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  1. SWMBO and I had our 2nd friday and I took our neighbour yesterday for his
  2. now we are out of lockdown chameleon is open for viewing again
  3. are bill and ben aware?
  4. the wherry car park
  5. hake is nothing new, was available in a chippie in basildon in 1965 (funny lot in essex)
  6. one or two old boats, soory for the poor quality;- 2 of constellation 1, silver dawn and emperor of hearts
  7. agree david,only trouble was last time I had one day before the vampire took blood for my diabetic review, blood level was 25 hospital was panicking and rang me direct wanted me to go straight to A&E for tests
  8. Think its time to BALE out of this thread
  9. not playing Uriah Heep then ?
  10. with astra/zeneca we were told 12 week gap via the surgery
  11. M-M yoiu should know peter never lets fact get in the way of his conspiracy theories
  12. not a fisherman myself but as far as i'm aware fishing is closed 15 mar to 16 june, I'm sure someone will correct me, but the following is copied from their website;-
  13. just a thought , from dusk on the 11th till dawn on the 12th IS technically classed as the night of the 11th, nowhere in the regs does it mention sleeping, only overnight stays
  14. has it had the recall to fit indicators?
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