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Red Arrows - Sad News

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The sad news is being released that one of the Red Arrows crashed and was killed today at the Bournemouth air show - after reading the story it is also very sad news as this again puts into doubt the future of what has to be the single largest recruitment machine that the British Forces - especially the Royal Air Force have.

He died doing what he would have loved the most, flying, and for the very best display team in the World

Flt Lt John Egging - Per Ardua Ad Astra


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They haven't had a death in 33yrs in that squadron and scarily the pilot was 33 yrs old as well.

What a hero he was though to stay with the plane to make sure it didn't crash into houses etc and not eject until the very last minute thus giving his life to save others, exactly what these great true hero's are trained for.

May he rest in peace and thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Emma and family that are left behind may they find peace in the knowledge that he died a hero and as Gavin said doing something he loved dearly.

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Even sadder news this evening being reported and discussed on the 'company' forum is that this may not have been a flameout as reported on the BBC news as posted videos on youtube plainly show the engine developing thrust. The attention has turned to a possible G-LOC accident, however, my experience is that this speculation is terrible as until the BOI is held the facts will not be known.

I am terribly saddened that the BBC in particular, virtually immediately reported that the aircraft was Red 4 and it is no secret who each of the members are as this is published on the Reds' own web page. This meant that there is a very strong possibility that the family may have heard the news before being officially informed. This strikes me as totally irresponsible and I only hope that the families back at Scampton can help the Eggings through this very difficult time.


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They do it so well and so successfully over so many years that we forget how dangerous an occupation it is.

33 years is an impressive record considering how many displays there are each year. This terrible accident shows that each member really does risk their life every time they go up, and in peacetime.

The bereaved family must be devastated, with hopefully the small consolation that their terrible loss is also felt by a large section of the public who admires the team and everyone in it.

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It is clear that the guy was a hero, sacrificing his own life to save that of others.

Yet another example of the commitment and bravery displayed by members of our armed forces. :bow

May he rest in peace, and those around them help his family through this very difficult time.


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