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Model Railway Shows


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If there is interest in Model railway shows here are a couple coming up in the area.

 Broadland Model Railway Club
  - Club Open Day

  • Sun 7th August 2016

  • Town Hall, High Street, Stalham, Norfolk NR12 9AH

    ADMISSION:  Adults £2.00       

    This is the Broadland Model Railway Club's first Open Day. It is being held in the heart of the Norfolk Broads at the height of the holiday season to provide yet another attraction for both visitors and residents. This is in addition to our annual exhibition exhibition being held at Aylsham on Saturday 1st October

    CONTACT:  Contact Exhibition Manager by mail   Tel: 01692 403846
        List of Layouts Attending :

    The Following Are Club and Members Layouts. All Will be Running But Three Are at Different Levels of Construction and Or Renovation.

    Scarnish N Gauge BR Scotland
    Port St Arbor 00 BR(W)1970-80's
    Broadsea 00 Any Period We Choose!
    Formhill 00 BR 1950-1980
    Broadfield TMD 00 BR 1970's
    Lower Woodend 00 BR(W)1960's
    There Will Also be A Club Sales Stand.

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The J50 Group Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 20th August 2016

  • The New Victory Hall, Street Hill, Neatishead, Norfolk NR12 8AD

    OPENING TIMES:  10am - 4pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £3.00  Concessions £2.50  Children £2.00   
    This is the First Model Railway Exhibition for the J50 New Build Steam Locomotive Group. All proceeds will go towards the group. Plenty of Layouts and Stands. With Refreshments Available! Plenty of Layouts and Stands Attending!
        List of Layouts Attending :
    !   Peckston - N Gauge
    Terrier's Territory - 00 Gauge
    Gilling's Mill - 00 Gauge
    Iron Street Road - 00 Gauge
    St.Denzil Road - 00 Gauge
    More to be Announced!
        List of Other Displays :
        The J50 Group
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31 minutes ago, Viking23 said:

Where is a reasonable place to buy OO model cows ?

They seem so expensive.

 The Model shop, Autoloco, in Sheringham is rarely open and I've never seen model figure there,

The Model railway shop in GT Yarmouth Arcade has gone.

 The Model Shop in Cromer opposite the information centre is good has a great range of Items, and I do Buy from there, But they are alway full price.

 Great Eastern Models www.greateasternmodels.co.uk on Plumstead road, Norwich, will probably have some and do have discounts,

 The Model railway shop at Aysham Bure valley Railway http://www.bvrw.co.uk/shop/model-railway/, I've not seen figures there ( but I've not looked for them).

I hate to say it but the ever decreasing number of Model shops cannot compete with.





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When I am in Norfolk I always "top up" my shopping with Great Eastern Models, who now specialise in railways. There is no doubt that model shops are the best way, as you can not only see the products but you can also get free advice on modelling! When in France I have to buy direct from the manufacturers, using their adverts in the Railway Modeller magazine.

I think the problem is that a modeller like me is not a good customer! I do not buy "out of the box" as I prefer to make my own models, from brass kits or from scratch. This is the fun of it! So when I go into a shop and spend 50 quid on a few parts, they won't see me again for 3 or 4 months, until I have made the model. I fear this may be the reason why so many shops have closed, or gone solely mail order.

As to cows, always try to buy ones that are just standing or lying down, but not walking. This looks more realistic, and the same applies to people : always have them in a stationary pose. The guard holding out his green flag is not going to be standing there all day like that in real life, so he looks silly on a model. Especially as the train then leaves the station without him!

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I'm modelliing the GWR / MSWJR in EM Gauge or will be when my shed is complete, When I scaled up the Plans, the station works out to be 34ft long!!! Hence the shed is 54Ft long, the interior is now 2/3 done but it's taking so long I'm having to maintain the outside already!!

