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  1. and your forklift certificates
  2. the correct description was "quartic"
  3. if you are exempt you can still wear a full face shield, no excuses
  4. with the number of people not paying tolls because they can't use their boats, it's going to get smaller
  5. you've been peeking monica
  6. time to look at your spell checker peter,in the uk behaviour is spelt with a U in it, not without as per the U.S of A.
  7. now you've taken gloves off the Christmas list, no gloves no fingers
  8. the picture looks like absolute freedom s888
  9. never stopped you before
  10. QUOTE;-Follow us on twitter, where else would you find a "twit"?
  11. why? this is not an F1 forum its supposedly about the NORFOLK BROADS
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