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  1. chameleon

    A Winters Tale

    only thing is there is no such thing
  2. chameleon

    Classic Boat Magazine

    me too
  3. chameleon

    A Winters Tale

    swine, posting that I'm suffering at this hotel without any cider, having to drink becks
  4. chameleon

    First Fire Of The Winter.

    southern softies you lot, up north we're still in shorts and shirt sleeves
  5. chameleon

    Nbn Quiz Night

    you been learning to tell time?
  6. chameleon

    A Winters Tale

    thats twice this year howard be careful
  7. chameleon

    Enough Is Enough Already!

  8. chameleon

    Wintertime Cooking

    here in kent having to drink bud light (no draght cider available)
  9. chameleon

    The View From Work This Morning

    it's the only way to travel
  10. chameleon

    The View From Work This Morning

    just for a change, the view from my office window today.
  11. chameleon

    Steering Question

    if its half round it is a woodruff key
  12. chameleon

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    does he write/post jokes then?
  13. chameleon

    Advice, Please

    thought you had one
  14. best answer trev is as soon as pat receives them, I am assured we will have them next week they will be dispatched asap
  15. chameleon

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    where's the blue fender?

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