Many of my models will have to be scratch built. Modelling the GWR period is OK, But when I back date the line pre-1923, other than a couple of models almost everything locos, Carriages and Wagons will have to be Scratch built or heavily modified from something. Luckily the only thing on the station which changed was, GWR got rid of the Gas Lamps and Put in Oil Lamps on the platforms, As I'm not going to keep changing the lamps over I'll Keep the gas ones they look better.

I think animals and Humans are the most difficult thing to get right, most of the humans will be sat on the various benches.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It was better supported than expected, the whole idea of this show, was it was a club Open day, to get new members. We have recently, sadly lost some members, to ill health, deaths and moving away. Since the idea for this only came about a couple of months ago, we could only get a booking for this hall, for today. We'd have preferred a Saturday with much more passing trade.

So we have 8 prospective members booked to visit in the next couple of weeks, with over a hundred more leaflets handed out.  We have made more than enough to cover our costs, which important as we rent a small industrial unit for the model railway club which isn't cheap....

I was wearing a kilt for the occasion, because I was operating a layout built on the Island of Tiree, named after the island, with stations called Scarnish and Balinoe, after villages on the island. Although of course really the island never had a railway.

When the builder died, it came here to his sister who lives near here, in norfolk, who sold it ( very cheaply) to her neighbour, who is a member of the club. I've been repairing and simplifying the electronics  for him, while he and his wife are going to restore the scenery. The builders sister and husband came today and were very happy to see the layout running for the first time in 3 years and she brought some carriages that were left over, as a gift to the new owner.

SWMBO took some pictures so when I've had time to download them, I'll post a few.

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Thank you TheQ for a report. I often wonder just how many electricians or engineers have been involved in Model Railways. So many things you can do or not as the case may bewith model making.

I had the pleasure of going to the Peco factory at Beer Heights. A VERY steep car park next to it, and amazingly they had one of the Pullman Coaches there, how they managed that up the steep gradient god only knows!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Time for a couple more Local shows to be notified to you.

Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers
  - Running Day Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 3rd September 2016

  • Barsham Village Hall, B1062 Beccles to Bungay Road, Barsham Near Beccles, Suffolk NR34 8HA

    OPENING TIMES:  10.30 am - 4.00 pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £2.00  Concessions £2.00    Family £4.00 
    We are holding a small exhibition of our group member's layouts at Barsham Village Hall on Saturday 3rd September 2016. Money raised will be donated to the village hall improvements fund.
    CONTACT:  Contact Exhibition Manager by mail   Tel: 01502471760
    QUICKINFO:  Wheelchair Friendly
    Free Parking Refreshments
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
        Hubbards Halt - OO9
    Hawkins Tower - OO9
    Nibley Koll - OO9
    Chapel Mills - OO9
    Ashfield Green - OO9
    Shipmeadow - OO9
    La Garita Hills Railroad - On30
    Watts Mine - Gn15
    List of Demonstrations :   List of Other Displays :
    009 Modelling Demonstration   1/16th Inch Railway Models Display
    7 1/4 Inch Railway Display
    If you are Travelling by Car :   Nearest Railway Stations :
    Check here for Parking Options.  

    Beccles [1.97 miles]
    Brampton (Suffolk) [3.98 miles]
    Somerleyton [6.79 miles]
    Haddiscoe [6.8 miles]



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  • Sun 4th September 2016

  • Bressingham Steam Museum, Low Road, Bressingham, Diss, Norfolk IP22 2AA

    OPENING TIMES:  1030-5:00
    ADMISSION:  Adults £5.00  Concessions £5.00  Children £5.00   
    Model Railway Show at Bressingham Steam Museum. A variety of visiting layouts our varying gauges and scales. There will also be a good selection of trade stalls. The £5 entrance price entitles visitors access to all of the museum and 17 acres of Gardens. Live steam Narrow Gauge railways will be running all day long (extra cost to ride on the Railways if you buy the £5 ticket).

