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  1. I've always used Ramonol on our old school cutlass bearing.
  2. I may be a bit biased but our Bounty 27 AC has done us well for 10 years and will continue to do so. You can see all round from the helm, although the bow does disappear under the fore cabin when mooring bows in. Dead easy to single hand with the canopy sides up and bow lines led back along the side decks.
  3. Cat litter takes the red out nicely (I was told)
  4. Casting my mind back I think 'Larousse.fr' is worth a look - they don't just do cookbooks.
  5. Sometimes you just have to see the name on a boat to know the owner is a cockwomble.
  6. I confess, part of the reasoning behind the cleaning is so folk don't chug by shouting "Ahoy, Nyx!" - both Bounties y'see 😊
  7. We'll be up as soon as we're allowed, the first couple of days will be spent cleaning and praying the mighty throbbing BMC will lurch into life, then away but probably victualling on board.
  8. Both the Dirty Duck and Stracey Arms were destination pubs for the Ipswich and area Triumph Owners club. The Acle straight was soo tempting 😉
  9. I (almost) gave up smoking when 20 No.6 went up from 3/9 to 20p.!
  10. We often had Hurricane from EW as the masochist part of our 'lads' week (average age 70ish) she was definitely tiller steered.
  11. stumpy

    Rip "winkle"

    I remember him deciding to drive our entire 'lads' week back to the moorings (probably because most were having trouble standing, let alone walking) in his elderly van. As I have a gammy leg I got the front seat. I was fumbling about feeling for the sliding door to shut when a voice came from behind the wheel "Thas no good looking for the door, boy, there hint one - hold you on tight!" A proper character. RIP.
  12. Broads.org comes up with 'no longer registered 2018' so either scrapped or on another network. Hopefully still afloat somewhere, a mate had a Safari at South Walsham which, when sold, went to the Thames.
  13. That was probably Wayford Bridge but last time we went past there'd been huge tidy up after the yard changed hands.
  14. We've been at Broadsedge for 10 years now and there seems to always be someone doing some fettling somewhere. Trouble is, workmates and powertools seem to be people magnets "Allo mate, what's going on today?" So on goes the kettle and that's another half hour gone.
  15. I believe it was Arthur Daley who said "Would a fire help?" A common occurrence in Felixstowe.
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