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  1. haven't played for years used to be lincs rd car champion in inter depot games
  2. apparently the BA are in talks with the hire yards so we shall see
  3. never, only thing better than an ice cream is 2 ice creams any time of year
  4. also, was in gt armouth regent rd yesterday,at least one in three shops were shut as per season end
  5. does alan may do surveys? used him for B.S.S. didn't think he did surveys
  6. What Floats Your Boat Marine Surveys 22 Red Lion Close. Cranfield. MK43 0JA. Tel. 07488485448 richard@whatfloatsyourboatmarinesurveys.co.uk www.whatfloatsyourboatmarinesurveys.co.uk this guy did mine on chameleon
  7. i'm with them also and if i buy a new boat they now need a survey, although never needed one for chameleon
  8. used to be 3 stations at g y
  9. we used to run a calendar but the take last time was so poor that we almost lost money so the idea died a death
  10. remove the pulpit rail and it needs 6'6"
  11. Chameleon is now for sale, had lots of work to bring it up to spec., but now it’s done we have mobility issues and can no longer use her, She is an ocean 30 that will sleep 5, pull out double in aft cabin, two singles in forrard cabin and a pull out single in wheelhouse. On board are 2 toilets, shower, full household cooker, new fridge which is run by solar power when moored, Eberspaecher heating, led lighting. has an economical 1.5 bmc inboard engine. While out of the water was fully surveyed and all items addressed (24 June) Looking for offers in the region of £25,000 Below ful
  12. seen it a lot recently
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