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  1. psychicsurveyor

    Naughty-cal Heads To The Broads Again

    Why should we ? There is a difference between a slight touch and a muppet hitting another vessel at full speed because they lack the training or don't care because they can hand it back at the end of the week. If someone damages my boat that's my holiday gone and probably the one after because no one is going to come out with a replacement for me.
  2. psychicsurveyor

    Tudor Reformation

    Amazing work. Well done Timbo for following your dream despite all the many obstacles you have faced. Well done to the Tudor Elves who stepped up to help, priceless friends.
  3. psychicsurveyor

    Tudor Reformation

    How high up do you fill the bilge, I assume this is to get the Timbers to swell before launching. Any chance of a description of the process for us plastic owners.. Good luck tomorrow.
  4. psychicsurveyor

    Heatwave, I Wish It Would Cool Down And Rain Soon.

    Finally got the aircon fixed on the Lexus today, packed up last week, great timing . The garages have been swamped with aircon repairs lately.
  5. psychicsurveyor

    Heatwave, I Wish It Would Cool Down And Rain Soon.

    North Kent is not forecast rain for at least a week .
  6. psychicsurveyor

    Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    I saw one leaning against a bus stop in Brundall last month. It was there for over two weeks and nobody nicked at.
  7. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    Depends on how many formal moorings you want to go past, Waterside, Bramerton, the Ferry house, the one opposite, I am sure they weren't all full. When it is 11pm and pitch black I guess most people would have found a space. I suspect it was sheer bloody mindedness and a complete disregard of peoples safety. The BA issued a ticket and the yard owner had a load of grief when the boat was returned. The Yare was quiet all day due to the football so I don't see lack of mooring being the reason.
  8. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    Yes, heading down river past the Ferry House and the 24 hour moorings opposite. I don't know how full they were but Coldham Hall and Church Fen were all but empty.
  9. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    The first boat was a woods, couldn't see the last one as it was so dark. Didn't see the coast guard, they must have come down river. We came back from Coldham Hall, only one space taken at 9.45pm.
  10. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    No, if it was me I would be sub letting on the side
  11. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    Pm sent.
  12. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    The reasonable and very nice people were on the first boat. The mean people live in the property that has the private moorings outside, they spend a lot of time looking out the huge windows waiting to pounce. I don't know what the people on the second boat were like but they did wave and shout thank you when I called out, there are moorings available 5 minutes further on the left. All clear as mud now.
  13. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    The first lot were normal, they had just run out of daylight, the tenants of the property they thought they might use are not happy or reasonable, they have a tendency to shout loudly at people who look like they might moor up. They tried to untie a boat late one evening. The boat had permission from the landlord, that shut them up.
  14. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    Sadly the new tenants have a habit of being less than friendly with people mooring, I thought it better to suggest moving 5 minutes down river than have a load of grief when it was completely dark.
  15. psychicsurveyor

    Night Navigation.

    What part of cruising after dark do some people not understand. 10pm and a hireboat comes past with someone shining a phone light from the front and tries to moor on the private No mooring area, I directed them to the empty church fen mooring 5 minutes away. They said they had run out of daylight, amazing really its not like it gets dark at about the same time every night. 11pm another one comes past without even a phone light and gets directed to the same mooring. Give it another hour and Church fen will be full.

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