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  1. stumpy


    Welcome Barry - where will Amberley be based?
  2. stumpy

    Soon To Be Back!

    Tim,re Beccles bridge- I reckon you'll be pushing it with HW ±1 HR. What we do is slip into the yacht station on a falling tide and keep popping to the end of the moorings to check the height gauge through binoculars or a telephoto camera. There's often a fair few folk doing the same so be prepared for a Le Mans start when it drops enough. Usually a quick explanation to the harbour master results in a free stopover. Can't help with bookable moorings I'm afraid.
  3. Should there not be a team-working and diversity seminar somewhere central for all delegates first? Monte Carlo is nice at this time of year.
  4. Now that's what you call a breakfast! Corsican looked good slipping up through Acle on Saturday btw - we were in the throng at the Bridge.
  5. stumpy

    Acle Webcam

    David - that's a rum owd boy in the cap there! We stuck it out until fourish and left just before the heavens opened. Spectators were very thin on the ground compared with previous years.
  6. stumpy

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    Scrumpy - ours are real cheapies, Silvercrest Twintalker 4810. I think they came from Lidl for about £20 with a mains charging dock 3 or 4 years ago. Range has been proved from Irstead Staithe to the Sutton turn. As I have previous for dropping things in the 'oggin I didn't want to pay a fortune.
  7. stumpy

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    Q - It'll be Acle, we used to moor for the weekend at the 'lecky point until we got comprehensively thrutched by a 42' hire boat trying to get into a 30' space in front of us. Decided discretion was the better part.
  8. stumpy

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    We'll be watching on wheels this year from the Bridge beer garden on Saturday - look out for the lady with the crazy blue hair!
  9. stumpy

    Petite Magnum

    We moored just behind her last year at the common - I can certify the holding tank overflow was working. It hully stunk - we moved up to the lock!
  10. stumpy

    Tudor Reformation

    Timbo, many years ago I was told "Better to ask forgiveness than permission" - stood me in good stead through 30-odd years of dealing with shiny arsed managers.(And wives)
  11. stumpy

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    We've often got a PMR on, also very handy for bar to mothership Comms "Doom Bars off, will Little Sharpie do? Over" Channel 4 seems to be the Chan.16 equivalent.
  12. stumpy

    Little Chef Reedham Roundabout Closed

    Ian - try a bit further up the road, Stonham Magpie is well worth a visit.
  13. stumpy

    Done It

    Congratulations - welcome to the empty pockets and big smug grin club!
  14. stumpy

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    Q - any news on the Acle guardship situation?
  15. stumpy

    Bow Thrusters

    There was a Safari in Broadsedge that had a 4 hp outboard mounted on a lifting bracket facing sideways that was fired up to spin round for mooring. Worked a treat as long as you only wanted to go clockwise.

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