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Worried from Norfolk


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When I was a young lad my dear old mum would have delivered the Women's Own. It made an invaluable contribution to my education on all matters which were not considered appropriate for family discussion.

I refer, in particular, to the back page. The agony aunt. This wonderful women enlightened me on so many things, especially matters "down below", if you get my drift.

However, the thing that alarmed and indeed intrigued me most was the following:

Dear worried from Birmingham. Please write to me again and I will reply in a plain brown envelope.

What was that all about!!

Now. It has not escaped my attention that a notice has appeared on the forum warning us of an imminent upgrade, on Monday.

Should I be concerned. Is this the equivalent of a brown envelope heralding doom and despondency.

Worried from Norfolk.

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Dear Wusser,


If you read my remark, don't worry, just do as I will do and PANIC!!! :naughty:  :naughty:  :naughty: 


I have seen a preview, and we will all in time be operating it with ease. Our Admin lads speak a language totally off the wall in IT, but I am sure will comfort and guide you through any problems.


Yours a very concerned Mod.....Not :dance 



cheers Iain. 

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We (the mod-team) have been trying out the new version, Wussername, and if Iain and I can manage it you won't have many problems!


Please don`t forget about me John, computers are aliens from outer space as far as i`m concerned. Everybody says how easy things are, but i still can`t fathom them out. You may get a call if things change too much, and i can`t log in. (Iknew i should have written my password down)


It`s good to be a ludite..........sometimes.

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