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  1. Not two words that should ever be put together.
  2. Olympus has fallen London has fallen Independance day 1 and 2 Later Bond films Netflix
  3. I can see you sitting on the fence with my dashcam and cctv, just launching the drone as back up
  4. The old bill might prosecute for an illegal discharge of a firearm. They would confiscate the shotgun and cancel the licence at the very least.
  5. Nick at Brian Wards has come to the rescue, new pan coming in Friday, and I received the 10% NBN discount.
  6. Anyone know who supplies parts or full replacement thetford units locally. Onboard this week and the water valve fails again, I only replaced it 2 years ago. I am thinking of completly replacing the pan as it must be getting on a bit now. Any ideas on a straight swop for another make, it is a drop through type or a supplier for the original. As I am onboard I am struggling to download specs and suppliers. Thanks.
  7. Hi Helen, i was cleaning the back of the boat (Whitey) at brundall gardens last weekend and in the Broom scorpio speedboat yesterday evening as you were chilling out on your mooring. You looked very relaxed both times
  8. Helen, You looked very happy helming yesterday. Enjoy your week.
  9. You would like to be decisive, but you are just not sure
  10. Having just spent 20 hours traveling back from Thassos I can see why Greece has so much debt. The tiny airport in Kavala has more security and police than they need. I counted 15, including the ones smoking out the front yet 1 check in operator for 300 odd people. Tui are going to be hit where it hurts as the plane was delayed coming out by 'operational' delays.
  11. Blimey, Alan, have a look at Surestop. Great bit of kit that isolates water at the flick of a switch. I have used them for years without problem.
  12. The big 60 for me in December. I have scaled back over the last couple of years, down to 3.5 days a week now. I always thought i would carry on for another 5 to 7 years as i enjoy running my businesses, until the mega migraines started a couple of years ago. The tiredness and short term memory are manageable on a shorter week but now i have found i rather like being part time. The plan for next year is 10 weeks holiday, increasing again the following year. Fortunately i have excellent staff, most have been with me for over 25 years. As the owner I have a responsibility to my staff, who are all late 50s, we are all a bit set in our ways so selling to new owners would be a big shock for them, one I don't want to inflict. Our joint plan is to carry on with them stepping up a bit more and bring my son onboard, he is currently training as a surveyor whilst working as an estate agent. I could have retired a few years ago but thought I was immortal I do find the extra long weekends onboard each month are great for recharging my batteries, my excuse is it is doctors orders.
  13. Phone and speak to Gary in the workshop.
  14. I had a very bad experience with one ranger who caused damage to a window, i shouted loudly about it, the rest of my encounters have been a cheerful wave. We never comment on the good encounters.
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