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Timing For Getting Through Gy Bridges


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I have read the thread on crossing Breydon so am hoping this suggestion sounds good as it's for a friend who is hiring later this year - so don't want to give him duff information!!:bow

He is going to be on Silver Elegance (just booked) and cant find the air draft on their web site so unless anyone has any idea (please share it) we will have to call the yard.

The plan is to go North from Burgh Castle on Mon 5th Sept. Slack water is 07:52 so plan is to leave Burgh Castle an hour before slack to hit (not literally) the bridges at slack water. Appreciate he will get the benefit of tide crossing Breydon, but will still have to punch it a bit going up the Bure.

For the trip South on Thurs 9th Sept, not sure where they will be the night before, but plan to hit (again not literally) the bridges at slack water which is 09:29. If all goes to plan they should have the benefit of tide on the run down the Bure and crossing Breydon (albeit not much for the latter). 

Does this sound like a good plan? Until we know the air draft I'm not sure if it's worth them aiming for say 30 mins after slack so they dont push too much tide up the Bure going North and also to give them more steerage on the run down through the bridges and a nice push across Breydon.

I haven't had to do this for years so I thought a few suggestions from those of you who do the journey a lot would confirm (or not) my suggestion?


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Sounds good to me.. It's about an hour from Burgh castle.. obviously less if they floor it.

Going north we aim for 30 mins after slack, (about 20 mins after slack they will get the incoming tide under breydon bridge but it's for that short distance and it's worth it as there is less current coming down the bure.. We normally moor up at the YS for another 20 mins (Put a couple of quid in the charity pot) then carry on when the tides turned.. no point in burning dinosaur bones for nothing.

Coming south, about 20 mins after slack is good as they will then get the tide all the way..

Just tell them to watch the clock carefully and just reduce to idle either way if too early. 

Bridge heights for these times shouldn't be a concern at all unless it's a flybridge and or a stormy week. 

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