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  1. stumpy

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    It'd help if the bogs were cleaned now and again!
  2. stumpy

    Talking Point

    Goosander was looking fine on Tuesday up at Dilham - was that you David? I'd have wandered over to say hi if I'd known.
  3. stumpy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Rover SD1s had squarish steering wheels - very useful if you bound the bottom with butcher's string, you could steer with a knee while you rolled and lit a fag (I was told).
  4. stumpy

    Autumnal Equinox

    Floodgates closed along Felixstowe prom and flood warning issued last night for the Deben!
  5. Someone missed a trick - put a big swoosh on the sides,some LEDs on the stern quarters and get NIKE to pay for advertising.
  6. stumpy

    Need A Bit Of A Favour

    Good idea on Facebook - Felixstowe has a shedload of 'local' pages, one of which is a find old schoolfriends one. I'm sure Southend has something similar. The school itself may even have one -mine does.
  7. stumpy

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    Grendel - "sound unit" conjures up all sorts of possibilities e.g. " 'Ow much? It don't grow on trees tha knows" for one!
  8. stumpy


    Welcome Lucy - never seen a DQ dory with a lid on. I had an 8' one to get out to a trot mooring on the Deben - very clever "un-tippy" boats,mine was a hoot with an outboard on!
  9. stumpy

    Tudor Reformation

    My old Sea Scout group had a pair of Wright built sailing dinghies 16', clinker built as sturdy as a brick backhouse. They were often taken from Waldringfield out around the Cork lightship and back and were certainly still going strong in the early 70s. B*ggers to row though!
  10. stumpy

    I've Had An Idea !

    We're with finny on this - there are those who love a pub with Sky sports on a 72" screen showing kick-bladder with a dozen lagers on gas but we'd far rather see three or four well kept barrels on a stillage and a buzz of good conversation from a few old boys with Labradors under their tables. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. stumpy

    Enamel Pin Badges

    Could it be a Scottish university rowing club ? St. Andrews?
  12. Neil - re:tide rate of flow,its the other way round. I'm on my phone so can't do a long post, if you google "rule of twelfths" all will become clear.
  13. stumpy

    Why I Just Love This Forum

    Three words - Vesta Chow Mien!
  14. stumpy

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Coo! Look at all that space in front of the engine! When I did ours a few years ago it was nearly a jigsaw job until I borrowed a set of screwdriver bits for a 1/4" socket set!
  15. stumpy

    The Golden Galleon!

    HMS Beehive, later the Little Ships hotel (aka the Custom House annexe), sadly long demolished for dock extensions. There was a lot of wartime memorabilia in the bar - I can confirm no shark mouths, all Admiralty grey except one that was in 'razzle dazzle'. The cellar walls were covered with graffiti, cartoons and caricatures, at the time I never thought to take photographs as we all thought it was a listed building and would never disappear. Unfortunately there was an accidental fire - form your own conclusion! Eta: As mentioned in "We didn't mean to go to sea" when they cleared Customs inward.

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