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  1. Only 60 pints? That's not even a firkin - what'll you do after Tuesday?
  2. 'Lady Day' often used to fall in our lads week - had some very entertaining nights and early mornings in the Lion!
  3. Does the Ferry still sell the handmade chocolates? They're to die for!
  4. And the thicker the cable,the more magic smoke come out!
  5. Caesar adsum iam forte.......ooooh I'll get my coat shall I?
  6. There's almost enough water to get up to Wilford Bridge in that pic Smoggy! I learned to be a WAFI on the Deben before I saw the light.
  7. Good point Jeff - the houseboat has certainly been well 'picked over'. A couple of weeks ago its pontoon back garden was tied behind Pelican on Paddy's Lane.
  8. Yesterday there was what looked like the other half of that duvet up on the bank just upstream of the turn to Barton Turf - thought it was a very dead swan at first.
  9. I seem to remember Winkle's bird having quite a rich vocabulary at closing time - African Grey?
  10. Thames Tonnage was used to determine the amount of Light Dues paid on first arrival at a UK port if a vessel came in 'from foreign' as opposed to coastwise. In theory the boarding Customs Officer would take a (very large) number of measurements, sit down with a large book of tables and a slide-rule for a few hours and eventually come up with a sum to be paid to Trinity House. In practice there is a TT certificate held on board which if one was really keen could be compared with the number welded into somewhere inaccessible! I did attend a three day course to learn how to do it - instantly back-filed!
  11. I passed my test on a Cub, cost something like £75. The old man came to sign the HP papers when he discovered he went to school with the owner of the shop - the transaction took longer than I expected! One exchange I'll not forget - Dad: "How come none of your bikes have an oil puddle under them?" Bob Nicholls: " 'Cos I don't put any oil in the buggers 'til they're sold!" After my test I got £50 trade in on it for a T100 Speed Twin and that was me launched on the slippery slope.
  12. Many years ago on the Deben Ernie Nunn,a wonderful old boy and waterman told me "When you think 'I wonder if we should put a reef in' - you should have done ten minutes ago!"
  13. Valoma (13th Ipswich sea scouts boat) had a decorator's stepladder with pivoting feet just for Salhouse.
  14. stumpy

    The Locks

    The first time I visited the Locks Susan greeted us with "You're off the Sea Scouts boat int cha? You're on halves 'til I say different!"The last time I was in the Locks I enjoyed a plate of bangers and mash with onion gravy, washed down with a few pints of,I think, very well kept Adnams. I wish them well but they'll have to manage without me.
  15. Also, some straighteners (GHD for one) don't like the electricity from the less expensive inverters, they insist on pure sine wave or they let all the blue smoke out that makes them work.
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