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  1. Take a pair of sturdy gardening glove for handling the line - cheap hairy polyprop can give you a swine of a friction burn! Also if the weight sinks too far to haul out, cleat the line off and drag it up using a good touch of reverse to break the suction.
  2. stumpy

    Locks Pub

    Can anyone else remember when a two-course meal at the Locks was if you had mustard on your Walls/Harris' pork pie?
  3. Cracking drone stills David. I don't know if Robert at Sutton Staithe boatyard is a member on here but I'm sure he'd be interested in the shots of his empire.
  4. A classic example of this - I recently had to book my annual 'old gits check up' at my GP which involved,of course, presenting a urine sample. Previously this has involved a screw top plastic bottle (2 pieces of plastic) - this time I was given a pot to p*ss in and a sealable syringe with a snap-off plunger. Four pieces to dispose of - two incinerated, two in my bin. Go figure!
  5. If the BA moorings are full you may be able to overnight in the boatyard pump out dyke if you ask Robert nicely but they like you gone before they open for business. We've done that before - the early start was fun after a lock-in at the hotel!
  6. I've hauled some really nice perch out of that bay in the past - also great for kingfisher spotting.
  7. Sutton Staithe - Diesel £1.16 litre, 60/40 split 16/4/19
  8. Get above Bishop's bridge - its on our to-do list for this years trip South.
  9. Don't think so - I had a succession of SD1s, the 2.6 was a straight six. The fun part was balancing the pair of SUs. (And replacing knackered electrical gadgets). There used to be a great emporium out by Norwich airport that specialised in tuning V8s that bought in SD1s for the engines and piled the carcasses 'out the back' who were happy to let you scavenge about - I once got an entire electric sunroof for a tenner there!
  10. A good mate had a Ro80 - when the engine went he somehow shoehorned a Corsair V4 into it - oh what fun we had!
  11. Kathy uses a CPAP on board, we run it through the inverter on the domestic bank of 3 x 110 amp batteries. She uses the humidifier but turns it down when its cold. The best thing we found was a home-brewed sleeve over the tube, knocked up from a cheap fleece throw, also bring as much of the hose under bedclothes as possible. She's just advised not to overfill the water reservoir as well.
  12. stumpy

    Mtb 102

    Nice Teasmade,Griff! If you like that sort of thing,of course.
  13. Roberts playing with his new toy I see - clever bit of kit,that.
  14. Every time this question comes up I remember the video put up some years ago by Royalls of them having to scrape human excrement of the inside of one of their boats after it came back off hire.
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