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Help/advice needed please

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Hi all, I've finally got the front window out of my boat but the frame is in a bit of a state so will be replacing it with a rubber one (as in a car windscreen). What would be the best way of cleaning up the grp around the window apperture without causing too much damage to it? Thanks for any help/advice you may have

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that would depend on what it was stuck in with. if its a Arbomast style sealant then a homemade scraper made from a scrap bit of perspex will be great, but if its been put in with something stronger then I would look to a 'stanley' blade style scraper but be careful stand it up at too high a pitch and it will dig in.


I would have to question the going over to rubber, can you not have the old window refurbed? also will the rubber cover the marks and old fixing holes from the window? you may end up with a nightmare making good the old scaring.   

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Hi, to second what mark said. we found silicon eater did a good job at cleaning the surface and followed by a careful sand.  Personally I would recommend replacing windows like for like.. I believe a boat with mismatched or non-original windows would effect the sale of the boat (but thats just me)..  We refitted the frames  used arbomast BR which is a brilliant product (better than silkaflex) as it doesn't cure.. our windows leaked like a sieve before we removed and refitted with this.. (Use black silkaflex to reinstall the glass to the frames if you are doing that)


A good friend of ours, Jean-pierre restores windows although he's in maidstone (Hadlow Marine) (I notice you are showing as rainham essex).. if you have the windows I'm sure he can help..he can supply everything marine window including the rubber www.hadlowmarine.co.uk.


Good luck. cheers

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Hello Jim,


Here is a link to the people we have currently on our service section that do window repairs:-




I think that list could do with a update, there is 'Trevor Preace'(not sure how thats spelled will have to get a card out from the van) and I think there is two boat window firms on Hoveton ind estate, im sure there are many more that I have not used.

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Thanks for the help and advice. I'm afraid that the old frame is well past it;s sell by date so I will be going for the rubber option. As I'm working to a budget....ish my brother is giving me a hand to replace the window which will work out considerably cheaper, he's a builder and decorator by trade and said he will be able to do the job. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the advice and links

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A ali frame window (I assume that's what we are talking about) has to be beaten to a pulp before it's unrepairable.


Window rubbers will only be remotely effective for windows with radius corners and are notoriously difficult to seal, especially for someone who is inexperienced in fitting them.


Here is a serious point - you may be on a budget now, but what costs will you encur if the window leaks and damages everything beneath it?


Trevor Preece is a magician when it comes to refurbishing these windows. I urge you to reconsider the rubber surround route

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