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  1. stumpy

    Road Works 2020

    We've had a shared space in Felixstowe for something like ten years - the main shopping street and pedestrian route from the railway station to the seafront and its a 'kin nightmare! Hardly a week goes by without some form of coming together, I've found the best way to negotiate it is at under 10 mph,all lights on and window down to facilitate gay badinage with fellow 'sharers'.
  2. We had beige Treadmaster on the slippy bits of Valoma - repainted every couple of years with fine grit Snowcem!
  3. We were last in mid- November for our laying up supper it was "Sorry, no food tonight,kitchens closed". Went back up the road to the Swan.
  4. I see from the Yarmouth Mercury website that the Staithe is on the market - asking £1.1m! Guess that explains the huge re-furb and tree felling last year.
  5. I can confirm that - my introduction to Broads stink pottering was in '70 on Miss Mystic from Maidencraft. Two couples on a Seamaster Cadet 24, it was very snug! But sowed the seed for where I've ended up now.
  6. I'm sure I recall a pub at the end of one of the two dykes - The Wherry? My Hamiltons is on board in a sucky bag or I'd check.
  7. Floydraser - it might be worth getting in touch with Ipswich Transport Museum, they have a Scammel Scarab which I think is up and running. The museum is run by volunteers who are very knowledgeable (I used to work with one who is a total bus-geek). They're closed until after new year but an E mail to the office on 'enquiries @ipswichtransportmuseum.co.UK' can't hurt.
  8. I well remember the first Trabant to make it to Zeebrugge rolling off the Felixstowe ferry - it was given a standing ovation as it chugged through the car examination hall in a cloud of two stroke! Apparently they were going to London, hope they made it.
  9. No Worries came with a Smev 4 ring oven 8 years ago which hasn't given us any problems. The ignition was off a separate motorcycle battery sitting beside it which was a pita so was soon skipped! It's no hardship to use a long gas lighter as we already had one for the good old ThermX catalytic heater. They've both sailed through 3 BSS checks so far but we are over-ventilated with an extra solar vent from the standard spec.
  10. Only 60 pints? That's not even a firkin - what'll you do after Tuesday?
  11. 'Lady Day' often used to fall in our lads week - had some very entertaining nights and early mornings in the Lion!
  12. Does the Ferry still sell the handmade chocolates? They're to die for!
  13. And the thicker the cable,the more magic smoke come out!
  14. Caesar adsum iam forte.......ooooh I'll get my coat shall I?
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