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  1. The suggested 20k grant for training boatyard staff in safety measures puzzles me. When I had to train my staff on saftey matters I had to do it in house or put my hand in my pocket to buy in these services. Where is the funding for this grant coming from and why is it being offered to comercial organisations ? If enhanced training for hire companies is required and they are unable to do this in house surely the should pay for it, perhaps by a surcharge on the hire boat toll so private owners aren't forced to contribute to the cost.
  2. £35k to pursue 35 untolled boats, probably only recouping £400 per boat because most aren't tolled as the owners have limited funds. Lets spend £35k, plus fees to recover £15k. Only in a quango, never in the real world.
  3. On fb there is a 44' x 14' finger pontoon mooring available, looks like HW, one of the private one. Water and electricity available.
  4. I have the same job to do, however it is Unexpected Unplanned and I am Unhappy.
  5. Size isn't everything Mine is still unopened, a new shower has apparently taken precedence to a bit of veneering.
  6. Definitely replace the egding battens or the wind will have the felt off and you will be back up on the roof. Use some roofing battens and set them just below the top edge to avoid collecting leaves. Nice work, can you come snd do mine please.
  7. The circuit break would bring us back to where we were 28 days ago, not much help if people then carry on as before. There is a lot to be said for restricting movement to and from high level areas though. Why lock down the South West, South East and East when the problem is in the North. The Government don't spead the virus, people do.
  8. I have yet to find any insurer that doesn't require a survey for a boat over 23' and over 30 years old, I have looked high and low, none would accept a yard report. I know of one surveyor I wouldn't use unless I could wait 8 weeks for the report. ( not previously mentioned )
  9. They have just started selling them at Brundall Gardens Marina. I won't change over as we use very little gas onboard. They are only refillable at petrol stations that sell LPG.
  10. Young, flattery will get you everywhere. Have fun with it.
  11. Not a problem, MM would make my boat look cleaner
  12. A lot of the trees have been cut back, except the blooming willow next to me. Some areas have less trees but I quite like having trees around.
  13. Have you tried Brundall Gardens ?
  14. I saw some temples in Egypt, that sort of temple ?
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