    CONTACT:  Contact Exhibition Manager by mail   Tel: 01379686900
    QUICKINFO:  Wheelchair Friendly
    Free Parking
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    Model Scenery Supplies

    B & E Model Railways

    Bob Pearman Books


    Wookery Nook Scenics

    Joe Lock Model Railways


    Great Eastern Models
      Winsford Hill (N-Gauge): Ipswich Railways Modellers Society

    Hindenbach (Swiss N-Gauge): Felixstowe N-Gauge Group

    Binns Road (HOrnby Dublo)

    Helendale (N Gauge): Diss Model Railway Club

    Nightlayer's Drove (00 Gauge): 31a (Cambridge) Model Railway Club

    Tobyham (00 Gauge): 32a Model Railway Club

    Fen Lane (00 Gauge): Thetford and District Model Railway Society

    Marsh Lane (00 Gauge)

    Torrecastle Viaduct (N-Gauge): 31b March and District Model Railway Club

    Peckston (N-Gauge): Bury St Edmunds Model Railway Club

    Butler Central (N-Gauge): Mid Essex Model Railway Club

    Small Swiss Layout (Associated With Scograil)

    Lydgate (00 Gauge): Mid Essex Model Railway Club

    N-Gauge Layout from the Advent Modellers

    Tri-Ang: My First Trains Set (00 Gauge)

    Nibley Knoll (009 Scale)

    Midsummer End (N-Gauge)

    Wadham Yard (0 Gauge)
        List of Other Displays :
        Bressingham Steam Society
    If you are Travelling by Car :   Nearest Railway Stations :
    Check here for Parking Options.   Diss [3.01 miles]
    Harling Road [7.76 miles]
    Eccles Road [7.82 miles]
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Broadland Model Railway Club
  - Aylsham Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 1st October 2016

  • The Jubilee Centre, Norwich Road, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6JG

    OPENING TIMES:  10am-4pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £4.00  Concessions £3.00  Children £3.00   
    There will be a classic coach service to and from the BVR station (NR11 6BW)and the Jubilee Centre. Anyone with a valid return ticket on a Bure Vally Railway train from Wroxham BVR Station (NR12 8UU) is entitled to free admission. This is an ideal way to travel to the exhibition for anyone living East of Wroxham as there is an excellent book shop and free parking at the BVR station.

    CONTACT:    Tel:  01493 700226
    Free Parking Refreshments
    If you are Travelling by Car :   Nearest Railway Stations :
    Check here for Parking Options.   Worstead [6.3 miles]
    North Walsham [6.51 miles]
    Gunton [6.73 miles]
    Hoveton and Wroxham [8.14 miles]
Edited by TheQ
Public parking is at the BVR the free coach take you to the show
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  • 4 weeks later...

Since Vaughan was away to talk Model railways  on the St Benets thread It reminded  me to give this a little bump, our Broadland Model railway Club Show is due October the First.

 More details below.

Broadland Model Railway Club's Aylsham Model Railway Exhibition

Jubilee Family Centre Aylsham North Norfolk.NR11 6JG
Day 1: 1st October 2016 opening 10:00 closing 16:00
Prices: Adults £4.00 Concessions £3.00 Children £3.00

Website: broadlandmodelrailwayclub.co.uk
Disability access:  Yes parking at the Jubilee Centre
Car parking for everyone else:  BVR station Aylsham, free historic bus to the Exhibition and back

2016 EXHIBITORS confirmed so far are: 
Upton Junction OO
Summer Springs OO
Tubular Belles OO
Potterborne OO
Broadsea OO 
East Dunnet O 16.5
Margaret's Mill O
Gneiss Cider Gn15
Obertonberg N
Rosebud City N
Bentwater N 
Grandads Trains Tinplate 
Hornby Dublo 3-rail
Advent Modellers
Norfolk Mardlers 
Friends of the BVR
Norfolk Railway Society
Bure Valley Railway Model Shop
Friends BVR Books
Bob Perman Books
Joe Lock 2nd Hand Items
Train Terrain
Railway Memories
Railway Photo Man
BMRC 2nd Hand Stall

 In conjunction with the Bure Valley Railway.
Get a return trip from Wroxham and Hoveton Station on the BVR, get free entry to the show.
Refreshments courtesy of the Royal British Legion Aylsham.


