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  1. John Packman, BA chairman, A quote from a recent article in the EDP. Hardly a great omen for an in-depth investigation. The days of even average journalism have long gone, the standard of reporting has declined in direct ratio to the decline in sales.
  2. Part is owned by the Parish Council, the 2 boat extension is owned by Brundall Gardens. Both areas are managed by BA as 24 hour moorings, not that some people take much notice of the 24 hour restriction.
  3. Thank you Griff for sharing those words, it is something I am struggling with at the moment, hitting 60, thoughts of retirement and a very elderly mother in law. When we were young the thought of getting old never occurred to us, the reality is somewhat harsh. Thinking of you for tomorrow.
  4. As you will know Vaughan, the boatyards will have many policies in place that they have to follow to the letter or risk being without public liability cover. If hirers sign to agree to certain standards but the yard fails to follow its own policies, we both know who will carry the can. Perhaps my tug of war example was not the best one but I bet between us we could come up with a long list of potential risks at an organised meet. Strange though that if you and I and a couple of others meet up informally, have a tug of war and end up in hospital we would only have ourselves to blame. The ambulance chasers wouldn't give us the time of day as they would be unable to identify an easy target to go after. Sad world but it is the one we now live in.
  5. Vaughan, I think it is about members safety not behavior. If someone is injured in a tug of war then the Forum owner could be liable if a full risk assessment had not been undertaken and implemented. Sadly, these days people will try and sue at the drop of a hat. I have been on the end of vexatious litigation a number of times, it is not much fun and very time consuming to defend. I have 36 saftey policies, H and S procedures, method statements and technical assesments that have to be followed before we enter a domestic clients property. If we fail on any item our insurance is invalidated.
  6. No mention of private messages just not sign up threads. If i say I am going to be at The Ferry House on saturday, message me if you want to join me, that is an informal get together. I don't see a problem with that. I am sure Timbo will correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Read the post again, no-one has said that. Official, informal. If i meet up with three other members and organise it by email, that is informal, no problem. It has been happening like that for years. If I post on a thread and say lets have a meet up and anyone who wants me to book a mooring sign up here, that becomes an offucial meeting with potential liabilities for us all. Talk about mountains and molehills.
  8. Wood is beautiful, I used to do a lot of woodworking. Now I have boats I don't have the time or the space. With retirement looming and my workshop being emptied of eldest sons accumulated rubbish i might start up again, or get another boat. I can hear a classic wooden speedboat calling me.
  9. I make that twice the work and i don't think the events team is overly large.
  10. Given the obvious amount of work involved in organizing these events and the fact that previously Southern meets have been less popular, it should not be a suprise that only one Northern meet is arranged at the moment
  11. I would be wary of raising the temperature rapidly for an hour followed by rapid cooling as this can be ideal conditions for condensation formation. A low wattage heater on for a few hours, in combination with a decent dehumidifier on for 4/5 hours will be more effective.
  12. You can always skip the post, i usually do.
  13. Bit harsh Mike, there are plenty of Broads and boating posts, the purpose of the Broadscot lounge is for other discussions.
  14. I watched The two Popes on netflix over the weekend, very well acted, two great actors.
  15. Calypsos are a nightmare for rainwater ingress. Mine was flooded to the underside of the floor on three occasions when I had it at Yalding. The drainage points have rubber hoses from the front and rear wells to outlets but are nearly impossible to change so most are 40+ years old and perished. The wide side decks and the roof all drain into the rear well, that tends to overspill the engine hatch and pour into the bilge. If the power goes off for any time or there is no power on the mooring, the batteries fail quickly. I had two large batteries for domestic and changed them each year to be on the safe side. Once the power was off for three weeks due to flooding, it filled up then. Another time it was out of the water for two months and filled up again. It was always a battle to keep it powered up over winter.
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