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  1. after reading all this wish I hadn't asked, was only a rhetorical question, just curious as to why it's done this way.
  2. the iron =scunthorpe united
  3. update, surveyed 24th june, nothing major, needs sea cocks to waste water outlets and a few tweaks here and there, all to be done before we visit.
  4. thought you had your team better trained than that charlie
  5. exactly the point dave
  6. why in a marina with stern mooring do you pay for the length of the boat ,not the width eg, 30ft boat takes up 10 ft of mooring
  7. dont forget pleasurewood hills theme park just up the road from oulton broad, reopens 4th july, also east anglia transport museum , short bus ride away, both well worth visiting
  8. 6 mths, as was mine,
  9. extension will not appear till 3 days before due date, mine was due may 29, extension appeared may 26
  10. you can see the beaches on LIVE webcams, try brighton pier or gt yarmouth
  11. might get there in august, depends on maintenance schedule
  12. doesnt make it legal , just stupid
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