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  1. stumpy

    Advice Please!

    I had good results on our flag mast with 0000 wire wool and a number of coats of Danish Oil - much easier to apply, wipe on with an old T shirt cutting back between coats until it looks 'right'. Then just a coat every now and then. Less likely to chip than hard varnish.
  2. A fair few years ago the A143, I think between Haddiscoe and St Olaves,there was a couple of mile stretch of actively lit cats eyes. They were bright enough that you could go down to sidelights and still follow the road! * For some reason they didn't last very long. * Not,of course,that I ever indulged in such foolhardiness.
  3. Thanks for sharing Carol - I can just remember bloaters being posted off to relations as souvenirs of trips to Yarmouth from a shop on a corner opposite a pier.
  4. I still have nightmares of the first time I delved behind the dashboard of No Worries. Someone in the past obviously got a good deal on domestic earth cable as the whole thing looked like Carrow Road on a Saturday - a riot of green and yellow! Oh what fun I had tracing everything back!
  5. stumpy

    Richardson 2019

    That popped up on Facebook yesterday. A clever bit of typesetting reads 'Christmas-day boat hire-Wroxham.....' Once you click on the link you twig they don't actually mean Christmas Day.
  6. stumpy

    North & South, Where Is The Line?

    I'm with Baitrunner and Broads01 - the yeller post marks the end (or beginning) of civilization.
  7. A good chum (now deceased) was mate on the Rix boats that went up to Colman's, his post from after Haven Bridge was in the fo'c's'le with a loadhailer suggesting to smaller craft where they might like to go! He always said they got an extra knot or two after a trip to Norwich as they scraped the bottom most of the way.
  8. stumpy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin, re. the Acle straight: Back in the day it was a challenge to drop a tanner in the juke box at the Stracey Arms and get to the Acle roundabout and back before the disc finished. You were allowed to have your bike running and held upright outside the door for a good getaway! (I was was told)
  9. stumpy

    Coke Oven Reach

    Copies of Hamilton's occasionally pop up on E-Bay - I managed to get ours for £1 (complete with the maps and tide calculator) because the title had been misspelt and there were no other bidders! No pics because its still on board.
  10. stumpy

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I really must try that when popping into Horning to re-stock the sausage store!
  11. stumpy

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    Grendel - see if you can find some '3M multi purpose sealing and insulation tape', sticky back foam but denser than the usual and skinned on the non-sticky side.We've got it on the coachroof for the forehatch to close on, hasn't deteriorated in five years.
  12. stumpy

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    It'd help if the bogs were cleaned now and again!
  13. stumpy

    Talking Point

    Goosander was looking fine on Tuesday up at Dilham - was that you David? I'd have wandered over to say hi if I'd known.
  14. stumpy

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Rover SD1s had squarish steering wheels - very useful if you bound the bottom with butcher's string, you could steer with a knee while you rolled and lit a fag (I was told).
  15. stumpy

    Autumnal Equinox

    Floodgates closed along Felixstowe prom and flood warning issued last night for the Deben!

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