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  1. I was led to believe it is because of the organic impurities in naturally derived urea, pigs or otherwise. I think I read that on the AA, or RAC website. Or possibly somewhere completely different!
  2. Incidentally, it is a common misconception that adblue is made from pig's urine, it is not. It is a totally synthetic substance.
  3. Adblue is never injected into the engine and should never be used as a fuel additive, doing so would cause serious engine damage. It is injected into the exhaust system to reduce diesel particulate emissions. Mercedes cars and vans will engage limp home mode once the ad blue tank is empty and will not then restart if the engine is switched off or stalled. In order to restart the vehicle you need to refill the tank then attach a diagnostic device capable of resetting the adblue counter. My 3.0 V6 twin turbo diesel has used about 8 litres of adblue in the last 12,000 miles. The tank
  4. I finished work at 7 today, just in time to nip to the chip'oyl then off to Aldi meaning I can enjoy my long weekend without having to waste half a day shopping. I have to admit to having been tempted to flick the engine and suspension modes into sport and "enjoy" the trip, roof down, engine growling, light up the 285s on the rear occasionally, then realise why I don't do it very often. 8.2 miles covered, 8.1 mpg. Ouch
  5. perhaps a "grendel league" ..... OK, I'll get behind the sofa now!
  6. the point where that argument falls down is that the sport is not, at top flight level at least, in decline. In fact most clubs have waiting lists for season tickets. At my club, Liverpool it is literally dead mans shoes for a new season ticket. Grounds are mostly full, the few general admission tickets available at Anfield are hugely oversubscribed every week. More people than ever before pay subscriptions to watch football in England and the revenue generated by those subscriptions support football at every level, not just the premier league. Many of the smaller clubs Regulo urges us to supp
  7. In a way Alan your comment is exactly what this is all about, but perhaps not as you intended. Revenue generated by larger clubs is used to fund smaller clubs, it is they who are not paying their way but rely in hand outs - funding fed down the pyramid by the FA. It is no secret that these clubs, and it goes beyond the six mentioned here want more control over more of the revenue they generate. This was not the way to go about it. An excellent statement from John W Henry this morning.
  8. I have to admit I didn't enjoy this weeks race so much. It was a weekend determined by mistakes though I think it did hint at some exciting racing to come. Verstappen made two mistakes, one in practice which cost him the pole his car probably deserves right now, and one in the race behind the safety car which he got away with. Hamilton made one mistake and it cost him dearly. Then we saw mistakes through out the field, Perez overtaking behind the safety car, what's that about. Kids in go karts are taught at the age of five that you do not overtake behind a safety car. Both Wi
  9. Yes, though I have to admit I have not been to one in over a year now. Oh wait, neither has anyone else! I get to Anfield whenever I can and also watch my local home town team in the Southern League Premier. Interestingly one of our great rivals in recent years has been King's Lynn so I have made a number of visits to the Walks, though they have now moved couple of divisions above us. Our greatest moment came in 2011 when we all made the trip to Wembley for the FA Vase final, and in 2004 when we made he first round proper of the FA Cup. I used to hold a season ticket for Anfield b
  10. I certainly hope this breakaway league doesn't happen, if for no better reason than I see it removing the last remaining vestiges of financial fair play, as pathetic and unenforceable as they seem to be. At least the "state owned" clubs like PSG and Manchester City have to make some pretense of staying within a set of rules, even if we know that in truth there are any number of loop holes which they use, seemingly with impunity to spend what they like. Even the other "super rich" clubs like Man U and Liverpool cannot compete with their spending. Will a European Super League have financial fair
  11. It seems to have garnered fairly universal condemnation. I seem to remember exactly the same level of derision when it was suggested that the top flight English clubs would break from the Football League and negotiate their own TV deals and commercial rights contracts. It was the end of football as we know it, or so we were led to believe except that it wasn't, it created The Premier League which is widely considered to be the best league in the world. In this era of the shrinking planet I'm surprised this European Super League has taken so long to come to reality, or at least appear to. It wa
  12. Add to the cost issue the limitation of a boat and caravans or motor homes have a benefit a boat cannot match. A boat cannot take you to dartmoor, or to aysgarth, to the cotswolds, or the weald.
