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  1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics ( Mark Twain and others.)
  2. Staithe Works for me. It might be your spillchecker
  3. With Norfolk services I only ever expect a guidline for delivery by the year let alone the month.
  4. O2 is ok on the river front at Brundall but non existent in the marina. EE is rubbish anywhere in Brundall. I am still hoping to find a decent signal from a supplier for the Brundall riverside area.
  5. Can I join the falling down steps on a boat club please. Here is the proof needed for membership. Tomorrow I am off to audition for Star Wars as a Stormtrooper.
  6. Brundall is 12.00, Norwich is 12.30 Thorpe will be around 12.15. I can't find thorpe on Aweigh app.
  7. Two daughter in laws have found a supply from various shops so a crisis has been averted. I ordered costa pods off Amazon, the driver pulled up outside, paused then drove off, they must be scarce if the drivers are nicking them. I did get a refund though.
  8. Matron had a touch of the vapour in Tesco's Emporium the other day, no tonic water. I needed to phone a help line after discovering an absence of Tassimo latte pods.
  9. Try typing decking with predictive text on, particually on Whatsapp.
  10. Thats my new job at BBC Birdwatch out of the window
  11. Could be an Egret, saw a couple this morning, like a heron only smaller and brown.
  12. My new toy It will have a new name, Knight rider, after my grandson Knight, the only grandchild not to have his name on a boat.
  13. I appear to have aquired another boat . A nice Shetland family four with a Big outboard. Had a trial on the Medway today, it certainly has some get up and go, did 25 knots against the tide. That is the last time it will go that fast as we are bringing it up to Norfolk to replace the Broom Scorpio. Having the same problem as Cambridge Cabby, growing grandchildren, it will give us an extra double berth as well as a more usable runabout. Anyone want a nice Broom Scorpio
  14. I have seen Kingfisher on the river, stunning, but then so is BA and Nipper, Nipper and Nipper.
  15. Don't use the blue own brand from the Blowfield camping centre, it is thin and useless. After the last pumpout from Brooms the container of blue seemed smaller. I always add extra blue but the own brand is ineffective. I will be stocking up on a premium brand before I go back up. They may have weakened the formulation in camping shops as they are emptied more often or just started running short of ingredients.
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