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I am trying to find some backgammon software so I can play against the computer. I have tried playing on-line but generally, if I start winning, my opponent just logs off. I have come across two types of computer opponent Type one plays like a right prat, but the dice are fair, or type two where the computer plays well but the dice are always in favour of the computer. That's not just my opinion, many others have commented on it. 

It does strike me as odd that I am unable to find a good computer opponent with proper random dice throws.

Anybody else have this problem?

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7 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

I've just had a game against the computer. at one stage I had ALL his men in my home board. It didn't stop him accepting the double nor did it save him from being backgammoned.  Probably not the best of players!


Thanks for that MM, nothing to do with moving the men/pieces in open play then as I feared might be the case. Sometimes I can be a little reckless here and receive the odd funny look.

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Reckless can be fun and liven up a boring game, but no, the computer moves like a total imbecile. The problem... no, ,, one of the problems is that if my human opponent logs off because I had a lucky throw, the computer takes over his game. I only realise this after perhaps a couple of "questionable" moves  i.e, pretty much after it's taken over..

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I used to have a progrm on my computer in the 8 bit era which was pretty good. I guess I got on with it because it played at my level and the dice roll seemed to be quite fair. Sadlly it died the death somewere around Windows 98. Often with these games the roll seems to be fixed, double sixes pop up just when you don't need them, or the computer seems to move it's couters randomly, without any proper strategy.

If you don't mind paying a couple of quid have a look at this. You can try free for an hour to see if it suits.



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It's one of the few games I have on my phone to play whilst on conf calls at work ( now it's getting more skype calls so taped the camera up on my works laptop just in case the camera comes on), We used to have the board version on the trip boat and teach the young crew how to play.

I do have a version on the ipad were I play online and it's ok no silly ads etc. I will find it and let you know MM and check Android.

Catch me in September when I'm down and it can be game on.

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