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  1. I was going to hold off untill the new year but as you are talking fridges I have one in storage. It was working fine when I brought the boat and doesn`t look very old at all, I just wanted a bigger one. From memory it is a compressor 12/24v Waeco, think it is 52L but could be bigger, I can check serial number/ model plate tomorrow. 

    Was hoping for around 50% of cost of new as it really is clean and I will guarantee it or money back for a forum member. PM a number if you want to take a look and I`m around Brundall this weekend.

    Also have a tidy smev oven with burners above.

  2. On 10/11/2019 at 13:51, BuffaloBill said:

    Like MM, we have one too. No problem with headroom and I'm 6' tall. You can't stand at the helm due to it's raised position unless you open the sliding roof on that side. 



  3. The bigger the boat the higher the toll and mooring fees are and finding suitable moorings for a 42ft boat can be harder than a 37ft boat, that said most of the 42ft craft mentioned have been for sale for awhile so you might get a good deal.

    Finding a good solid bathtub takes time but they are out there, bit like finding a good surveyor imho but that`s a different subject.

  4. On 04/11/2019 at 21:27, YnysMon said:

    Bit short on details! Where, what? Also, lamentably too late for our first autumn/winter break on Moonlight Shadow (next week!). Our first experience on the boat was one of the hottest weeks of the summer, so next week will be a bit of a contrast! Warmth...where?

    Micro fleece inner sleeping blanket, not expensive, takes up little space in the car and will keep you snug - Promise!

    Come in single and double size and I haven`t tried it but if you buy two the same I see no reason why you can`t zip two together to make a bigger  based on mine.

  5. 47 minutes ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

    First of all, syndicate boats are not hire boats, and are looked after by proud owners, they are not a cheap form of hire boat, us owners look after our investment just like outright owners. With that in mind, all they would have to do is do a re-fuel and pump out like they would for existing berth holders. As for breakdowns, Lightning is covered by Boulters, not our home yard of Brooms.  

    People really must distance syndicate owners from hirers, we're proud owners who can't afford, or justify, outright ownership. 

    Anyway, sorry to divert your thread Malcolm, I may start a thread on this subject elsewhere. 

    Wasn`t what I meant at all. Anyway I don`t follow your logic when you can agree to a post before about a yard being geared up for it then rip me.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Mouldy said:

    Hi Neil.  We did approach them with a view to moving Moonlight Shadow there, but they were unable to help.  It's a pity, as their standards are high, but they are not really geared up to turn round syndicate boats at the weekend.

    If you consider the fact that they did the whole hire fleet thing with manic turnaround days, maintenance & breakdowns, fuel and pump outs for some years is it actually worth it for one boat.

    If they are happy as they are now turning out quality workmanship new builds & grp repairs & re-fits plus doing proper full servicing and solving electric faults work and having weekends off then is it not a case of Been there, Done that & Got the Tee shirt?  

  7. 14 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

    I think it's the pit crew that has done so much to inspire the youths in Essex, have you seen how fast they can remove all four wheels from a car?

    ................. and lay the bricks. 

  8. 39 minutes ago, Polly said:


    I think the honour should be given, maybe when he ‘retires’ and is able to do more for youngsters...?

    Don`t follow your thought there, plenty of sports people have been given honours before retiring.

  9. Going by the replies it would seem that nobody has ovens by Calor or Montpellier which is a shame as the latter has a very good customer service system. They replied to my email question within 24hrs and gave me a list of their lpg ovens plus their prices are lower than most but I know nothing of the build quality as I can`t find one to go and see.

    Leaning towards the Belling at the moment with the Smev second choice.

    Thanks to all that responded.

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  10. 43 minutes ago, grendel said:

    did you connect the horn up to the low oil pressure light (and have you found what the issue was with the old engine?)

    Was it bedded in?

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  11. 3 minutes ago, JanetAnne said:

    I guess we ain't mentioning the newly fitted idiot lights then? :default_biggrin:

    Well we are now, time to spill the beans JA, low oil pressure light?

  12. Thanks for the SMEV recommendation from experiance Vaughan. I did read somewhere that Butane will soot the system up over time so better to use Propane, is this what you meant.

    With roof vents and the passage way from back to front and with galley and saloon being open plan area I estimate vented area to be around 23m3. 

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