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A final bump for the Alysham show on Saturday if you want to go and hide from the forecast wind and rain.

 I can't post this tomorrow as I'm moving layouts to the show, followed  by 10 hours on my feet at the show on Saturday, Sunday will definitely be my day of rest!!!

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  • 3 months later...

Ok folks here is a list of Shows in the next few posts, That I Know of in Norfolk and Suffolk so far for 2017,

The old GT Yarmouth Show in  Early January in no longer on...

Model Railway Exhibitions Calendar:

  • Mid-Norfolk Railway
      - Dereham Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 25th February 2017

  • Dereham Memorial Hall, Norwich Street, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1AD

    OPENING TIMES:  10am - 4pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £5.00       
    The exhibition has a varied range of layouts. Accompanied children FREE. Refreshments will be available on site. It is understood the Mid-Norfolk Railway will be running trains between Dereham & Wymondham Abbey Halt. See their web site for train times.

    CONTACT:      01362 697628
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    Bob Pearman Books
    Coastal DCC
    Joe Lock Model Railways
    Keith's Model Railways
    Model Scenery Supplies
    Railway Memories
    The Railway Photoman
    Tim Horn Lasercut Boards
      Blackhall Sidings & P.G. Woodhouse
    Clone Line
    Foxbile Brewery
    Just A Bit MPD
    Merlin's Lane
    Reeds Beck Waterworks
    Stodden Hundred L.R.
    Advent Modellers' New Layout
    List of Demonstrations :   List of Other Displays :
    Norfolk Mardlers  

    Mid-Norfolk Railway
    Ashmanhaugh Light Railway
    B17 Group




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 Norfolk and Sufolk Narrow Gauge Modellers - St John ambulance Hall, Blyburgate, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9TF Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers

  •   - 3rd Open Day Exhibition
  • Sat 4th March 2017

  • St John ambulance Hall, Blyburgate, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9TF

    OPENING TIMES:  SAT 10.00am - 4.00pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £3.00      Family £6.00 
    This will be the groups 3rd open day/exhibition with thirteen layouts. There will be guest layouts as well as some of the groups own member's layouts. The OO9 Society sales stand will be present again. Refreshments will be available. There is only disabled parking at the hall, please use the car park along road next to Roys. We are using a third room for the first time and I'm afraid its Not Wheelchair accessable

    CONTACT:      01502471760
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    009 Society Sales Stand.
    Narrow Planet
    Southwold Railway Trust
      First - OO9 - Stephen Clulow
    Green End - OO9 - David Gander
    Kaprun (SLB) - HOe - John Atkinson
    Appleton Dene - O-16.5 - Royston & District MRC
    Compass Point - OO9 - Chris O'donoghue
    Knights Yard - 1/16 - Bill Knight
    The Ship Inn - 1/24 - Barry Weston
    Hawkins Tower - OO9 - Phillip Moore
    Placerville - HOn3 - Neville Doe
    Lester Tin Mine Engine House - OO9 - Richard Doe
    Priory Waterworks - OO9 - Chris Seago
    Ellerbank - OO9 - Graham Watling
    Hubbards Halt - OO9 - Jim Bamber
        List of Other Displays :
        Langley School Will be Displaying Their 7 1/4 Inch Gauge Brake Van.
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Bawdeswell Model Railway Exhibition,

32A model railway club and Whitwell Model railway club Show.

Saturday 18th March

Bawdeswell Village hall, NR20 4RU.

10:00 to 16:00

 Adults 4 pounds Concessions 3 pounds juniors 2 pounds.

 numerous layouts, trade and demonstration stands

 plus refreshments.


