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  1. Every time this question comes up I remember the video put up some years ago by Royalls of them having to scrape human excrement of the inside of one of their boats after it came back off hire.
  2. I think I saw that film - possibly in Amsterdam!
  3. Droning up and down the A1 the other week, a fair number of Little Chefs seem to have reincarnated as 'Adult Shops' - go figure!
  4. stumpy


    Just popped onto the cathedral webcam and it looks like there is a pair of peregrines measuring up for curtains. No idea of gender I'm afraid
  5. We usually spend a couple of hours at the Suffolk ones, as Seagypsy says you have to be selective but we've managed to pick up some proper bargains - new rope and cord, fenders, a cracking old ships clock to replace the Nauticalia one and 3 rhond hooks for £1.50! (The seller thought they were something to do with whelk-pots). Just avoid the sail-ties/ canopy bungees - they fall apart when the sun hits them!!
  6. stumpy

    Over Wide Load

    In Suffolk proper (Lowstuff don't count) anywhere North of Diss is ''up there".
  7. Welcome,Perry, to the forum,the Broads and Broadsedge. We've moored there for some years and are well pleased - we're in the basin opposite the pumpout.
  8. I find calling "Starboard!" in a clear carrying,slightly plummy voice quite entertaining.
  9. Back in the day I had a Bond Bug 700, it was even more lethal if you swapped the head for one off an 850 Robin which gave you an SU carb instead of a Solex downdraught and binned the silencer for one off a BSA Rocket 111 you just happened to have lying around. Seen a couple of the 4 wheelers on a Kitten chassis in the flesh at owners club meets. I sold it for a ton and a Tiger Cub - now changing hands for 4k upwards!
  10. "Do you want a tissue?". = " Stop that bl**dy sniffing!"
  11. We discovered that neck of the woods yesterday and Monday, funeral in Scarborough on Monday came back yesterday via the A1249 and A614 - beautiful roads! We both vowed to come back and stay longer next time, all we saw of Scarborough was the crem and a quick drive along the seafront.
  12. Speaking as a Suffolk boy who's just returned from a quick trip to Scarborough, there's a lot of sheep up there - just not many pretty ones. I didn't miss my wellies and bit of baler twine!
  13. Another vote for Fabsil - Gold if you can get it. If you're doing it on the boat hope it doesn't rain until it's gone off.
  14. I used to run a GRP Bond Bug with the twig on the roof. I papered the inside of the roof with earthed Bacofoil - sort of worked.
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