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  1. chameleon


    you put a jinx on them they no longer hire
  2. our gas fridge died at the wooden boat show 3 years ago, nipped to brian wards, got a waeco 65 ltr 12v fridge works extremely well, 3 domestic batteries which have a solar panel to run the fridge when moored , we cango for days without using engine so are self sufficient
  3. politicians send the troops to war not the queen
  4. TONITES TOPICS FAMOUS FANNYS THE BEATLES BRITISH TV SIT-COMS break for whatever BEER WHO SAID? MAYHEM 8-30 ish in chat http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/index.php no password needed
  5. dont forget lewis is already M.B.E.
  6. stayed in a hotel in skegness last night, thought i was on a different planet, could not believe my eyes, christmas come early, all done up for a bus full of oldies on tinsel and turkey trip, today was celebrating Christmas day, eating brekkie with Christmas music blaring out wont be there next monday will find somewhere normal
  7. too busy watching muffin the mule
  8. seeing as its a halloween quiz is the qm arriving by broomstick?
  9. going of topicf(how unusual) google earth has stopped talking to me for directions, and yes it is unmuted
  10. at a guess red= power yellow = oil
  11. the idiot didn't know what they were for
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