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  1. I had a very bad experience with one ranger who caused damage to a window, i shouted loudly about it, the rest of my encounters have been a cheerful wave. We never comment on the good encounters.
  2. excellent race, worth watching.
  3. That American version is in soon, the one they run a few yards and then the game stoos for 10 minutes
  4. F1 is on channel 4, full coverage for the British race.
  5. A good day doesn't get much better than this.
  6. Whitey or Little Annie, the Broom Scorpio.
  7. Guess who made it 1000 posts
  8. British cars in the 70's were, but then most mass produced cars were rubbish in the 70's, now days they are as good as any other.
  9. Welcome Paul, nice boats, what will you go for next, cause that is boat ownership.
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