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  1. Feel free to disagree with me, I think it means everything and I have never been let down or disappointed by a well presented company, first impressions count.
  2. Its a matter of pride in appearance, a well presented work van says a lot about the standards you can expect.
  3. Everyone is an expert on everything these days. I am happy to take the word of the scientific and medical experts, who on the whole agree. I hold in mind that any politician will put a spin on what is said and the media will twist it to serve their own agenda.
  4. Even if someone has immunity they can still spread the virus to others by contact with the virus, although they may not be affected themselves.
  5. Small steps Ian. , well not too small or it will take hours to get home.
  6. When asked about reopening childrens playgrounds today, the medic said not yet, children sneeze and spread snot all over the place. She was of the opinion that the virus can survive on objects outside. There is no telling who has wiped snot all over a latch or water hose. This risk will continue to exist but can be reduced by hand sanitiser or hand washing, a very easy precaution to take.
  7. A lot of extensions were underway before lockdown, these may begin to show activity again as materials eventually become available. New starts will happen but in smaller numbers, people planning to stay put rather than move for instance. House sales are going to be substatially lower as people sit and wait to see how things are next spring., the market will pick up but just not yet. Death, divorce and destitution always ensures houses come on the market, the first two have increased, the third is being delayed by mortgage payment holidays. 31 million people are in work, if unemployent sadly rises to 3 million, that still leves 29 million employed, something that is often overlooked. My short term view is gloomy until spring then improving after, unless we have a substantial second peak. I have a property under offer since the end of January, it probably won't complete, I will not remarket it until spring next year.
  8. How about, Cabin boy, Vice Cabin boy, Rear Cabin boy, Better stop there.
  9. Happy birthday Carole, lots of lockdown birthdays so far.
  10. What effect would it have on a handover if the social distancing measure is reduced to one metre outside ? It will surely happen at some stage.
  11. Not for 50 years , honest guv.
  12. This reminds me of looking for rude words in the dictionary.
  13. The actual village in the valley is beautiful, and very unique in the area. The stream runs under some properties, it is a nightmare for a surveyor . A lot of building work has gone on on the Loose road lately. The old pub on the corner before you go down into the valley part has been built on as housing. The valley area is unchanged. I have heard it pronounced, lieu - s, but generally it has been corrupted by lazy english.
  14. He was better last season and hasn't hit anyone this season
  15. Definitely pronounced Loose locally, even by the better Estate agents.
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