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Royalls Piloting Skill


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The Potter bridge pilots don't have the monopoly on piloting skill, as this video posted on Royall's blog proves. The blog says "Thursday 19th July, we piloted two boats up through Wroxham Bridge, Royall Diamond and Royall Commander 2. Friday morning saw the water levels rise, so both boats were contacted and advised to get back to the bridge as quickly as possible. We needed to get them back through again ASAP. Whilst Nigel expertly navigated them both through, I filmed it from my phone from Granary Staithe. The video is not for the faint hearted! As I said before, no wonder we have grey hair!"

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Hi Simon,

I have seen this footage before but it is impressive and they do go fast through the bridge quite fast. If it is anything like on the canals, bridges of this construction tend to suck the water out from below the boat therefore lowering it in the water if the boat passes through quickly.

The people that do this type of passage through these bridges must have nerves of steel. I have done it on canals but a narrow boat is fairly low and a lot heavier. The main thing is some of the bridges are very narrow especially on the Trent & Mersey so going quickly seems to centre you into the middle of the bridge as well.



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I'm sorry @DelticMemories the video has not been speeded up.

Forget how things may appear, it is all about the sound, sync and pitch.

I've just ripped the video form You Tube and ran it through Vegas Pro - I'm pretty sure was not shot 'in real time' but appears to be running at 25fps no less, no more. Also through out the footage the sound is in perfect sync and matches frame for frame.

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