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  1. Back in the sixties a schoolmates Dad had a boat at Woodbridge with a Kitchin rudder, now that WAS technical! Two wheels and a twin lever Morse control. Busier than a one armed paper hanger picking up the trot mooring off the Tide Mill!
  2. Mardling with Rob at Sutton last week, he said he's been rushing about like a mad thing with sales and fender-kickers.
  3. With the greatest possible respect for the original posters intentions this smacks of blazered buffers in well-polished Freemans cruising around shouting at well-lubricated stag parties to put a lifejacket on!
  4. Mates of ours took on a run-down pub in Ipswich (a 'Tolly folly' for those in CAMRA) late last year. They've been told by their pubco to look into the feasability of a one metre distancing , no dates have been mentioned yet but things may be moving at last. There may be a faint glimmer at the end of the tunnel!
  5. Just (today) filled up at Sutton Staithe - £1 per litre, 60/40 split!, pumpout still £12.
  6. Sutton Staithe £1 per litre 26/5/20
  7. Wrabness - not far from the Butt and Oyster!
  8. We've just heard from a reliable source that Broadsedge will re-open from tomorrow between 9:30 and 4:30 for day visits only. No facilities or water so bring your own but at least we can start scraping the green off and see if the mighty throbbing BMC still throbs!
  9. I've had good results with Danish Oil - multiple coats, applied with bits of old T shirt, flatted between with 0000 wire wool.
  10. Probably through PNC, the Police National Computer which I'm probably still on from my happy days in C&E when I was authorised to transport all manner of stuff including Section 5 firearms, in my own car rather than a marked up 'works motor'.
  11. A couple of weeks ago I was on my way back from Ipswich, about 14 miles from home, when I was pulled up by a traffic car. "You're a fair way from home sir, mind telling me why you're out?" " Just delivered 8 sets of scrubs my wife made to the distribution centre officer." " Tell her to keep up the good work, I'll put a tag on your record so you won't be bothered again " As Mr. Punch said " That's the way to do it!"
  12. I still occasionally use Lonley's reply to being asked how he liked his tea...."Interfered with, Mr. Callan"
  13. I've seen much scarier sights than that on POW Rd. on a Saturday night!
  14. I'm sure I remember a pub somewhere on the A149 with a 6 cylinder Jaguar engine in the bar fireplace with the exhaust running up the chimney. For a quid in the lifeboat the landlord would fire it up - much better than any juke box!
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