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    General Information Booklet

    Hi Dennis and Catherine, If you want something in paper form you would find "The Complete Guide to the Broads" very informative. It used to be re-issued annually but is not published anymore. There are some used ones on Amazon which age from about 2007 so not too bad - the rivers and what you can find on them are mapped page by page. There is also a distance calculator at the back. Anyway if you are interested, good second hand copies starting at around £3 including postage are available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Guide-Norfolk-Broads/dp/0711729999 Regards David
  2. Just added the May dates together with some additions for April to the Live Music and other Events page on my site HERE The Ship at Reedham has advised me of a couple of dates for April and that they hold a quiz on the last Monday of each month. However the Sunday night quiz at The Dog, Ludham Bridge has had to be cancelled for the next few weeks due to an injury to the question-master. If you are a regular at any pub on the Broads which offers entertainment from time to time, which I currently do not list, can you please encourage the landlord to contact me with any forthcoming dates either on here, or by using the contact form on my site. David

    More What's Not Right?

    That's how I did it!

    More What's Not Right?

    No........ Well, better bring this to an end as it's 10pm now. Its the sign!

    More What's Not Right?

    Sorry Chameleon. That's not it. The image was taken a few years ago when that boat - Sandringham - was still in their fleet (image below). It's more what is missing? You can see it from the other end of Reedham!

    More What's Not Right?

    I cannot see one either, but that's not it. It's something more obvious than that.

    More What's Not Right?

    Last one tonight. Something's not right in this image. From memory only - can anyone get it?

    More What's Not Right?

    Vaughan is correct. I blacked out the white half moon on the bow of Albion. That's all. All other aspects of the image are correct. You can see the white reflection in the water below the bow. I have one more which I will post shortly.

    More What's Not Right?

    I'm not that clever. It's something to do with Albion and there is a small clue in the water
  10. DAVIDH

    More What's Not Right?

    OK - that did not last long. This could be a little harder:
  11. DAVIDH

    More What's Not Right?

    There is something wrong with this image. What is it.
  12. DAVIDH

    Another What's Not Right

    VetChugger, that's strange because all I saw of your post was "I was trying to spot the big house at How Hill, but, if you say there is nowt missing.... oop's!" . Either I missed the bit about postboxes growing from seeds or it did not render on my screen. But I do confirm you said it first!
  13. DAVIDH

    Another What's Not Right

    JohnK is correct - there is no postbox there -
  14. DAVIDH

    Another What's Not Right

    Nothing missing - something added
  15. DAVIDH

    Another What's Not Right

    No not that. Anyway who said something was missing?

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