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  1. I wouldn't hear a word against triumph. i had a bonneville t140v and apart from the trade Mark oil leak it never let me down. the old Brits bikes were excellent engineering back in the day, along with norton, bsa, royal enfield and Vincent to name but a few. god showing my age now aren't I 😂
  2. A week on the broads, stayed in potter heigham in one of the chalets with a day boat hired for the week with it. i can honestly say I've never seen the broads as quiet, and we've been regulars on them for the last 15 years, here's hoping someone has a brainwave to kickstart these wonderful rivers and amenities
  3. Hope those boat builders find employment double rapid.
  4. Right it's all over now, back to your kitchens. *dons tin hat and ducks*
  5. Robin great blogs, great crew and an epic tale, I myself enjoyed every minute of the trip, thank you for sharing. good job you didn't have me on board, I'dve been groundbaiting the whole journey, really looking forward to see how you're adventure pans out mate but with your enthusiasm I'm sure it's going to be plane sailing from now on. best of luck on that beautiful boat Pete
  6. Loved her in Dibley, very funny lady taken far to young R I P Emma
  7. A very warm welcome Jacquie, have fun and share some stories
  8. You sound like a person that likes the last word and happy that Robin had a few problems, why? Because he didn't listen to a few knowitalls? The crew that Robin had assembled was more than enough to cope with anything that came up and so it was proved, Griff has spent years at sea as he has told us. yes Robin had a wobbler, the decision was to put him ashore, they could've tied up there and waited but they chose not to, they had the expierience to make that call. no one was harmed, the boat delivered, I think that's the problem you've got and fwiw I think it's a bitter and twisted mind jealousy gets you nowhere apologies if I've upset anyone else rant over
  9. Good post and very true. Robin, anyone that's treats an affable guy like you badly is just jealous, simple as that and not worth the time of day, leave them to rot in their own sad self indulgent lives. The amount of people that subscribe to the captains blog must speak volumes. The amount of new posters that signed up because you were sharing a story with a new boat and crew moving a boat halfway round Britain also says something. Your a personality Robin and a likeable one at that. now get that captains head on and start enjoying yourself again, were are all behind you 100% sermon over
  10. Chris although we've never met, yet!! Who knows, you two were obviously a very strong couple together with your lovely boat. remember all the good times, I'm sure there were very many, i wish you every success and happiness in whatever you choose to do
  11. Definitely, Griff and the crew need to get off there backsides, get back down here and get this boat back to Plymouth where she came from, right Robin. get ready everyone
  12. It was a great 4 days, everyone that loves boating couldn't feel any less intrigued in the voyage of Robin and the Indy crew, with everyone showing their support. this is a great forum, it deserves all the like minded people coming together as it did last weekend, keep posting peeps we've got something a bit special here, let's build on it cheers all Pete
  13. Well done one thing fairtmiddlin forgot was when posting your bank details, don't forget your PIN number, it just AIDS for a quicker transaction. again well done
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