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  1. Big Changes Ahead

    "Open the window" is the fastest way to move air so pushing 'flushing' air works if it's cooler outside. Your right with varible heat pump condenser, These work on a screw compressor ramping up as required & switching the 4 way valve (sending the gas the other way) to produce heating. Noise wise are very quite we have units like your picture to large screw compressors running our chilled water systems. Think it would be a new install as new a/c unit are taking via the pcbs sending various temp and pressure signals between them. Years ago there used to be a domestic size system where the evap was mounted remotely and ducted into rooms just like the warm heating on boats. I'm out with our A/c company this week for dinner so will ask what options he has in his design head. Project one - boat purchase. Project two - try put projects 3 to 99 in order of works lol.
  2. Big Changes Ahead

    What's the plan for charging the battery pack when moored with no power available? Still use the gen set? If so I'd use the gen set for peak loads i.e. white goods and still be able to charge the pack at the same time. Which like you say charges to 90% in fast charge then slow charge to top off to 100% Like the idea of a multi-split system, down side is all your eggs in one basket if it has a fault you'll lose the system, but if the inboat system is staying that's your backup. Do you have a make of the boat a/c system I've not worked on this type and be good to read up on it.
  3. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    This used to bug me back in the early 90's when wearing a hi-viz jacket seem to raise it's head and every manager had to lay it across the back window 'look at me' I've got a hi-viz jacket.
  4. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    So are hazard lights for T-junctions if you don't know where your going? (ok I stayed pc on this and remove any remarks to blonds or irish)
  5. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Ok this is a big one for me, online help chat lines. They as you a question you reply then wait minutes for then to reply. The teddy starts going then asking are you having a brew or talking to others get a manager. You know there doing 3-4 chats at once. Your call is important to us - so is my life ticking away waiting for you.
  6. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Height of rudeness add wearing of sunglasses in shops etc and at checkout, it's all about eye contact! My glasses change in sun light and bugs me when they don't change back in time.
  7. Advice For Keeping Warm

    We asked that 10 years ago on our 1st full week, answer call at Roys get a 15 tog kingsize, Not been cold since. It get's blown through when back and vac packed along with 2 good pillars. Sorted. What I didn't read when buying it was that I have to get up first to put the heating and kettle on. She doesn't surface till it's warm.
  8. Potter Heigham Bridge

    It's a shame you can't retro fit like they've just done on the River Aire in Leeds for flooding, Been down to walk the route now work barriers have gone. The 2 weirs have each been split into adjustable weirs. So if there's a flood due they just lower the weir and empty the river ready? Can't wait to see flooding lower down. Note - It was flowing well over the top of weir today (works well) PH bridge - Slice the arch section, lift off & install it back on rams so it lifts a foot as required to let passage. Tech available these days it would still look the same lowered.
  9. Fire Extinguishers

    There is another new type besides the one I put up a few months ago where you pop it in a pan fire and it kills the fire. This is a ball and look like the size if a kids football, which blows up on fire. These can be mounted in the engine bays or in the exit on a boat so they can be throw back in as you leave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pn9Y0u3LwA I've not come across this type in years of buying for buildings etc till this year and just seen some for around £40, FM-200 is ideal in comms rooms and is down to 30 psi compared to 160bar 6 foot bottles they replaced. We had a comms room which made of 6 portakabins as one room with 8 of these 160 bar bootle and I waited for the day they went off to see it blown down like a pack of cards
  10. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    No little bin available to use.
  11. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Something to do with the middle sign, mismatch to show hold on to parent but text says dont talk to strangers
  12. Boats For Two Families

    https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/boats/white-champagne/ We've had a week on White Champagne wasn't our first choice but it's one hell of boat for space, we had 3 in the front area and us 2 in the rear bedroom or should it be ballroom the size of it. loads of cupboards. Would we book it again as a group yes but there's normal just the 2 of us so no. Check out londonrascal - captains blogs on Youtube for his review.
  13. Hi James someone from Leeds area. The link came up on a steam fb group.
  14. Workshop Projects

    That beer is left over from a bbq in August it saved me going to the garage for the cold stuff everytime it was wanted. No chance of me and power tools im more electrical/electronic hobby these days. The cable tray is to mount the control panals for the solar/12v for shed & garage. Garden lighting is coming from there as well I just chop the little solar panels off the led string of lights and put a 12/5v board in. At the moment I have a oil heater which is on a smart socket and turns on Saturday 0915 - 1645 when I get free electric for the day. I need to see how the evening are now the weather is closing. I was tempted to install a log burner in the garage and hot pipe both or one of them inline heaters like what we use to keep the generators warm so they start first time. Anyone any options or idea's? I was looking at a wind turbine for extra power there around the £170 mark right now.
  15. Workshop Projects

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