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Norwich Ralway Heritage and Model Society
  - Norwich Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sat 8th April 2017

  • Hellesdon High School, Middletons Lane, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 5SB

    OPENING TIMES:  10.00am to 4.30pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £5.00       
    17 Layouts, including our 10 road, multi gauge, test track. and 14 Traders confirmed together with 2 demonstrations and 5 other societies

    CONTACT:      01508 492917
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    Great Eastern Models
    Squires Tools
    Bure Valley Sales
    Caister Loco
    Terry Durrant
    Bob Pearman Books
    Railway Photoman
    Great Eastern Transport Films
    Train Tech
    David Rowland Art
    Layouts For You
    Model Scenery Supplies
    Tain Terrain
    Joe Lock
      Bastogne Rue De Clervaux HO
    The Worlds End 00
    War & Peace 00
    Shepherds Mine N
    Bssington Garden N
    Club Test Track Multi-Gauge
    Tolzdorf N
    Brankstone JCN N
    Horndale 00
    Roydon Road 00
    Thomas & Friends Various
    That Dam Railway OO9
    Bedford Road 0
    Charlston N
    Blackshaw Road/coopers End 0
    Sefton Yard 0
    North Norfolk Model Engineers
    List of Demonstrations :   List of Other Displays :
    Advent Modellers
    Norfolk Mardlers
      Friends of Bure Valley Society
    Norfolk Railway Society
    M & GN JNT Rly Society
    Barton House Railway
    M & GN Rly Circle
    Historical Model Railway Society
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Stowmarket Railway Club
  - Model Railway Exhibition

  • Sun 23rd April 2017

  • Midsuffolk Leisure Centre, Gainsborough Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1LH

    OPENING TIMES:  10:30am - 5pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £4.00  Concessions £3.00  Children £2.00   
    A warm family friendly event where the exhibition committee have sought a selection of first class layouts, covering various localities, real and imaginary, modelled in different eras and scales.

    CONTACT:     01449 771360
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    John Dutfield Model Railways
    Coastal DCC
    Bob Pearman Books
    Layouts 4 U
    Make Your Mark Models
    Scale Scenery Supplies
    Mid Suffolk Light Railway
    Wookery Nook Scenics
    B & E Models
    Railway Memories
    Michael Boakes
      Oakley Green - OO - 15' X 3' - Blue BR Era SR
    Daconby Town - 3mm - 10 6' X 1' - Lincolnshire C 1961
    Wendsleydale - O:16.5 - 8'8' X 4' - East Midlands Industrial
    Coronado Shortline - O/on30 - 26'6' X 4' - Arizona USA 1960s
    Eastbourne Remembered - OO9 - 3' X 1' - Eastbourne Tramway 1969
    Peak Forest - OO - 10' X 2' - Peak Forest Current Modern Image
    St Niklaus - N Gauge - 6' X 3' - Germany
    Watford Clarendon Road - OO - 9' X1' - 1920-2020
    Lowe Street - OO - 4' X 2' - Sleeper Depot 1950s
    Stratford Road - OO - 26'10' X 1'10' - BR Eastern Region 1960s (Era5)
    Scole - O - 4' X 15' - Agricultural Mid 1930s
    Ebridge - OO - 10' X 2' - Diesel 1966
    Abbey Street - EM - 4' X 1' - West Yorkshire Goods Yard 1986
    List of Demonstrations :    
    Modelling Demonstration/loco Clinic  
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Diss & District Model Railway Society
  - Rickinghall Model Railway Show

  • Sat 6th May 2017

  • Rickinghall Village Hall, Hinderclay Road, Rickinghall, Diss, Norfolk IP22 1HD

    OPENING TIMES:  10am-4pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £5.00    Children £1.00   
    Our 2017 Show will feature sixteen layouts from modellers all over East Anglia, almost all new to Rickinghall. We will again feature a 60 foot marquee attached to the Hall, to ensure plenty of space for both people and exhibits. There will also be model traction engine trailer rides, to add to our appeal as an enjoyable Show and a day out for all the family, and not just one for enthusiasts. We're easy to get to, easy for parking on site, and offer lots to see and do.

