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  1. have run quizzes from pubs many times
  2. No excuse I will be running quiz on board chameleon
  3. TOPICS FOR TOMORROW FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE NUMBER PHRASES CONNECTIONS break for T or P. CARS MAKE LOVE NOT WAR GENERAL INSANITY log in here;-http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password 8.30 ish
  4. doen't look like at wroxham, as a guide i look at the bit of fence to the left of the bridge, if the bottom plank is covered its too high for me to get under (6'6")and it is underwater this morning
  5. is there a quiz tonite?
  6. a very useful page here;-http://www.fbwilds.horning.org.uk/
  7. 6;1 please we got money spider human ferrari banana beowulf chameleon you got ;- the moon
  8. topics for tonite;- SCUNTHORPE SISTER ACT WATCHING THE DETECTIVES break for;-T or P FOR YOUR EYES ONLY WHO WROTE IT? LAST MINUTE LUNACY 8.30 ish in chat;-http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password needed
  9. proper job,not like the ditch crawlers who get in everyones way
  10. that trailer is still down paddys lane andalthough abit tenuous actually contains stolen property;- to whit the blue pallet, they are the property of CHEP UK,who rent them to companies, they never sell,
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