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  1. build an extension to the garage
  2. agreed colin, I live in a block of 28 flats, what do we do hang charging wires from upstairs windows, I think not, people who think electric propulsion is the way forward live in cloud cuckoo land, it wont happen, it may be politically good being seen to be green but realistically it's a non starter.
  3. network error simondo just tried
  4. good idea CC , perhaps as he cruises all year round in company perhaps D46 could start such a list , many of us could then join him when able
  5. some of us come on here to get away from the land of puerile tv not to have rammed down our throats
  6. just to remind folks this is THE NORFOLK BROADS FORUM many of us patronise this board because of their love of the broads, but we dont want loads and loads of tv rubbish, its in the wrong place, yes we have an area for non broads related products but this sort of post is becoming more and more prevalent and diluting the purpose of the forum
  7. also banned in pubs for fighting and his arrogance both conwy and llandudno, name on pub watch in both towns
  8. thats the point, part cooking three times, to make life easier still doesnt produce a good chip, it produces a greasy tube with potato in .not even healthy eating, too much fat
  9. if the are cooked properly first time chips are great , but twice or triple cooked are not even proper chips, try selling those at your local chippy, have tried all three and prper ships cooked once as way above the rest, any menu now with twice or triple cooked doent't get my custom
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