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  1. Beautiful pics, Simon. What camera are you using now?
  2. Tim, Hi I've just gone over to btinternet.com and can now use their free wi-fi in over 2 million hotspots country wide using Fon and Openzone! It's NOT theft! http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/c ... ndorid=Z59
  3. John, Hi Ian wrote "We hired from Sabina" and I believe he meant Sabena Marine aka DRL at Womack Staithe. http://www.sabenamarine.co.uk/ I don't think that they will have a boat big enough for 11. I know that "Acapulco" from Richardsons takes 12 and might even be available! http://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/our-boats/ Good Luck!!!
  4. Come off it, Bill! Anyone with a high speed pursuit-ship like yours can't be short of a bob or two!
  5. Wayne, Hi So long as you warm up the engine first and have a helper and a big jug (or a funnel and a can) of anti-freeze ready, then it's no problem. I use a small watering can I bought just for this. Get your helper to start the engine at idle revs and keep continuously pouring in the mix and then call for shut-down just before you run out! Ideally a second helper can call for shutdown as soon as they see anti-freeze come out of the exhaust. I used this procedure on both propulsion and genny engines several times over last winter without a problem. Good Luck!
  6. You're a braver man than I am, Gunga Din!!! (with apologies to RK)
  7. Wayne, Hi Surely you can get into the water strainer to clean it out? I shut off the cooling water and then pour anti-freeze mix into the opened strainer while Mary-Jane starts and runs the engine for a short time. I find about 5L of 50/50 gets right through to the exhaust.
  8. James, Hi Please only oblidge Jonny on that one!!!
  9. What's James' commission like, Jonny???
  10. And here's one Maggie took of Friday Girl during the Equinoxial Spring (High) Tide at Reedham (note Sandpiper and Sally B's electric cables!
  11. Reminds me of why we love the Norfolk Broads so. Great pics, Simon!
  12. Especially if you go out in the Summer Hols! I'm surprised about Beccles Old bridge which surely has as much clearance as Wroxham at LW? http://www.norfolkbroadsdirect.co.uk/pd ... et2011.pdf
  13. Nor to forget that: "a slight inclination of the cranium is as adequate as a spasmodic movement of one optic to an equine quadruped devoid of its visionary capacity"
  14. I thought that about our Nanni 50 when she stopped approaching St Olaves bridge this morning.......... story to follow tomorrow when I recover from it all...
  15. Of course, David. I checked ours again this morning and they are actually water traps and as such are below the tank level. They then go on to the diesel heater and the engines, all of which have their own filters.
  16. Trev, Hi Regardless of the number of cylinders, if you turn the engine over until the inlet and then the outlet have closed, give it another half turn and both will be ok to check. This video may help:
  17. I can't see why, David, as surely the weight of fuel (if your tank is nearly full) will push fuel down the line into the filter/water-separator? (just to drain a few cl's of water off)
  18. We were never 'fair-weather' sailors but the weekend's forecast would cast doubts in our minds about coastal passages!! :naughty: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/mar ... thForeland
  19. We've been doing what David suggests for many years with total success. From a Sabb 2GZ, through a Volvo TAM D 41P to a Nannl 50. they all respond well!
  20. I wouldn't want to look at that with a hangover.........
  21. "They're 'aving a larff, aren't they?"
  22. Gav, Hi Looking forward to seeing the new one on Saturday; I don't even know what she is!
  23. MY littleboat said: Happens alot on longer posts - it will 'time out' and reset... best write it in word then cut and paste it into the box!! We must stop meeting like this, Gav!
  24. This happened to me in early days on the forum ad it was suggested (by David, 'Antares9', I think) that you should write the piece in 'Office' or 'My Docs' and then paste it into the post.. I've done this ever since with long posts. Did you save a copy to your drafts?
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