my spray-gun and attempted to spray away some of the thick layer of goose pooh. It proved next to impossible to clear a pathway and I asked when the offending mess might be cleared... “perhaps later if we have timeâ€... so we departed for Oulton Broad. We like Oulton Broad Yacht Station. Peter (aka “Yorkieâ€) and his team are ever most helpful and found us a snug slot before the planned invasion by the Brundall Motor Yacht Club for the weekend. Lots and lots of very big boats duly arrived including a 50 footer! They seemed to enjoy themselves despite strong winds and rain squalls over the weekend. Peters Joy then arrived unannounced and we all had a couple of drinks in the Lady of the Lake before Paul and Lorna set off for home. We had another exceptional meal in the Red Herring on the Saturday night; what a real treasure that place is! (Be sure to book in advance especially at the weekend). Monday morning and we set off for Beccles bright and early at 07.55 in order for CC Marine to start an oil change at 10.30. Eight litres out and three to go but the oil extractor-pipe he had was an inch or so too short and wouldn't reach the other three litres or so left in the sump. Lots of comings and goings, telephone calls and consultations ended up with an apology and eight new litres back in the engine (at £3/Litre). Also a promise to come to Burgh Castle and re-do the job at no extra cost. (Which happened yesterday as planned). We stayed in Beccles overnight and had really tasty fish and chips from the Ravensmere chippy. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&tab=wl Back to Burgh Castle on Tuesday where we found our mooring occupied and tied up on Jupiter Mist's mooring. (Sorry, Adam, but Goodchilds promised to move her the next day for you to come back to your mooring...). We then spent some time tidying up Friday Girl for her lift out in the near future. A final meal in the Queen's Head where I recommend the S&K pudding! All in all a very pleasurable fortnight; good company, food and drink and the last of this year's sojourns on the Broads!
  8. Rod, Hi from Gt Hockham, Just off to the pub for a few but had to reply to your always excellent post. I remain totally in awe of your vast experience of all things floating! If I've learned anything at all in my 17000+ hours aloft it's that you always expect bloody amateurs to attempt to do you in! Unlike in ships/boats in an aeroplane even a microlight can kill a Jumbo! So apologies if I've conveyed anything but respect to you. Look forward to our next session down some pub or other!
  9. quote="Antares_9"]A salutary tale Rod, what it boils down to really is you guys are easy to see, we are not easy to see either with MKI eyeball or electronic means so we need to stay out of your way. Yotties excepted of course, their job is to get under everybody’s feet even each others.
  10. 23. NAVIGATING, WAITING AND ANCHORING (1) No vessel shall navigate in a Fairway of the Thames or anchor in a Designated Anchorage in the Thames unless such Fairway or Designated Anchorage (as the case may be) is the Fairway or Designated Anchorage most suitable for a vessel of that draught and size. In particular, vessels with an operating draught of less than 6.0 metres shall not be navigated along the Black Deep, except with the express permission of the Harbourmaster. Rod, that says it all! But is a boat of our size defined as a "vessel"? Now I'm splitting hairs and bow to your knowledge... You won't have a problem with Friday Girl in the Black Deep channel again!
  11. I've also seen nothing specific but Rod says that the Admiralty Charts prohibit any vessel less than 6m draft from entering the Black Deep except to cross at Foulgers Gat. My own (Imray) don't have this exclusion on them. I also keep well outside the channel marks! I suppose I could argue that as I'm outside the channel it's OK. (But I won't as I am not, and never have been, a barrack-room lawyer!). Also Rod quite sobered me up with his story of taking a large ship down the Deep at 20-25 kts... I wouldn't want to be anywhere near there when he did!
  12. Rod, Hi Rod said: John as you know I gave you a about your passage in the Black Deep as any vessel with less than 6m draft should not be there. But as I later qualified it there is a designated crossing area for small craft between Black Deep #5 and into the Foulgers Gat at BD#6. For those that know the area just north of the Fishermans Gat which starts at BD#8 SE bound. Rod, I bow to your superior knowledge but cannot find any Notice to Mariners which prohibits small craft navigating the Black Deep. Here's the only NOTOM I can find relevant to it: http://www.pla.co.uk/notice2mariners/in ... recreation Not that we have any thoughts of going along it in the future! What about Antares9, David?
  13. Col said: I noticed Lou standing behind an Antares on the other side of the Yacht Station talking to who was onboard. Connor went to be nosey. Shortly afterwards Connor came to get me and told me it was someone from the forum. I wandered round to find it was John & Mary-Jane (Hockham Admiral). We got talking and they suggested that we join them and go through Mutford Lock at 9.00am the following morning and go down to the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club in preparation for the Lowestoft Air Show. Firstly, John said he would ride is bike down at 8.00am in the morning to the RNSYC to ensure we would have a mooring as they were not taking reservations. Apprehensively and excitedly we agreed to the plans. Later in the evening John suggested we go and have a couple of beers at the Lady of the Lake. Of course it would be rude not to. So we go for a couple or five. I must say, with my interest in planes and Johns history as an ex RAF & Commercial pilot it was a very enjoyable and educational evening. Col,Hi, we've just picked up this thread and like the others find it both interesting, amusing and well written! Just wonder what other secrets (indiscretions?) you're about to reveal over the next four days!! It was a good time, wasn't it?
  14. Andy, Hi Would the "caravans" you are referring to be the "bathtubs"? I know that to you and me Breydon is a piece of doddle in any weather.. try the Black Deep in a wind against tide situation and I guarantee it would put hirers off boating for life! But I still remember my first boat which I built of marine ply. It was 18ft, centre-cockpit and slept FIVE! Powered by a Honda-5 4-stroke. But no-one had told me to put ballast in it and the first time we went out on the Yare a large (to us) boat went past us. Its wake threw us about violently (or so it seemed then) and we were all terrified! When ballasted it wasn't so much of a problem. The point I am trying to make (and not succeeding very well!) is that first time hirers can and will be frightened of Breydon even when it's really perfectly safe. So as a norm we slow off the plane 2-300 yards before we pass them.
  15. Danny, Hi The only problem here is that the thread you mention isn't recent and Mark is trying to compile an up-to-date one. (Sorry, Mark is compiling!)
  16. Simon, Hi For those not acquainted with"krakens", here's one! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... ntfort.jpg
  17. Roy and Diane, Hi. I'd never considered that happening and would imagine it's downright scary even for an experienced owner, let alone a hirer! If the door was open (heaven forbid!) or leaked it wouldn't do the carpeting much good either! I'll be even more circumspect in future, as Simon said.
  18. The Coach and Horses, up the hill (Thorpe road) from Norwich Yacht Station.. free. http://www.thecoachthorperoad.co.uk/
  19. Ian, Hi We spent 20 years tacking about in an old motor-sailor and often muttered darkly about s! Now in one I try to be as patient as possible with :Sailings! Even if it means reversing back along my course! And we did smile and wave to you as we passed by!
  20. And that's why we only made it to Acle Bridge last September. I chickened out and turned back after one day North of Gt. Yarmouth! This year we were really looking forward to meeting up with the North Broads based crews. So glad we did!
  21. Simon, they were just 'having fun'. Just before the end of Breydon they were stopped in a bunch chatting and not near any other boats.. I couldn't help but quickly open up to 3400 rpm which in our case is about 20kts... the wake certainly shook them up a bit!
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