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  1. psychicsurveyor

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    They still have to be dressed, you just need better eye sight.
  2. psychicsurveyor

    Here's To Boating!

    I never stop
  3. psychicsurveyor

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    My claim to fame was winning a fancy dress competition with my twin brother as Bill and Ben when the world really was black and white
  4. psychicsurveyor

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    I remember Muffin the mule but no-one has ever offered me a seat on public transport, admittedly the last time I was in a bus or tube was 40 odd years ago
  5. Thanks Robin, you might want to upgrade from wellies to waders.
  6. psychicsurveyor

    Jammed Wooden Access Hatch

    Try using a dehumidifier with a small tent rigged over it, together with the fan heater it should shrink the wood back .
  7. psychicsurveyor

    I Still Ain't Deaded!

    Happy New Year Timbo, another 'regeneration' Doctor !! Hope this year gives you much improved health.
  8. psychicsurveyor

    A Winters Tale

    Thats the one, my little 3year old granddaughter loves it. It drives me mad.
  9. psychicsurveyor

    A Winters Tale

    A bit more up to date but really annoying, unless you are 3 years old The Stick song. I have no idea how to do a link to it though.
  10. psychicsurveyor

    Christmas Fare

    Saturday was 10 small people for Bake day. We have 20 plus for Christmas eve lunch, 10 for christmas dinner and evening with at least 6 staying overnight, 10 boxing day and evening. Food appears magically from the kitchen, not sure how that happens but I do a huge amount of washing up. Thursday, escape to Norfolk.
  11. psychicsurveyor

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    That was how they were built.
  12. psychicsurveyor


    Find out who is the Financial director and write to them, they don't get the same volume of complaints as the CEO and tend to be more responsive.
  13. psychicsurveyor

    My Day

    Four grandchildren and five great nephews between 3 and 11 years old in for bake day, absolute mayhem.
  14. psychicsurveyor

    Low Tide

    Unless it is resting on a beer barrel.
  15. psychicsurveyor

    Calendars 2019

    What a great calendar again this year, great layout and stunning photos as usual. Thank you to the team that organized, printed and then posted them. Having hand delivered 200 of my own calendars to clients across Kent this week it was great to have it delivered to my door.

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