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Sealant For Boat Windows

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Hi all

Am about to refurbish the windows on Tropez.

Am interested in peoples experience/opinions with bedding/sealing Perspex into aluminium frames.  What sealant did you use and how did it stand the test of time?

I'll be using Arbomast BR inbetween the frames and the boat but it only comes in grey, at a push I could use this to bed the Perspex as well but would prefer black.

Considering CT1 or Arbomast Autograde ( waiting to hear back from Arbo regarding suitability for acrylic and aluminium).

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Paul.

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Arbomast BR is what should be used for the Frames to the boat although use plenty and don't overtightern as you will want to tighten up against a few months in as it settles.  It lasts about 5 or so years but makes it quick and easy to taken them out and redo, unlike Silaflex which is a pain to remove, also you use this as the frames move a bit between the boat and this allows for flexing.

You could use it for perspex to the frames although indeed it does only come in grey but don't forget it doesnt cure. A standard window putty could be used or your silaflex 291/ copycat alternatives should do. Our glass was silaflex and has lasted many years  (10+), Personally I'd use Silaflex 291 for glass to frames as it's not a job you want to really do again.

Best advice I can give is don't rush it, make sure everything is clean, use silicon remover on the surfaces even if it's not been used before as a bit of silicon when mixed with non silicon products can be a right pain, also bite the bullet and reseal the glass/perspex to frames as sods law this will fail before the boat to the frame.

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Why not use rubber U section as it'll make it a lot easier if you have to do it again.

I've used self adhesive closed cell neoprene tape (hatchseal) before for between frames and boat with good results and a doddle to remove if you need to.

I'm always wary of sealant from a tube around windows and such, it's great stuff in the right place but in the wrong place it looks bodgy and doesn't work very well.

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I did all the windows on a Hampton sorry i cant remember the brand other than i bought it from Wroxham marine - dam good stuff too .i did it in black and although its a fiddly job  its a very easy trim with a sharp blade once its set to make it look professional 


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