  13. The debate between motorhome and caravan has been raging ever since the towbar was invented, and as Cal rightly says it is the way you intent to use it that should determine which to go for. We like to use ours as more standard holiday accommodation away from home, we site it and leave in place for as long as possible so we have a caravan with modular awning. If we are away just for a weekend the porch goes up, for a week or more the whole lot goes up, We have a permanent double bed, large bathroom, domestic sized shower and full size single beds for the boys which are the seats during the day
  14. The first years road tax on the new Range Rover is £2245 but please don't ask what is after that, everyone you ask says something different. Parker's website says £475 but the Vehicle Certification Agency's website says £155, but whichever is correct there is the "£40,000" premium of £335 a year to add in years 2 - 6. We'll find out when the reminder comes. It would have been a lot cheaper if we had gone for the hybrid but it only has a two litre four pot petrol and who wants a two litre Range Rover. Milk comes in two litres, not Range Rovers.
  15. I would not hold my breath. When they acquired Formula 1 Liberty Media made a great deal about "giving the sport back to the fans" but I have yet to see that borne out in any of their actions. It would not surprise me at all to see the TV rights sold to the highest bidder again, which could well be Amazon or Apple, even Disney
  16. What I would include is Brograve Bridge on the Waxham New Cut, Brick Kiln Bridge at the head of Tyler's Cut in Dilham, the as far as I'm aware unnamed bridge approaching Rowancraft at Geldeston as well as the Locks footbridge.
  17. You have only listed one for Wroxham, don't forget the railway bridge I personally would dispute Smoggy's list as being "on the system" as being outside the area of the control of the Broads Authority would for me make these parts of the relative ports, not part of the Norfolk (and Suffolk!) Broads.
  18. GET IN THERE LEWIS ...... What a win that is How to beat a faster car, vol. 1 by Petronas AMG, Foreword by Sir Lewis Hamilton.
  19. Agreed, £216 per year for what is in effect 23 live races each season compared with the number of Premier League football matches for the same price seems a bit harsh. I wonder how many other people will feel the same way and either lose interest in F1 altogether, settle for free to air highlights or find other dubious methods of watching the racing. The way Sky price their sports packages now means it is either all or nothing, picking a particular channel of interest is just not viable. Hooray, was never a fan. We used to have to have to suffer him on the US PPG Cart and Indy Series b
  20. It could be an interesting season ahead, it is pretty clear that Mercedes don't have the fastest car this year, though were I a betting man I would still be hesitant to put my thruppence each way on anyone else. They have not always had the fastest car in recent years but usually come out on top, though in the past the faster car tended to be a Ferrari in the hands of Sebastien Vettel and due to the the many fold errors of team and driver they have always managed to throw any edge away. I suspect Red Bull will not be so quick to waste any advantage they might have, though I still have doubts a
  21. My late aunt and uncle were keen amateur videographers, dating back to the 1940's with clockwork cameras such as the Citation, then later Kodak Brownie's and even a Bell & Howell 16mm camera. During my childhood Christmas Day evening was always spent gathered around their screen watching the highlights from the past year. In later years they moved onto magnetic tape (betamax etc) and data cards etc. After my uncles death a couple of years ago the issue of what to do with their many many hours of film fell to me and my sisters, they had no children of their own and we decided to have
  22. The NHS is already geared up to issue vaccine certificates. Any adult planning to travel overseas in the next 18 months should anticipate being required to show one at international borders for most countries. No certificate, no entry. As for pubs I don't see it happening, though I would not completely write it off, and would fully support it if it meant getting back to some closer resemblance of normality sooner.
  23. Paul

    Day Boats

    but they are often confused and used incorrectly, perhaps that is my heffalump trap.
  24. Paul

    Day Boats

    Yes, and cross checked prior to posting. If I remember my Winnie the Pooh a heffalump trap ends up catching only those which set the trap, read into that what you will. On a more serious note what dreadful scenes from Bristol last night, the result I'm afraid of not policing the original gatherings effectively.
  25. Paul

    Day Boats

    Illegal is normally used to define an act in contravention of criminal law, unlawful means a breach in any situation governed by a set of "laws". This could be a contravention of employment law or some other area of uk law, but could equally mean breaking the laws of rugby, for example deliberately throwing the ball into touch during a rugby match would be "unlawful", but it is not of course "illegal". As for the erosion of civil liberties then those liberties come with responsibilities as does the governance of them. In times of exceptional need it is right and proper for government to
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