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Dog life jackets

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Its a daft question...but how are dogs life jackets dupposed to fit...should they cover all of there back ? we have a Boxer (a rather tall one) and have a Baltic life jacket large ....it says large for boxer but it doesnt go all the way down his back is it supposed to ?


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Having seen a dog in distress and being involved in the subsequent rescue along with other familiar posters on here, a dog without a life jacket gives me goose bumps. The owner was a non swimmer, no life jacket himself who was helplessly watching his beloved dog getting into ever increasing difficulty and which would without doubt ended up drowning. The chap was completely beside himself when Claire,(who had jumped in with her wetsuit and buoyancy aid on) handed him his dog back.......and was off to get both himself and his beloved dog one immediately.

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we got our dog one as we're out of water now and thought it'd be easier to carry her up and down the ladder

it isn't btw lol

but i also thought it's always handy to have although she can swim (the wifes dropped her in twice lol )

you should of seen the dogs face when i put the life jacket on her :?

it was a right picture lol

i can't find it at the mo but will keep looking it's well funny

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we have a Boxer (a rather tall one) and have a Baltic life jacket large ....it says large for boxer but it doesnt go all the way down his back is it supposed to ?


Most dogs will be able to swim (or doggy paddle) when they fall in, but getting out again will not usually be easy for them.

There are some areas of the Broads where there are "beaches" but they are few and far between.

Most boat hulls, and river banks are too high for a dog to scramble up out of the water,

and river banks are often either undercut or have pilings.

But as Antares said the handle on the back of a doggy jacket can make retreival a lot easier.

Smalldogs can be simply lifted back, and larger ones can have a line attached

and then be guided to somewhere where they can get onto the bank.

Now, of course, retreiving a big dog is going to be harder than getting a Jack Russell back on board...

This lady told me the biggest problem they had with this sea-dog was getting him INTO their dinghy.


I would have thought it would have been sharing the dinghy with him! :lol::lol:

(or handling the reaction if he climbed on the side of it to get out)

Now I wouldn't think that, given how strong a swimmer the Newfoundlands are, a doggy jacket would have done this one any good.

(And there would be no way to lift him back aboard unless they had dinghy davits and a swimming platform,

(their boat had both))

Remember that three of the most important things to remember when planning how to handle a "man" (or dog) overboard situation,


1) Prevention is better than cure.

2) A life-jacket is only ever going to be any use if the casualty is wearing it.

3) Retreiving the casualty is not going to be as easy as picking up a couple of fenders with a boat hook on an RYA course!

At least if you think about these things in advance, you will be more prepared if it happens.

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