    Rickinghall Village Hall, just off the A143 between Bury St Edmunds & Diss, is a particularly good venue for this Show, which is run jointly by Diss & District Model Railway Society and the Village Hall. Rickinghall is an attractive and historic village, and the venue offers ample free parking, good disabled access, all-day refreshments, a proper children's playground outside and, if the weather is kind, even an ice cream van! A really good family day out in a really good and interesting location!

    CONTACT:      07930 18847
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    Train-Tech - Providing Easy to Use Electronic Products For Both Conventional DC & Digital DCC, For Both 00 and N Gauge Model Railways. Winners of the Model Rail Innovation of the Year Award 2013 For Their Plug in DCC Fitted Signals.

    Bure Valley Railway Model Shop - With A Good Range of Model Railway Items in 'N' and '00' Gauges, Featuring Both New Releases and Bargain Buys

    Model Scenery Supplies - Selling the Items You Need to Build Realistic Terrains and Landscapes, With Miniature Scale Model Trees A Speciality

    Bob Pearman Books - For A Wide Range of New Books, DVDS and Magazines

    Janet Bull - Watercolours and Prints, Cards, Coasters, Mugs Etc
      - La Garita Hills Railroad: 30mm Scale on 16.5mm Track, Late 1940s Colorado Mountains
    - Aldwych: 00 Diorama, London Transport
    - Fullers Wharf: Finescale 0 Gauge With 0/16.5 Narrow Gauge, 1930s
    - Helendale: N Gauge, Continuous Run B.R.
    - Weihnachtsstadt (Christmas Town): HO German Tramway
    - Broadfield TMD: 00 Scale DCC Modern Image
    - Basildon Recycling: 00 Shunting Puzzle. Have A Go!
    - Alsop-En-Le-Dale: N Scale, B.R.1950s
    - St Denzil Road: 00 B.R. Southern
    - 30 De Septiembre (Cuban Sugar Mill): HO 3.5mm
    - Watts' Mine: Gn15 Industrial Narrow Gauge
    - Tireggub Hill: OO9 Scale
    - Foxhollow: N Gauge Modern Image
    - Grange West: 4mm Scale GWR
    - Hadderton: N Gauge Continuous Run, Current UK Scene
    - Thomas 2 : 00 Layout For the Children to Control
    List of Demonstrations :   List of Other Displays :
    Demo of Building in 3mm Scale   The Historical Model Railway Society
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  - Felixstowe N Gauge Model Railway Show

  • Sat 10th June 2017

  • Trinity Methodist Church, Orwell Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7AN

    OPENING TIMES:  SAT 10am-4.pm
    ADMISSION:  Adults £4.00  Concessions £3.00     
    The Felixstowe N Gauge Model Railway Show is probably the largest all N Gauge show in East Anglia. Layouts will be provided by various N Gauge Society Area Groups as well as other local model raiway clubs. There is street parking available as well as a nearby long stay car park. Refreshments will be available. This event aims to provide some new layouts each year. We will also be running a Tombola and Group Information Stand.

    Felixstowe is well served by train from Ipswich Station with trains from London Liverpool Street.and lots of other main line services feeding into Ipswich and by bus from Ipswich Old Cattlemarket Bus Station which is a terminus for serveral National Express Coach Services.

    CONTACT:      01394 277211
    List of Traders Attending :   List of Layouts Attending :
    Scograil/coastal DCC
    Wookery Nook Scenic
    Second Hand Stall
    The Mid Suffolk Light Railway Fund Raising Sales Stand
      Details of Layouts Attending Will be added When Finalised.
        List of Other Displays :
    Felixstowe N Gauge Group Information
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