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  1. At one time Denham Owl would have been Part 1 registered, a fee would have been charged to change ownership, the main register was in Bristol but larger port Custom Houses could act as agents for the registrar and collect fees and authenticate documents. The hardest part was usually finding the solitary date stamp that may have last been used a couple of years ago! Havenbridge House was just up from Haven Bridge on North Quay and very handy for The Star (I was told). The gross tonnage quoted wouldn't have been actual weight but Thames Tonnage, a theoretical cargo capacity based on fiendishly c
  2. There goes the neighbourhood! I wonder if we can get a rates reduction? Seriously though, welcome to Stalham, MM.
  3. Customs at Havenbridge House would have kept the 'Pier Head Book' with a record of every vessel taken into control and whether coastwise or in from foreign but its probably lost and gone forever now.
  4. We had a few problems at Dilham this year - on three visits the mooring was rammed with abandoned canoes, all tied by the bow with varying lengths of blue string. A certain amount of nudging was needed to wind No Worries and she's only 27'.
  5. We used to get small 'feeder' vessels into Felixstowe - 30 or 40 boxes, usually over shipped from Rotterdam that spent most of their time on the Rhine. The bridge was on a huge hydraulic ram, raised for berthing and manoeuvering then dropped for bridges or if things got a bit lumpy.
  6. A good chum,now deceased, was mate on one of the Rix boats that went up to Colman's. He reckoned a trip up the Yare was worth half a knot once they got back to open water because of the bum polishing. His post from Haven Bridge was up on the bow with a loud hailer 'suggesting' where smaller craft might like to go.
  7. You don't need to go that far JM - just take a snout down Regent Rd in Yarmite:- Burbery, Bolex and Lewis Vuitton everywhere!
  8. If anyone is in two minds about the collection and return bit, we've had a few jobs done remotely by Robert and his merry band with absolutely no problems. I did hear he can do a cracking deal on green antifouling too!
  9. ASAP in Beccles have complete bronze/DZR strainers and plastic inserts - we fitted new inserts a couple of years back when the metal ones disintegrated but the original strainers are still going strong.
  10. My old Group Scout Master had a gun punt at Waldringfield and shooting rights over the marshes, I think from the local vicar. Every autumn the winning patrol got to witness the ceremonial firing of the mammoth piece,from memory it involved a 4 oz sweet bag of black powder and the same of assorted tin tacks! As has been said the recoil was substantial and would push the punt and Skip back a good 12' back into the putty. I don't think it'd be allowed today.
  11. Hully agreed! We once witnessed a 'conversation' between Gus at the New Inn and a crew who, once he'd helped them moor, skulked off to the Chinese and returned with their evening meal. They dined elsewhere!
  12. stumpy


    They can be,depending on where you're moored - Womack and Ranworth Islands are pretty bad. We use Avon 'Skin so Soft' oil on exposed skin and burn a couple of citronella tea lights at night. Kathy reacts badly so also takes a daily antihistamine during the season.
  13. Or even some King Crimson perhaps?
  14. Every now and then a V22 Osprey chunters over Felixstowe heading for off the mouth of the Deben, if you're in the bar at the sailing club you get a grandstand view of gentlemen in black jumping out into the oggin without parachutes then being scooped up into a big rib by other gentlemen in black. Makes a change from the Apaches from Wattisham.
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