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  1. was open on monday afternoon when we passed through Horning
  2. I think charging for a mooring could be counter productive at a pub in a place like Horning, People would feel no compulsion to dine at the establishment If they had paid a mooring fee, they could dine in or use any establishment that served food. A payment of say £10 for a mooring would represent a poor return for the business if it prevented another boatload of diners being able to moor and spend on food and drink. The New Inn was unique on the northern broads as you were able to book a mooring as long as you booked a table. Last year whilst we were there a couple of boats moored up wh
  3. Don't judge a book by its cover, some people might not like the look of these properties from the exterior, but inside they are fine, 3 spacious bedrooms, all en suite good quality fixtures and fittings, no MDF in sight, a large balcony with table and 4 chairs with views down the river. The beds are the most comfortable we have ever had In self catering accommodation. This was our first holiday with BB but would not hesitate ro return. Gramps and the lads usually hire a large bathtub from Richos in October but the lads now yearn for other places ie Turkey Ibiza or. Benidorm so it was just Gra
  4. Forgot to say the day boat moorings for this property is a little over 100 metres away.
  5. Hello there, I stayed in Crested grebe last week lovely upside down holiday homes would highly recommend them. As far as fishing is concerned the property fronts onto the private part of the marina and so you would have to ask at reception. Each property comes with its own day boat (£50 refundable deposit applies) and I fished a couple of times, from that mooring plenty of small fish but nothing sizeable. the water was very clear as it was in the private part of the Marina. Just jump in the day boat go through the bridge to the viaduct moorings, much better results there. Day boat not provided
  6. Thanks for the link Griff, Would encourage all anglers to respond to this consultation it does not take long.
  7. Very sorry to hear of your devastating loss Alan, in such sad circumstances, condolences to you,your family and friends. Ron
  8. Was about half a mile from Sutton Staithe when we passed it astern of a boat named Pegasus I believe. That was in last week of October
  9. RIP Mr Richardson, I am currently afloat on a Richos boat, the handover was professional as always, we had no idea of his passing until mooring at the New Inn on Tuesday when Gus broke the news to us. Condolences to the family.
  10. Good advice there Breydon, almost got caught out when I renewed mine in June. That mark up is excessive for what is an easy transaction.
  11. I wonder how many complainants report issues to the authorities? Or just move on because it is easier? If the problems are reported often enough those in charge should be taking action. Anglers along with other Broads users contribute greatly to the economy of the area many renting or owning riverside properties, spending money in the local shops pubs and restaurants etc. A cruise through the horning area will show the majority of holiday lets taken by anglers in season. They also suffer from problems caused by boaters speeding along the rivers causing excessive wash or hogging the bank when t
  12. Hope you have a great time Dazza, cant give you any info on recent catches but we have been on the broads every October for the last 6 years usually around half term. Our favourite spot for perch is around the Horning area which has provided good perch even from the staithe .Last year we also had many good fish from inside the Faircraft Loynes basin at Wroxham Tight lines
  13. If its a properly organised match I would assume someone must have "booked " the stretch from the landowner, or must have fishing rights to that section of the riverbank, in which case I doubt it is a BA mooring, if it is a BA mooring normal restrictions should apply and anglers should be moved on
  14. Well its that time of the year again, we will be back afloat for a week starting Monday 22nd October aboard Finesse 3, only five of us this time as second eldest Grandson cant get time off work, If you are afloat and see us please give us a wave.
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