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Any frequent hirers out there interested in buying a boat share?

We have our share in Moonlight Shadow for sale due to my spinal injury. Please feel free to message me or see BCBM Boat share website for details. Offers around £4,300 for a four week share. Open to reasonable offers !



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Hi Alan,

We are still using our allocation at the moment and are due down in July. I put it up for sale as I do struggle with bending and lifting. At the moment our 15 year old son comes along and does a large part of the manual jobs like mooring up, engine checks, exterior cleaning ect but he is growing up fast and by next year he is no longer going to want to tag along on holiday with his boring old parents!!! The dogs are getting older to and I think we will struggle to get two large elderly dogs  on and off the boat.

We have had a marvellous time with her and have had some great holidays but I think the time has come to have a few more relaxing breaks in the sunshine. I'm afraid we can't afford to do both so something has to give.

We are totally open to offers as the sooner we sell her the sooner I can get myself on a nice warm sun lounger somewhere   exotic.




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1 hour ago, Mandybstorm said:

sun lounger somewhere   exotic.

Palma Nova, Mandy, nice n flat there. Just make sure you arrange being assisted on arrival at the airport - save your back - as Palma Airport is a route march otherwise !


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Most syndicates do have school shares available, on Ranworth Breeze for example we only have 6 school shares which then guarantees a week during the school summer holidays, part of the school share is the first 6 weeks of the season starting at the beginning of March one lucky owner get the half term week. Other syndicates do it different way. On Southern Crusader you can buy just a week allocation including the school summer holiday weeks. The BCBM managed boats I am sure have school weeks allocations.



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15 minutes ago, Paul said:

I've looked at shares many times Alan, and would have done it years ago I just can't fit around work and school right now. Still only twenty years of the former and 13 years of the latter to go!

Hi Paul,

Firstly, buying into a syndicate was the best thing i did, as i`m paying probably less than a quarter of  outright ownership yearly costs.

As for "fitting it in around school weeks"?,  in OUR syndicate (Lightning), at the annual AGM, when we have had our allocation draw, we then swap around so people with school holiday requirements can have more favourable weeks.  I`m sure if you contacy Mandy  she will tell you more about the finer details of weekly allocations, and what`s what. Failing that, i can recommend a share in Lightning should a share come up.  We did have a share for sale, but not sure whether it`s been sold. If you ARE interested, let me know (pm me) and i`l contact our chairman, or you can visit   www.lightningcruiser.com  where any shares available should be listed.

Having said that, i do apollogise to Mandystorm for advetising our boat on her thread.

I`ve seen over Moonlight Shadow a couple of times, and can vouch for the fact she is a superb boat, and anybody who is interested in a share won`t be disappointed.



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