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Engine wanting to stall

Guest Jonny

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Hi again :lol:

while we were aboard curlew over Christmas we found that when going from forward to revers & vice versa curlew wanted to stall so we had to give her move revs so she dint get the chance. we found out shes does not have this issue while out of gear & are wanting to get this sorted while were down in April any suggestions?

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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When was it last out of the water Jonny?

Hi Jim

well not since we have had her the previous owner had her out every winter on the hard stuff he replaced the prop shaft that i know of. we are getting some quotes from Richo's to get some work done in a couple of weeks & in to the winter so i think pulling her out will be last on the list with an anti foul buff & polish.

we do have a weed trap to stuck our hand down to the prop to check things are ok down there without lifting her out so i will let farther do that while i am not aboard dont want the water to flow in :lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Guest chriscraft

Hi Jhonny,

ypur engine troubles may be something to do with your lack of hot water,ie if your thermostats stuck open it could cause BOTH problems?cool running engine producing no hot water? :wave

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Hi Jonny,

Is there any way you can get hold of the prop shaft and turn it by hand?

Does it turn easily?

When underway does the boat rev to its max and produce top speed without the engine labouring or producing any strange noises?

Either of these should rule out something wrapped around the prop.


Hi Rod

while moored at Loddon a couple of years back i noticed that when gunning it a little you could feel the bow rise a little & you would notice the prop wash was qwite a bit for low revs. but now you have to rev a little higher to get to say 4mph i have noticed a difference but no knocking or clunking noises.

Jonny ice slice

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Hi Jonny

As Rod has said see if you can turn the prop shaft by hand when you are in neutral. If not, it does sound like you may have something around the prop causing resistance.

thanks for the advice everyone ill get dad to dunk is hand done if its long enough but knowing my luck it it will be time for a swim :lol::lol: but hay its boating :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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