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Bridge Heights


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The nearest you will get is http://eastportuk.co.uk/Tidal_Chart.aspx

 It gives the tide level above chart datum at gt.yarmouth so is only realy any use at the yarmouth bridges and you still need to do your own survey at a known time with a tape measure over your roof to make use of it, I use it for haven bridge as I know if the online gauge is 2m or less I can get under folded down, there is a spreadsheet you can use which is probably fine for the fixed bridges at GY but for haven it gives nearly half a metre less than there actually is, it says I can't get under till it's below 1.6m but at 2m I have plenty of headroom.

I believe the haven bridge is higher than the fixed bridges but the chart says they are the same, the online gauge is normally 10 minutes behind real time.

Bear in mind the actual gauge is probably in the outer harbour or near the entrance of the river so there will be differences in time from there to the bridges and it will work opposite for ebb and flow, I'm guessing on position but it does get wavy in high winds at the top of the curve so that indicates close to sea position.

It's probably worth mentioning that when I came under haven last saturday with the tide falling there was quite a big standing wave under haven bridge, as we approached it looked like the shade of the bridge making the wash look bigger till I got closer and saw it was actually a wave about a foot high, it didn't make us bob at all we just cut through it but it did make me a bit nervous of my measures.


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13 minutes ago, TheQ said:

These are the enviroment agencies live river level gauges.



With a bit of work someone should be able to tally the gauge readings, nearest each bridge with the level at each Bridge. Sadly It's not something I have time to do..

I did something along those lines - not very scientific as I only took 2 readings, but it does give a good idea.

Using the chart from "River Bure at Hoveton Broad" when that read 0.6 there was 6ft at Wroxham bridge, when it read 0.29 there was 7ft 2" so there was a little error somewhere but a good guide.

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