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Glad That I Am Not Out Tonight.


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We are on the NE corner. If I look east there is sea, if I look north there is sea. We are 40 metres above sea level and just under a mile inland.

And we have the mother and father of a "Haar" rolling in, not good if on passage anywhere twix Yarmouth ans Wells. It is a bad corner in this weather because if you stay in too close there are lines of pots everywhere and further out you risk an inshore tanker keeping landside of Sheringham Shoal. 

And it is getting thicker!

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Having been woken at 4am due to a less than one second power cut. I can report the dreich continues on the North Coast this morning.

These one second power cuts are a pest when they happen, never last for more than a moment as we are on the same supply as Bacton Gas Terminal which now utilises electric pumps.

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One second cuts are probably due to tripping and switching, if the circuit trips, then it will automatically be switched back in up to 3 times if the fault stays, before switching to an alternative route, with the wind we have here, it may be overhead wires clashing.

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I can see Happisburgh light house from ground level which is 20 ft above the sea and have the sea viewable from the roof of house from North North East round to South South East. Yesterday at 07:00 there was a 20 mph mist, this morning we have a stronger wind but lesser mist. We don't have the number of power cuts we did, as all the separate 3 phase wires in the area, have been replaced by insulated wires wound in a bunch together.

They've just Forecast  gales and heavy rain for tonight.

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