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  1. chameleon

    Summer Meet No Longer Nbn Official Event

    IIRC previous southern meets were always informal,booked indiviually.
  2. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    sorry that was brekkie,this is brunch
  3. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    aunty pats caff is now at oulton broad but closed for brunch
  4. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    tim has already booked in for full english in the morning,pat spoils him, i get a bacon butty
  5. some selfish soul wanting to reserve the mooring
  6. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    add marbles to the list
  7. chameleon

    Where Might 2?

    now whos been using craigs site?
  8. chameleon

    Where Might 2?

  9. chameleon

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    pricing is ridiculus, bp garage opposite the refinery 7 pence dearer than locally,bp in town price match asda
  10. chameleon

    Our New Car

    did a nice deal earlier this year, bought a 54 plate citroen xsara picasso with genuine mileage 2317 apparently owned by an old guy who did 200 miles then became too ill to drive, car on sorn 1 1/2 years till he died, son inherits and recommisions at cost of just over £1000 i have the invoice, new tyres ,new cam belt kit inc water pump, brake overhaul etc, his wife ran it for a year then traded up, so i have a 14 year old new car
  11. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    normal? timbo
  12. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    dylan wwill be handling the ropes
  13. chameleon

    Ant Warning!!!

    beware, steve has gone home till wednesday so,timbo will be flying solo. already stated its too muggy inside so will be taking RT out before bedtime
  14. chameleon

    The New Cut Is Getting Narrower

    mm has the EA got access to the toll account then , they did the job not BA

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