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  1. He will say " WHAT, clean it "
  2. Tomorrows job would appear to be cleaning the little Broom scorpio. How can so much mould grow on every surface. I normally strip out the seats and cover up over winter, couldn't last year. Lots of elbow grease will be applied tomorrow.
  3. I could have switched a light on the other day when you went past but didn't realize you had a problem
  4. I had the same problem, switching a cabin light on stopped it. Changed the alternator and it did it less but still did occasionally. I have noticed after lockdown the rev counter is not working, something to look into later.
  5. Snap, officially, sort of semi retired as of Friday, although I do have rentals that take some time up. I now consider myself retired, although I have done very little actual work, other than oversee the closure of my main surveying business, since March last year. I am adapting, painfully, to doing physical tasks that I would normally avoid but can't justify paying others to do. Good luck with the house move.
  6. The water pressure in Norfolk will plummet tomorrow and the power usage will surge. All people will hear is jet washers.
  7. By Wednesday it will be back to clean and shiny.
  8. The cleaning starts tomorrow, but the task is huge. Seven months of neglect soon accumulates. At least the sun has been out.
  9. The Consort but also a husband. I love this photo as it captures both aspects. Rest in peace, an officer and a gentleman.
  10. The south offers a bit more peace and quiet and a lot less hassle.
  11. Always start an electric polisher at low speed on the surface, this spreads the product over the surface and stops it flinging off everywhere. Avoid wool polishing bonnets as they are quite aggressive and create more marks than they remove.
  12. This was taken at high tide this morning at Brundall and is the highest I have seen in 9 years.
  13. £196.52, and a couple of old washers.
  14. One or two We renovated a 1540 Hall house to live in the mid 80s, it was horrendous. We had three full exorcisms performed by the CoE ' Deliverance ' specialist. A fascinating experience that is not advertised and can only be accessed by referal from a parish vicar. We moved after 3 years. Now I was a fairly down to earth, logic trained surveyor, but what I and many others witnessed persuaded me that there is more we don't understand than we do. I will still try to debunk many of the examples I come across but, for me, much remains unexplained.
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