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OB yachts station query


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I recently telephoned Oulton Broad yacht station to enquire about longterm mooring, first of all I was told they dont do longterm mooring then after thinking about it for a while I telephoned again to make a deeper enquiry and was told that they in actual fact do do long term moorings but charge at the daily mooring rates.

Now, working out the daily stern on rates over a year works out very very expensive, i know for a fact being local that there are boats that have been on the station years and there are also liveaboards on there to. Are these people all paying such high mooring fees even the liveaboards just to be at Oulton Broad?!

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For something like a 40 foot boat, the price is actually comparable to an annual mooring in a marina but with the flexibility to come and go when you want, if your prepared to take a chance on not getting a space when you return. WRC which is nearby is £215 per metre per year. Oulton yacht station stern on is £7.25 per day or £2646.25 per year. Divide this by £215 = 12.31. So if your boat is longer than 12.31 metres then you could save money, anything less then it is going to cost you more.


I was using the WRC figures as an example because it is close by, but Brundall bay are £235 per metre, or St Olaves marina which appears to be filling up quite nicely now are £195 per metre.


Like all things there is good and bad to be said for Oulton Broad yacht station. Nice location especially in the Summer, but also quite exposed to the wind across Oulton Broad and can get very busy with visitors who are perhaps not as proficient at mooring as some people.


Wouldn't suit me, but obviously suits some.

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Hi Kfurbank Im sure they said on the phone stern on was £8 odd now but looking at your figures in real terms i suppose it works out ok for the location.

It doesnt matter as such anyway as we were lucky to come along at the right time and find a little gem of a mooring down south stern on with an electric point water and pumpout for less than 1400 a year for our 8 berth, its that much of a gem im keeping quiet about where it is!!

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Danial, Hi.


Try ringing Oulton Broad, because I'm sure those rates only apply during the season April through October. The other 5 months are at a much reduced rate........... also you don't pay when you're away...


All this applies to OBYS but I know that Sentinel Leisure own both.

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