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  1. Thank you all for the very helpful advice. we are currently at oulten YS . Andrea’s hair is looking lovely as is she. Got shore power and inverter worked fine when moored at Loddon last night. Hair dryer and straighteners. Fantastic weather today. Really helpful couple gave excellent assistance in mooring , quite windy and tide, . Been a stressful while at work and now able to unwind. Now the only descision is to have a Chippy or Indian and a Beer or a cider. Choices choices!
  2. Hi all As some might be aware we are hiring at the weekend from Broom Boat ( from previous requests for advice).It is a broom cadet. If any one could direct me to a previous message/ link dealing with what electrical equipment can be used or not. The boat appears to have somthing you can connect or charge through a 12 volt cigarette type socket. It says somthing about 240 volt. Is this if you hook up to an external source like found in some mooring sites. Can Andrea use hair straiteners, could I use my Iron. . When cruising or do we need to be moored and hooked to an external electrical source? if using power from battery etc when cruising can you use other plug in devices. ..? is there any recommended telephone providers such as 3 , EE, regarding coverage on the broads. Any advice ,direction appreciated. Can’t wake 2 sleeps to go. Lol love the forum, the advice, support and witty banter. You sound like real characters. ..... and that coming from a Scot kind Regards Frank
  3. Hi Broads 01 I get what you are saying I don’t really mind. It looks like a great location. Assistance from trained professionals, passcode entry. I am not sure but think it would be cheaper or similar to moor than to park a car for that length of time. I would love all mooring and parking etc to be free esp as when most people visit areas of beauty etc bring money business to that area. But this is not the case and so there are charges for many places. My in laws live in the Lake District and prices for parking can be crazy. I would prefer not to pay and get angry when at times you see parking fees etc that are abviously priced to get the most money.
  4. Many thanks Marshman. We will give it a try, Do you have any idea of the best time to arrive?
  5. Thanks For that Grendel. Do you know if you can reserve moorings, in particular Norwich? Yours in appreciation.
  6. Hi, I realise there is a lot in this post about moorings , yards, private boats. A wee tiny question, We are hiring through Broom in Brundall, can any one tell me or point to a link ,in particular boat yards in the south that we could moor for free or if not, what the charge might be. Also can you reserve moorings in Norwich yacht station? I appreciate its high high season. Lovin the forum btw. The advice and banter
  7. Well thanks lads and lassies, and any others that might be offended by my steriotypyical reply. I remember catching crabs in Cromer. So As I understand then the further north you go then the better the chance . It looks like it’s better when the water is slow? Is that correct? I take it that is why you can catch them better in Great Yarmouth, though confused a little as I understand the tidal flow is huge and swift. I didnt realise the term term for those with paddle/ oar skills was “catching a crab” if they missed a stroke. I think I will get Andrea and I to practice before we go. So hope in no time we will be crab free and impress all by the clean cut of our blades as we glide along the broads. Thanks again for all you on this forum for your sage like advice, based on your own, experience,skills and knowledge.
  8. My dad who now has dementia and is almost blind tells me frequently how much he enjoyed his time when he my 2 brothers and I hired a boat on the broads a few years ago. It brings a huge smile to his face and a smile to mines as well as a wee teer. I have promised that we will go again in the next few months if only for a long weekend. There is somthing incredible about a holiday on the broads that makes it so memorable, a mix of the boat, the scenery, the friendliness, everyone working together. The ability to relax and really enjoy each other’s company. Andrea and I are going again for her 50 th Birthday. So looking forward to it. It’s the whole experience
  9. Is there a particular reason, would I be advised then to hire and tow?.
  10. I love fish but prefer Seafood. Can you catch crabs on the broads? I found the tube vid regarding the rond anchor really helpfull. Are there other videos etc show in the different types of mooring in particular the mooring in tidal areas.
  11. One last question. Really pleased with our choice of vessel, as said been before and first 3 times on Northern Broads and last time went south. 5he broom cadet says it has DVtT with HDMI slot. My question is could you use a fire stick or other on the broads. Either through direct internet or hot spot. ... it’s not a big issue but kids have asked about possible taking them later in the month
  12. Many Thanks, Cambridgecabby. I take it Delia is A broom 30 cadet . Seen a d been reading your posts on the forums and very informative and objective when required
  13. A part of an ode to the Auld alliance . JP
  14. Lord grant that Marshal Wade Ate Croissants Avec Marmalade Petite dejeuner bring. Wade said the best I’ve had Full Scottish not that bad
  15. Hi take it if you hire a boat the fuel deposit and price is based on the fuel price of the hire company that you choose. Brooms at Brundall appears a tad more expensive. Would this be the case. I can understand the rational for giving people a full tank etc, but then cost is taken at the price per litre of the company you hire the vessel from. Wondering why Brooms is more expensive. Is it to do with access, delivery charges or .............
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