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  1. Who wants to descend to the lowest level ? As a friendly family accessible forum I think it is right that it remains something I would be happy for my Mother or grandchildren to browse. A lot of social media platforms are in for a shock when new legislation comes in making the owners liable for content. At least the organisers of this forum are trying to keep ahead of the game.
  2. You are correct, a well known tipping error, should read Grade 1 or Grade ll*
  3. ST, there is no such thing as Grade 3. Last week I was surveying a Grade 1 cathedral. Cathederals and churches have ecclesiastical exemption, the restrictions are worse than Grade 1 but can be ' eased' if it is a pet project. The week before it was a Grade 1 historic house in the precincts Next week I have to assess the structure of a flint faced, rubble filled church built 450 years ago. Most weeks I will visit at least one Grade 2 property. Over the years I have owned 3 listed properties. I also act as an informal consultant to a Bridge Wardens Trust that has been in existence since medieval times. I would guess my knowledge is current and accurate. As much as PH bridge may hinder access there is more chance of me flying to Mars than the bridge being moved or raised. The cost of just the consultations and reports would run into millions. It will never happen no matter how hard you may wish. Now, dredging and the effects of tide and sea levels are above my pay grade and I have absolutely no idea what, if any, effect the have on clearance at PH.
  4. Sorry ST, that is not true. I work on Grade 2 properties a lot, or should I say, try to. I have 40 years of battles with bloody minded conservation officers to rely on. It is virtually impossible to do any meaningful alterations. conservation or like for like replacement is the best you can hope for. Grade 1 or Grade 1* you can forget doing anything unless you have bottomless pockets and your vision is the same as the Listed Buildings Officer.
  5. Every investment in infrastructure improvements have to show a X x factor return before public money is committed. The cost would be enormous. That is before you navigate the minefield of touching a listed structure. Given the bridges type of construction and great age it would need to be demolished and rebuilt, or sold to a gullible American. Nice idea but pigs will fly first.
  6. Left as it is, even though I have only managed to go through once in the last ten years.
  7. I don't normally post personal things on social media but sometimes it can help others who are dealing with similar, so here goes. Mental health problems among young men are growing and despite all the awareness campaigns, very little help is available. Eighteen months ago my eldest son had a complete mental breakdown. We found him in his house curled up in the corner of a room crying uncontrollably. I can't begin to describe how difficult that it is to see a big strapping 37 year old reduced to that state. The backup from the health professionals is zero.You are on your own. The Mental health team registered him as at risk of suicide but said if we were worried he might kill himself we should ring the police. He was allocated 6 weeks of talking therapy and various medications that turned him into a zombie. We moved him back home to his old room to give him stability and support but we had to effectively put him on suicide watch. Gradually, over many months, he has started to emerge, he stopped his meds after 9 months as he felt they were making no difference. He has always been a fitness fanatic and he joined a boxing gym. Six months ago we helped him move out into a diffent property he owned just around the corner from us. He has made steady progress with only a couple of relapses. He has now won five out of his six fights, the fights are staged to raise money for the local hospice, the next fight in April is the raise funds for a six year old local girl with a life limiting illness. I have never wanted to watch a fight but his brother and friends go along to support him. The joy of seeing him occasionally smile again makes the heartache worthwhile. His moving out was worse than when he left home at 20, then we only worried about him coping with money ( he is severely dyslexic ) The worry of, is he going to harm himself remains and probably always will, but once again we have to let him stand on his own two feet but be ready to support him if he stumbles. Probably the moral is, don't expect help and support from the health professionals, it is only there in name.
  8. Can i see quick release connectors each end of the pump ? I always drain the water via a drain off at the lowest point, leave all the taps and ashower open and leave a tube heater on until the end of March. February may be a bit early to leave filled, remember the Beast from the East.
  9. It does show how easily things can go pear shaped, no doubt your experience averted the worst happening. Glad you are both ok.
  10. It has to be my home mooring at Brundall Gardens. Riverside, nothing in front to spoil the view upriver, wifi, power. Peace and quiet. Whats not to like.
  11. English is a Germanic language with influence from Latinate, French, Spanish and Portuguese. "What did the Romans ever do for us"
  12. I can't see a better definition of marketing, that is the only use it has been approved for. The use of it on street signs, in the area, is a different matter altogether.
  13. Any commercial business using the tag line is surely using it for marketing.
  14. Not really adding anything new after 6 weeks and 43 pages, just splitting hairs and covering everything that has previously been posted.
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