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  1. Thank goodness we have a panel of experts from all relevant specialities available, They are called SAGE. This is who the government take advise from, I am glad they don't have to rely on forums.
  2. I would rely on the pharmacists advice rather than the old lady in the shop. Vaccines work as described by the pharmacist, it trains your body to recognize and deal with a virus, people still catch it but the outcome is much less devastating. The unknown at the moment is how infection a vaccinated person is to others, only time will tell.
  3. I have been receiving email updates and Webair seminars from HMG for over a year and I have never exported. There has been a lot of support for exporters.
  4. The reality is there are contingency plans for everything from plague to meteor strikes, including every imaginable risk between. It would be impossible to be prepared for every eventuality and hold appropriate stocks and prepare detailed laws for all of them. How much stock of perishable items should be held, do we hold Noddy suits or digging equipment, how many rubber gloves and body bags, it may never be enough but they will perish. Do we stock up ventilators or dialysis machines. I don't see any country that was over prepared. At least we had a bit of everything
  5. First thing for me, get a haircut. I have a quite luxuriant mop, thick and fast growing. The plan was to get an overdue cut around the end of November, I put it off as the hairdressers seemed very lax on PPE. Lockdown happened and at this rate by Easter, I will have long enough hair to hang over to side of the tower. I am begining to look like an explosion in a wig shop. I don't do clipper things and only have a proper scissor cut. Mid February I might be sporting a ponytail again.
  6. I took my daughter in law for her jab today, she is NHS staff but is shielding. It was a 75 mile round trip as it was the other side of Kent, she could have refused and waited a few weeks to have it locally but decided it was better to get it done as she is very high risk of dying if she contracted the virus. Two young children also swayed her decision. The whole programme appears to be rolling out quite well, it will be good to see the number of vaccinations rising as the infrastructure comes together.
  7. Just a little bit, He still won't be able to go to a rave.
  8. Congratulations Finny. No partying yet though. I now know of several more who have had the jab, it is actually happening.
  9. That would indicate they contracted the virus before the vaccine became effective. That is no different than any vaccine, you are just as likely to contract an infection until immunity is achieved. Shielding will be essential for some time after vaccination and caution will always be required.
  10. MIL booked in, rebooked by GP to make it easier for her. Daughter In Law ( 38 ) who is clinically vulnerable is booked for the end of the week. My experience is it is working well and will get better over time.
  11. The MIL has had her appointment cancelled. The surgery will come out to jab her at home. Impressed that they tied up her limited mobility and cancelled her appointment at a nearby hub. Saves getting her in and out of cars and wheelchairs.
  12. The NHS are contacting you when it is your turn. The 96 year old Mother in law had her notification come through from the GP by text. Followed the link and it is booked for saturday. Great news, 21 days and she can go into a care home The NHS number is on all communications already.
  13. A very large bargepole is recommended. Trade use Howdens. I have fitted Howdens kitchen units in my places for years. It is worth getting a designer to produce a few ideas then get fitters to quote to supply and fit.
  14. Happy birthday Bimbo 😁, another year older and still none the wiser.
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